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Dream Interpretation


49 per session - Virtual OK

I will guide you to gain a better relationship with your dreams, which is symbolic to gaining a better relationship with the subconscious mind, and the soul. You will learn to decode your own personal language between three levels of your consciousness, and in turn, gain insites into the deeper truths of your being, finding true self.

Training & Qualifications

I've been a passionate lucid dreamer since elementary. I grew up preferring to sleep and dream, than to be awake. Since as long as I can remember I've been discovering and practicing the capabilities and potentials possible in the dream state. Flying, teleporting, breathing underwater, creating objects in a dream at will, even simply sitting back on a grassy hill admiring the leaves of a tree and thinking "wow, this is all made up from my consciousness".

I have better eye site and can see more clearly in a dream than I do in waking life, I've kept many dream journals and decoded the deeper messages within them all, and when I became an adult, my communication with my subconscious became so fluent, that most dreams became predictions for the next coming day once awake, in reverse time.

I do not follow "dream symbols" most interpreters take as verbatim. Your symbols depend on your own subconscious associations. But, some symbols are true to be pretty general.

This has been my life long passion, greatest obsession, and deepest area of expertise.

Availability & Preferences

Night time

Trading Preference: I prefer exchanging services

Reviews of Shaun

Clarence provided session of Long Term Sustainable Community for Shaun
Jan 22, 2018
Shaun suggested presenting some challenging questions to determine the validity of the premises on which the community design has been based so far. C...aused me to think and dig a little deeper. Thanks, Shaun!show more
V provided unit of SCOBY babies for "sale" for Shaun
Jan 17, 2018
shaun is great! super sweet and easy to work with. bery descriptive and knows what he needs done! i'd love to work with him again!
Sarah received unit of 1-hour astrology chart reading from Shaun
Jan 06, 2018
You are so insightful and helpful! It was a pleasure to meet you :)
Krystal left review for Shaun
Aug 11, 2017
Always a pleasure!
Krystal provided Help with Partner in Readings for Shaun
Aug 07, 2017
Shaun has a gift. He is a very caring and intuitive soul. He has yet to cease to amaze me. I am honored to work with him and blessed to have met him. ...I look forward to the work we will do together. :-)show more
Kim provided session of 7 card tarot reading for Shaun
Jul 26, 2017
Light and love Kim Great energy
Dani received Help with Have you been homeless? from Shaun
Jul 12, 2017
Was thoughtful and thorough. Great to work with.
Emily provided visit of How to hold a Virtual Garage Sale for Shaun
Jul 11, 2017
Great to work with! :)
Jade provided unit of Virtual Tarot reading for Shaun
Jul 06, 2017
Working with Shaun was truly a delight. He brought insight and new knowledge with amazing kindness. I am glad to work with him and would be more than ...willing to work more
Ghufran received Help with Book Publishing advice from Shaun
Jun 26, 2017
Shaun is very helpful and resourceful.


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

Shaun's other services

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Web Design

1-hour astrology chart reading
I've been an RBE (Resource Based Econony) supporter and activist for years, dreaming one day we'd wake up from our destructive capitalistic fractional-reserve banking system nightmare. To us, Si...

1-hour astrology chart reading

About Shaun Villafana

I dont eat candy or drink soda, they make me have to pee alot. But I do like beer.. which has he same effect. I like to talk intimately with everyone, and am immediately connected and befriend anyon...e, on a personal level (Sun- 7th house Libra + my Moon 12th house Pisces trining my 8th house Pluto-Mercury conjunction). Let me explain. I have a good habbit of stopping to talk to and befriend homeless people when I'm asked for change, I like to hang out with them over plastic snobs, teeth too white and who have no scars. The words of the experienced vagabond hold far more value. I love to talk to telemarketers, I'll talk to them for hours I mean, it's a person, from the other side of the planet, calling me! How amazing and wonderful is that? I like to ask them who they are and how are things going in their lives, and talk about how my life is going. It always makes their day and my day and you can always hear the smile and relaxation and cheerfulness in their voice. I usually do buy too, they sell the coolest stuff. Everyone treats them like crap! Why? They're always so polite and they have emotions too, nobody likes getting treated like robots There's a hint at me, but if not enough I'll just say: One can only see the depth in another, as far as they've reached into that depth within themselves, don't show me the saint who has never sinned, they are soon to sin the worst. Show me the innocent heart, that has sinned too much in slavery to the mind, but cries for compassion. You are family to me, and I am here for you, to lead back to being from the heart 🐚🌙show more

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