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Community Requests

Kirstin is requesting
Character Drawings
Hello! I'm looking to commission someone to draw my characters for me, as I'm dreadful at drawing humans myself. If you're interested, we can work out a price and I can send you descriptions and an...

This seems like such a unique way to exchange goods and services for things that I couldn't obtain where I live or with my extremely limited funds!
Hicham is requesting
15 min call with English speaker
I want to improve my English pronunciation and vocabulary with a native English speaker: - The objective is to have a 15 minutes friendly call in Skype or Whatsup. Thanks ;)

I like the idea behind Simbi, sharing knowledge is very good
Ya is requesting
Elephant stuff
I love elephants! I'm looking for anything elephants, stickers, toys, decor, ANYTHING!!!! Will give more depending on what you're offering.

Looks cool getting to trade skills and meet new friends. I like to knit and and share my talents with everyone! Message me anytime bud! I'm usually avalible anytime so just let me know what's up. I...
Ellen is requesting
Bloggers (Fandom, Cosplay, Perfume)
I'm starting a blog to post on my business' website! Elden Fragrances sells fandom-inspired perfumes, so I'm looking for guest writers who are enthusiastic about any related subject and would like ...

Brandy is requesting
Vanda Orchids
I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful plant and am ummm pretty horrible at growing anything. I’d love some proven tips especially dealing with climate. I’ve read around the net and watched a zill...

Ashley is requesting
Psychic Mediumship/ Intuitive Suppo
I am connecting more to my gifts and abilities and would like someone who knows more about that to help be supportive and encouraging. Not necessarily that I want someone who will teach or coach me...

I love the ideas and values of community sharing. I think this Community is a brilliant idea! I'm sure lots of people wished we did more service sharing everyday but its great to have an online co...
Maria is requesting
Help with Efax installation and use
Hi, I am looking for help with installing a preferably free efax app and some guidance in how to use it effectively in both sending and receiving fax via computer. It doesn't seem to make sense to ...

Simbi has proven to be an incredible valuable way of meeting new people, learning new skills, getting projects done and receiving a wealth of information from fellow tribe members.
Ali is requesting
Help me install dlib on my windows
I'm looking for a developer to help me install dlib on my windows computer because I having a problem getting installed on my computer

I'm trying to use my talent to help other people and get experience
Kevin is requesting
Sketches for online use
As part of our #MondayMonsterMatchup series, we are in need of some art of particular monsters and foes from the Source Resource Document of Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Monsters To Be Completed ...

Simbi allows me to follow my passions, and trade something that traditionally isn't available for currency for a similar service. It seems like a great community built on mutual respect and support...
Ira is requesting
Copying stuff over to a spreadsheet
Hey everyone, I am making an app to help me practice a hobby of mine, and I could use some help with moving some data over into a spreadsheet to make it easier for me to work with. It's a pr...

I feel like it could be a good way to help me make cool stuff in my free time.
Dasha is requesting
Looking for Stickers
Looking for bumper stickers and regular stickers for our local arts collective:)

Aurelian is requesting
Web development, programming
I will like to gain more knowledge about web development and programming.

Akimo is requesting
Pocket Balls
I want you to design me a professional product like a disco ball that can fit in the pocket. DM me.

To connect with other artists, models, and editors.
Akimo is requesting
Picnic Fashion
I am looking for a designer to create a picnic blanket that can be worn or attached to the body as fashion. please DM me to discuss details.

To connect with other artists, models, and editors.
Akimo is requesting
Sailor Boardgame
I am looking for a creative professional to create me a board game, fit for the high seas. Please negotiate with me first.

To connect with other artists, models, and editors.
Akimo is requesting
SFX Makeup Artists
Looking to collaborate with other makeup artists who like doing custom glam and gore special effects.

To connect with other artists, models, and editors.
Rachel is requesting
Documents typed up
I'm looking for help getting some document ideas typed up. I am adding some pages to my planner.

I am excited to use simbi because I love helping people and I love trading 😊. Simbi is a website individuals can come to with an open mind. They are not judged by their social class, they are free ...
Marcus is requesting
Looking for Web Developer
I'm creating a "new kind of internet" and I'm looking for someone to create a posting and purchasing section for my site (, or even someone possibly interested in joining my team, whi...