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Community Requests

Raven is requesting
Zoom operator
I am looking for someone skilled at running Zoom that i will designate as my co-host to help me run my free online Tuesday evening classes called the Love Mastery Classes. The classes start on Marc...

Something really beautiful happens when people actively Lovingly serve their neighbors, it creates magic! I am creating a non-profit called GROK NEIGHBORHOOD that will motivate and enable people a...
Robin is requesting
Podcast guest
Opportunities to be a guest on the podcast, or have a guest on MY podcast, it is named “views from the north” and it is about small business Marketing And Mindset. Look it up on any podcast app...

As Gary Vaynerchuk says the R.O.I. of life is people. I am wanting to use this app to grow my connections and help good people out! If you’ve ever thought about setting up your own podcast, ...
Cyndi is requesting
Tabletop RPG design advice
I'm designing a new Steampunk tabletop RPG, and I'd love someone to consult with for advice, critiques of what material I have already, suggestions, etc.

I have always loved these 'exchange services' type ideas, but never found one that really went very far. I'm excited to see what this ends up being!
Catherine is requesting
Manage My YouTube Channel
I need help organizing playlists, rebranding, and doing tags/descriptions for my channel and it’s giving me a headache! I also need further suggestions about what I can do to improve the channel. ...

As a music teacher, Psychology and counseling graduate, and nutritional consultant, I have worked hard to provide excellent value and experiences for my clients, and I am so enthusiastic to share t...
Dani is requesting
Logo and Header
I am looking for a logo and header for my blog located at

I am happy to use this as a way to connect and let others share their skills. I love being able to help out in the areas that I enjoy and have skills in. I stumbled on this by accident, but I am ex...
Avery is requesting
Chinese Culture Knowledge
I'm looking for someone to read a story from my anthology that takes place in Shenzen, China. I need someone to sniff out any American culture that I may have unintentionally put in there. Looking ...

I'm all about creative systems, and bartering has so many unique benefits to offer us!
Joshua is requesting
Biggest challenge in meditation?
I want you to answer four questions on your single, biggest challenge in meditation. I'll DM you the link. Once we confirm you did the survey, we'll complete the deal and I'll write proper fe...

•I'm excited to help people overcome sociolinguistic conditioning, avoid the world of symbols & concepts, and relate to the "unspeakable world"! •I'm excited to help people in Los Angeles mana...
Rogério is requesting
Italian classes / conversation
I'm a brazilian guy looking for italian speakers so they can help me improve my language skills.

Lisa is requesting
Graphic Design
Give a checklist of mine a nicer look using my brand colors, your graphic design skills and by taking into account my overall minimalist vibe.

I love the idea of bartering.
Anjelica is requesting
I love you .wav or .mp3
I am looking for a LOT of different wav or mp3 files of people saying "I love you" in different languages. I am looking for every language. It can be recorded with your phone with minimal backgrou...

Simbi embodies the anthem of so many people around the globe. It gives me hope for the future of kindness. Simbi is so well thought out! I am so thankful to be a part the community!
Jason is requesting
Organize my web bookmarks
I have a lot of bookmarks and really need to delete some but want to keep others. I have one folder called "Tools" and can provide a document with all the links. First, I need them checked and any ...

Bartering services has been a tool that me and some friends have been using for years and it is nice to know the concept is now spreading.
Chris is requesting
Content editors
Looking for someone to review my content to make sure it’s uniform, grammatically correct, consistent and precise. I have the following content which needs edited. Websites Job descriptions ...

I want to use simbi to meet more interesting people and create more interesting things that helps myself to that equal to others. I live in both Chicago & New York and life is great!
Denise is requesting
Interior Design Challenge
Help! Fun interior design I'm terrible at visualizing where to place multiple items for a pretty & balanced, yet functional wall display. I've purchased items to place above the des...

Hi! Excited to be part of this community! It's been an amazing experience thus far, everyone on here has been wonderful. Such a great concept.
Alaina is requesting
WordPress or Wix for Blogging
Help with creating a blog... pros & cons of using WordPress vs. Wix.

I want to learn more about freelance writing in today’s competitive, online world. I am also interested in expanding my services to offer social media guidance and direction for new and small busin...
Lucky is requesting
Book Editor | Reader | Self Help
Seeking someone to do editing of my book. It's approx 130 pages and a quick and easy read as sentences are spaced out The book is self help in nature. I'm seeking someone to do very light li...

Lucky is requesting
Professional book cover designer
Seeking a professional graphic designer to create a book cover for my new book that has to do with breaking out of society and family programming. To be considered, please forward me a link to your...

Diarra is requesting
Promote my teespring merch
i need someone to promote my teespring merch. It's very simple, just tell your friends about it on facebook and instagram. For every sale I get from you, it will be. 50 simbi + a free cartoon port...

Michelle is requesting
Spanish Medical Language practice
Start as a trial - 30 minutes I am currently in pharmacy school and would like to be able to converse in spanish to my patients and clients. However, I need someone to tutor and practice with me. ...

I just heard about SIMBI and hope that I can help someone out and hope that this expands my "community".