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Community Requests

Rikki is requesting
Digital art
I am looking for digital art for an educational concept I am developing. Artwork will be relatively simple/small.

Kiki is requesting
Feedback on Blog
Looking for feedback on my blog and how I can improve it.

I've always wanted to explore the idea of bartering systems and wondered if that still exists today! so I found this site and thats why I'm here! To connect with others!
Nubs is requesting
Wanted: krampus drawings
I'm looking for a krampus Christmas monster themed postcard to send this winter to my weird friends and family. I would love to see your rendition of the monster in your preferred medium. Price is ...

To help other, unusual good guys.
Megan is requesting
Help Outlining Fiction Fantasy book
I am writing an 12 part fantasy series and I'm looking for someone to help me outline the chapters scene by scene. I had someone working on these projects but they decided they were geared more tow...

As an unemployed junior in college trying to start my own business, this is a great tool to get help, meet unique people and grow as a person.
Megan is requesting
Research: Making lists
I need several types of research done for my blog and myself. 1) I need a list of blog posts, articles and news worthy pages about any form of creative writing. I'm looking for enough content to...

As an unemployed junior in college trying to start my own business, this is a great tool to get help, meet unique people and grow as a person.
Rachel is requesting
Any information about the Ukraine
In the future we are thinking of adopting a Ukrainian child, my soon to be husband and I. I have done my research about the Ukraine but would love any type of brochures, information, adoption info/...

I am excited to use simbi because I love helping people and I love trading 😊. Simbi is a website individuals can come to with an open mind. They are not judged by their social class, they are free ...
Vincent is requesting
Need a Logo to be Created
I have a logo concept in mind already but the style is up to the artist. I just need someone to help me create it in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. Some keywords to keep in mind for the style: ...

I believe all of society should operate like Simbi. We should've evolved from the money system or at least have it decentralized by now. That's why I support Simbi and cryptocurrency. But ultimatel...
Ali is requesting
Logo creation
I am seeking someone to help create a logo for my family travel & lifestyle blog. We are a large blended family with Six children (4 boys 2 girls) and are unique in our nuche in that we are such a ...

Hannah is requesting
Logo creation
I already have drawings of what I need, but I need someone to create it for me.

I love the potential of Sibmbi to help small businesses to get on their feet without some of the traditional startup costs. I still have some things that I need to develop to feel really establ...
Melvin is requesting
Blog suggestions
I have already 70+ hypnotherapy and life coaching blogs up on my website and I have several more pages of topics I need written. If you have an idea of something that is not already published, sch...

I am here to swap some skills I have for some of the things I need for my business as I would like to concentrate on parts of my business that I cannot outsource. After Hours Hypnotherapy became ...
Rachel is requesting
Photoshop Makeover
I'm looking for someone with photoshop skills to take an image of me and give me a makeover into a fairly specific look (there are a few I'm interested to try out)

I am excited to help others and meet people with talents that can suit mine. My absolute dream would be to find a musician to collaborate with on my (and/or their) original songs.
Adrian is requesting
British Holiday Customs
For a thing that I’m writing, I need some help getting the holiday customs right. Yule/Christmas and New Year, please! I need to know typical foods, songs, religious activity (including pagan), dec...

As a person who depends on public services (like food stamps) to meet my basic needs, I find that I need to turn to alternate means for my fun and learning. Simbi is one way that I'm trying out!
Rahul is requesting
Tell me how you use Simbi!
I’m doing a study on Simbi and would love to have a conversation with you about how you use Simbi! I’d like talk via phone or video chat if possible, and I imagine only taking about 15 minutes o...

Omar is requesting
Tell me what you do on Simbi
A way to learn how others use Simbi and what they like about it. I’m interested in how other people use Simbi besides myself!

Brooke is requesting
Write a song to provided beat
I have a bunch of beats that I want to use (most of them, I made) but I cannot think of lyrics for them. My style is dark trap, rap, trap. Most of my songs are between 1 Min-5Mins long. I would ...

I want to see Simbi become more well-known, and the community to grow because it's fun, free, and easy to use. Simbi provides a place for us to help each other and gives me the opportunity to offer...
Lucky is requesting
divi website help (blog help, etc)
Simbi negotiable. Can you help me with any of the following? If so, let me know which numbers you can help with. Also, forward me your website/qualifications. 1) when you click on the blog post...

Adam is requesting
Mobile friendly
I’m currently running a website, which has images on the landing page as links to the necessary page of the website. When looking at mobile view these stack on top of each other instead of side by ...

John is requesting
Adobe after effects animation
Looking for a few hours of tutoring for Animating a vector character in after effects. This involves character rigging, making a puppet, understanding the timeline and in between frames, squish and...

Opportunities to practice my art is always nice.