Help those affected by human and natural disasters

Simbi is built on people helping people – directly, the old fashioned way. In light of the recent natural disasters sweeping the Americas, and the recent terror attack in Las Vegas, we've created the #SimbiRelief program to allow normal people to support those impacted by these disasters to get the help they need, one human to another.

What are you looking to do?

Emergency Flight Transportation

Emergency Flight Transportation

Harvey, Irma and Maria Support
Barter is the bomb! Simbi looks like a great way to help others while I help myself.

Harvey, Irma and Maria Support

Ask survival preparedness questions
I'm excited to trade my skills and services and look for services that I need in return - outside of the system of traditional money. It's like going back to the basics of bartering and trade, alt...

Ask survival preparedness questions

Financial Plan for Hurricane-Relief
I'm excited because it's a new way to experience opportunities that you might wouldn't be able to have it for lack of money and or time.

Financial Plan for Hurricane-Relief

Brides affected by the hurricanes

Brides affected by the hurricanes

After hurricane needs
Came across Simbi on FB after hurricane Irma. I felt fortunate that my home and family was not affected in a catastrophic way. Being out of work during the hunkering down and recovery affected my ...

After hurricane needs

Emotional Healing #SimbiRelief
I am excited to promote the trade economy. I think we can all enrich our lives by sharing our skills and make new connections we wouldn't otherwise. There is a different conversation started when t...

Emotional Healing #SimbiRelief

How The Program Works

For those affected, any service they receive will be Pay it forward Pay It Forward - meaning it won’t cost the recipient a thing. Those providing the services, however, will compensate for their efforts in simbi credits. As a token of our gratitude, we'll credit you 20 each time you support someone via a service tagged '#SimbiRelief'. Let’s come together as a community and support those who are hit hardest by these unfortunate situations. We need each other.

Alyssa is requesting
Send my Friend Food (PuertoRico)
My friend from Puerto Rico is struggling with his family to provide food for themselves. The banks are broken without power, so they can't get money to buy food. It was very difficult for them to a...

I like the Idea of offering services to contribute to society. I am excited to contribute and gain experience in my trades.
Megan is requesting
Raking leaves (Irma left a mess)
Hurricane Irma blew lots of tree debris in my yard. The large branches, etc have been removed but there is a lot of leaves left over. Too much for me to handle myself. I only need the leaves raked ...

Sarah is requesting
Street cats hurricane help
Food, or help to catch, neuter, and release catsabandoned by their families, or cat that have grown up in the streets and are displaced by the hurricane. We feed them, and find them homes if they c...

Amber is requesting
Hurricane Irma
Not sure what to do. Its been crazy here. Still no power and I have a hole in my garage roof. Peoples Trust still have not responded and its now day 6 and it has rained again. Can not get ahold of ...

Melvin is requesting
Restocking jump bag? Irma relief
As many of you know not only am I a CHt, I am also an EMT in the US Medical Reserve Corps. It deploys nation wide to help with disasters. I was activated this weekend to help with Irma evacuees f...

I am here to swap some skills I have for some of the things I need for my business as I would like to concentrate on parts of my business that I cannot outsource. It's really just to help a small...

Hurricanes & Fires: How You Can Help

If you live nearby...

  • Can you offer your time to people who need help cleaningand rebuilding?

  • Can you provide rides to people who can’t get from point A topoint B?

  • Might you have some extra storage space in your home, or could watch over someone’s pet while they are evacuated?

  • Do you have extra space in your home? Offer a SimbiStay to amember of our community who has nowhere to go.

  • Musicians are offering to play at shelters, chefs are cooking for displaced victims - perhaps you have a talent you could share to make someone’s day brighter?

Houston & Coastal Texas
Miami & Southern Florida
Orlando & Northern Florida
Atlanta & most of Georgia
The Central Carolinas
Richmond & Southern Virginia
Puerto Rico & the Caribbean

If you can help from afar...

  • Do you know how to navigate insurance claims and/or government forms? Offer up your time virtually to walk someone through the piles of paperwork.

  • Millions of people are left without an income as businesses close their doors. Can you help someone with their job search through resume editing, career coaching or financial planning?

  • Are you a lawyer or paralegal? Thousands are suddenly in need of free legal advice and don’t know where to turn.

  • Are you able to send items from afar? Whether it’s a handcrafted piece of art for a child or a homemade jar of jam, you might be able to show people who lost a lot how much they are cared for while making their day a bit easier.

  • Are you good at logistical support? Many people need help planning routes out of disaster zones, finding open shelters or hotels, and other logistical issues.

  • Do you have experience hiring qualified contractors or repairmen? Simbi folks need help to rebuild their homes and businesses but don’t know where to start. Give some advice.

  • Listening and emotional support. Many are dealing with the awful reality of loss and grief, so offering virtual support can be a light that guides someone through the dark tunnel.