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Looking for teachers of substanced


1357 for fulfilling my request Virtual OK - Posted Oct 16

Yes by substanced arts I do mean - just about anything which you feel you could teach that has substance to benefit others! So there is technically no limit here, so long as you yourself feel it has substance. I do add though - when one feels confident in something - one is fluent in it's description, whether the words are known or not the words do come to the individual in order to be said and from the heart instantly, while only stifling by the level of confidence had. I would know, I'm a freestyle rapper. Drive and passion does not come from the mind it comes from the heart which means upon being asked for what substance your scholastic art offers to the inquiring student it should not be an issue to explain thoroughly heart to heart - otherwise, where is the substance?

For the past few years I have been using my free time to build an online school. I have almost everything I need, having acquired licensed resources for an educational system from some of the best colleges and organizations around the world. I also have built an impressive EMS system which integrates the functionalities of some of the most advanced EMS systems to-date, and all ready for use.

But I need teachers! And ones I can trust. Ironically through the years I've experienced a distinct scrutiny from a peoples, perhaps racist, perhaps not. But regardless I pride myself in my explicit publishings of matters of human integrity, dignity, aspectuating virtue and the mannerisms in dynamic of what it means to be human - and have charted with passion the symbiotic attributes which fundamentally pillar the values of all that is humanly humane. The proof is in the pudding there as only someone who cared, who had interest in such in order to do such, and who valued specifically that - would attain that, and not without a passionate love for exactly the integrity which could and does quarry the wisdoms of it. It is from here that I can and do claim my accreditorial position to be able to fairly assess the virtues of another - and yes - that does mean judgement.

I am a licensed and experienced accreditor with more than 3 years of gratuitously honoring awards to nominated citizens of our cultures and communities - through event programs all designed and directed by myself. All certificates, badges, guidelines, and nomination letters have been written and drawn out by myself, and by my desire to do so, as well as by my witnessing of such virtues in others, recognition of their honorable value, and culminated into my decision that exactly those values should be recognized by others and honored by others as well.

After a brief facetime chat, perhaps two if necessary, we will begin your training course in order to swiftly accustom you to the multi-platform education system online and after that we will have staff meetings in order to plan out the legalities of our school from there.

*Also wanted: from time and time again and to my excitement I've seen a good amount of others also aiming and hoping to build such a school, many times of which I've offered support and in many cases been brushed aside. In some of those cases it was upon showing my work. I don't claim to know what the inner controversies derived within another to drive their decision making but it has happened enough times for me to feel the need to say this:
* It is immature to relish wrongful jealousy, or baseless contempt in this day and age.

I define the difference in that wrongful jealousy is where a person does not honor how another has worked and dedicated more time than them into something, and covets that. Justful jealousy would be such as the cases were by the oppressed in the 50's and 60's civil rights movements. Jealousy is an emotion and there is no "bad" emotions, they are human and should all be felt and allowed. But coming to a mature understanding of emotions must be had - or we would be without a self-aware free will which govern our actions upon and within our world.

I define "baseless" contempt as entirely to the topic stated - if any of us would aim to spite before inquiring for help, guidance or support - recognize that the three are basic human desires and universally felt of to give to another by human nature. We should, and can, work together to achieve a humane humanity. But one of the most important elements in order to have that is honoring each other, and respecting the sanctity of universally human values.

None of us are "perfect", but only those who can see by aiming to see the remarkable and beautiful in another would be promoting a world of remarkable and beautiful expressions. That does not go to say that we should be without fair judgement and dispensary of those attributes of characteristics which are grotesque and inhumane, as such are not natural to the individual anyway by any human shape of form. But integrity is only had between the two - in fair, open, sincere, and tasteful communication and dialogue. Only those without fundament to their stances integrity would equally so lack integrity to speak up. A variance of excuses exactly sways us from our strive towards a humane humanity. And only a strong sense of integrity and dedication would be self-committed towards an educating of another, being made seen clearly available.

My school is tiered as the category of higher knowledge school, it is desired to be a school with respecting esoterica. And no educational system can claim to be both by a passive aggressive mockery as excuse - except by the modern schools of today.

We aim to be a school of tomorrow, and I believe all of history gives clear evidence that that is exactly what we will be.

I run a startup company and am editor for multiple publications online so please forgive me if I'm slow to respond. I could use your help, indefinitely I would appreciate it. You would never have to do what I say, I only ask that you do what you do - and grant an ear to hear and an eye to see what's asked to be heard and seen - when fairly possible.

*Please ignore the settings on this post. Just message me, and be yourself. As stated I am a rapper. I have no patience for the irrelevant formalities which have allowed irresponsibly such evils to become of our world. There is a lot to be done. If I don't respond quick enough please prepare your classes curriculum and assignments without me anyway as if preparing with faith to "step into synchronicity" with the divine timing and surely we will get everything sorted in alignment as soon as we can as if you were a Godsend.

As is my belief, undoubtedly
- you are.

Reviews of Shaun Thomas

Inactive User
Inactive User provided unit of Spiritual Reading/Prophecy for Shaun Thomas
Jan 16, 2021
May Jesus be exalted through all the earth! God's love is so great! His word truly is powerful! Praise the Lord! God bless you, Shaun!
Amanda provided Help with A Business Venture for Readers for Shaun Thomas
Jul 05, 2019
Shaun is a very creative person who has some great ideas for making an impact in the world!
Katrina left review for Shaun Thomas
Jun 27, 2019
Shaun and I were hoping to exchange, but we both got busy. I look forward to trading with you another time :)
Marieke received unit of 1-hour astrology chart reading from Shaun Thomas
Jun 02, 2019
Every soul is beautiful, but there is such a unique loving quality to Shaun and I’m so grateful we exchanged services. He is a great client, clear abo...ut what he needs and how he works, and I really appreciated his insights into my chart. The way he sees astrology is truly special and I love the insights and clarity I’ve more
Sarvapati provided unit of What is Your Divine Gift? for Shaun Thomas
Apr 26, 2019
It's been a pleasure and a privilege to be entrusted with Shaun's reading. It's my profound hope that what he "remembers" as a result contributes to growth and to the betterment of more
Jules provided Help with Simple cartoon drawing for Shaun Thomas
Mar 20, 2019
Shaun was able to describe what he needed so we could come up with some great cartoons together!
Ava provided unit of Kitty Pictures for Shaun Thomas
Mar 12, 2019
Shaun sent me a picture of an animated turtle that was pretty cute.
Ava provided unit of Kitty Pictures for Shaun Thomas
Mar 12, 2019
Shaun has a delightful way with words. I was happy to provide a picture of my cat that looked like he was playing a game of Sorry with me :)
Dylanna provided package of Guest Writer for Your Blog for Shaun Thomas
Mar 08, 2019
Shaun was great to work with! He provided an amazing writing prompt and suggestions. I'm more than willing to work with him again!
Selena received Help with Teach Me Numerology from Shaun Thomas
Oct 17, 2018
Shaun is fantastic to work with! He is deep and genuine.


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I will write you a song on Ukulele!

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I've been a sexy RBE (Resource Based Econony) supporter and activist for years, dreaming one day we'd wake up from our destructive capitalistic fractional-reserve banking system nightmare. Why sex...

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I've been a sexy RBE (Resource Based Econony) supporter and activist for years, dreaming one day we'd wake up from our destructive capitalistic fractional-reserve banking system nightmare. Why sex...

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