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Community Requests

Sean is requesting
What have you automated?
What's something you've automated in life that you actually find quite useful? Here are a few of mine: 30 second 'undo send' enabled in Gmail Google calendar tweak, such that any new event sav...

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Krista is requesting
ISO Quick & Easy Ways to Make Money
I'm looking for quick and easy ways to make money. I'm trying to save up what I can for a music festival in BC this summer.

Wanted to try something new............…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…..…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...…...
Erin is requesting
Wake-Up Call
I sometimes have a hard time waking up in the morning, and I would love to have someone who could call me early in the morning (repeatedly if necessary) and get my butt out of bed. I'm in the Easte...

I want to move further away from debt and paycheck-to-paycheck living, and find more non-monetary ways to make a living. I also am excited to meet people who share this belief.
Erin is requesting
Nonbinary/Gender Transition Help
I am looking for someone to offer advice on how to achieve a transition to a nonbinary/genderfluid status. I am AFAB and would like to begin taking T, eventually have chest surgery, and transition ...

I want to move further away from debt and paycheck-to-paycheck living, and find more non-monetary ways to make a living. I also am excited to meet people who share this belief.
Doug is requesting
Teach my wife how to use her camera
Looking for someone to walk her thru her camera and how it works on the different settings and such. It is a Canon EOS rebel

Because a voluntary contract between two parties should never need the government involved unless there is a dispute.
Erica is requesting
Photoshop & Photography help
Saving up for a dslr and would love any help I can get to learn the camera and photoshop.

Subhradeep is requesting
Need help with cmocka testing frame
I'm looking for somebody to help me out with cmocka which is a testing framework for the C language.

I love to help people out and this way I can help people and also get help when I need it. This is a great platform for people to reach out to others in need of something without breaking head over...
Ghu is requesting
Edit dissertation defense format.
I need someone to edit the format of dissertation defense paper Before FEB 28th.

I always wanted to trade service instead of money because it is more thrilling and fun. I can meet new interesting people, learn new things, and get get experience.
Carrie is requesting
Teach my daughter and I ASL
I'm looking for someone to give regular lessons to my daughter (4 yrs old) and me in ASL. We did baby signing and have a couple apps that we use to build our vocabulary. We are hoping someone c...

I've always traded services as much as possible. I'm hoping to find someone passionate about yoga as well as dance or some other lessons for my daughter. It would be great to find someone with diff...
James is requesting
Draw and design for me
I'll pay you sinbi for some quick and easy digital art

In hopes of bartering and trading for work and goods?
Chloe is requesting
Digital Drawing
I'm looking for a basic "how to" on digital drawing/sketching, what programs to use, and just a general idea of how things work (for a Mac desktop computer). I can draw, I just would like to know h...

The trade/barter system seems cool!
Jonimichelle is requesting
Graphic design
I need a logo designed in done format for use in all business marketing. I have a couple pictures and an idea of what I want, but I am open to other ideas as well.

Annie is requesting
Classical Arabic Lessons
I'm looking for Classical Arabic tutoring.

Chloe is requesting
Song/Poetry Writing
I'm looking for assistance and/or advice on how to get rid of my writer's block so I can start writing songs/poetry again!

The trade/barter system seems cool!
Zen is requesting
Book Editing Tech/Psych
I have a Tech/Psych book needing editing. 350 pages or so, basic grammar and structure checking. prep for publishing A scientific dissection of Influence in all its forms. Environmental ...

I enjoy projects that can maximize the use of my unique skills of finding efficient solutions to challenges, while increasing profitability in company services, projects, and products.
Kasey is requesting
Say 3 Things You're Grateful For
You can tell me 3 things you are grateful for either today, or in life in general. I will listen and keep things confidential. I will pay you 1 Simbi! I tried this on another Simbi person's ...

I'm excited to help people with my UX Design expertise. I'm also motivated and inspired to try out services such as help organizing, cook a new vegan dinner, or practice massage skills. I live with...
Ronald is requesting
Engineering help! Small RC
I have a fun engineering idea. Need someone who can create blueprints or schematics. I have a mechanic buddy who wants to build a small rc. Ask me for details.

Simbi is an amazing concept allowing people who are rich with ideas or talent to share their passions and skills with others. In a monetary society, everyone cares about one thing money, in a commu...
Parker is requesting
Keep me on track
I need someone to help me remain functional. I have depression and anxiety, so when I get overwhelmed I just kinda stop doing things. It would be helpful if I had a person to check in and make sure...