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Community Requests

Kayla is requesting
Watch my Stream~
I like streaming my language learning and art work and would love if some people could come and watch~ Just send me a request then make a comment on twitch: Twitch -

I am not really excited, just hopeful to form mutually beneficial connections. I take everything with a grain of salt though.
Ed is requesting
Ableton tutoring
I'm a beginner, I have live 9 standard. I know a few things, I'm more used to the djing part and I'm trying to get into the production part like midi drum rack patterns etc. after i've got basics ...

After I became aware of how the fractional reserve banking system encourages greed and makes financial collapses inevitable I became interested in alternative currencies. In 2009 I built and helped...
Iris Betts is requesting
canva slides needed for my class
I'm seeking someone to make to make some pretty and simple slides that go w/ my video class on skillshare! You will also gain so much personal growth from exploring my appreciative inquiry questio...

I believe barter, trades and keeping money and taxes out of the equation is always beneficial, resulting in win/win experiences. I am grateful for another way I can honor people anonymously and gi...
Lily is requesting
A therapist, counsellor, or psychologist. I dont really want to jump around from person to person... I want to see someone twice a month. I would like to talk about some stuff and learn about you...

Megan is requesting
Volunteers Writers , Lecturers, Mod
Hello, I'm putting together a mighty network community for witches and wiccans of all paths to be able to learn from each other. I'm looking for volunteers to help moderate members, write articles...

As an unemployed junior in college trying to start my own business, this is a great tool to get help, meet unique people and grow as a person.
Hemanta is requesting
Hindi Voice Over Artist
Hi, I have a YouTube Channel with English Voice Over. Now I am planning to upload my videos in multiple languages, starting from Hindi. Please contact me if you can help me on this.

Money is limited by numbers and digits, but human talent isn't. Also, online monetary transactions are generally considered unsafe and risky. So, I love barter especially when it comes to online b...
Jason is requesting
Click on my link, super easy job
I have a referral link I need people to check out. You literally don't have to do anything else except go to the link. If you want to do more, sure check out the actual information. But really, tha...

Bartering services has been a tool that me and some friends have been using for years and it is nice to know the concept is now spreading.
Ryan is requesting
Money Management Market Survey
I need a big favor. Could you help me out? I'm doing a survey on peoples' experience working with a financial advisor, professional, or basically whoever manages your money (if any). Even ...

As an INTP, I have an array of interests. I am extraordinarily skilled, but it seems that finding employment to use those skills is hard to come by. So I'll put my personality and myriad of skills,...
Stephanie is requesting
SEO help
I'm seeking SEO help for my new website - I had been seeking web design support but thought it might be easier just to do it myself for now. I'd like my website to be ...

I am big on bartering and trade - there's so many ways to offer and receive the gifts we have with one another!
Kaitlyn is requesting
Akashic records reading
I'm looking for someone who works with akashic records. I'd love to connect for a reading!

Every time I connect with someone in a listening role, it has the potential to shift both of us.
LordSanford is requesting
Language translator
I’m looking for someone who can help translate my tutorial videos in any European language

Christina is requesting
Online tutoring service set-up help
Hi! I am interested in setting up my own tutoring business online. Looking for someone to help me with learning how to do this effectively. Possible areas to help with could be setting up a websit...

I love the idea of offering my time (which I have a lot of right now) versus money.
Tikor is requesting
Help Me Tell My Story
Hello there. :-) This morning, it became clear that not only do I have everything I need, I also have a big story to tell. My profile introduction has some of it. My review history has some o...

I saw Simbi early 2016 in a vision I shared with a friend. To me, it was for connecting teachers and students. This is in many ways the same, and much more. I believe Simbi can be a force multi...
Andrea is requesting
Authors: Review my blog post pls
Hi! My blog post is designed to help authors who want to promote their book on social media. I would like you to read it, post a comment. Any feedback is appreciated because I will keep adding to t...

Simbi is a brilliant way to connect people using their strengths, and also to support people who want to move in a new direction and test out their capabilities! My experiences on Simbi so far have...
Tikor Foep is requesting
Replace Me as Tikor Foep Webmaster
I need to get my hands off the Wordpress. :-) I'm just not that good at it, and I keep rushing myself. It is clear: God wants me working on other things. Hello there. :-) I am Tikor Foep,...

I believe creating bridges of friendship between my country, America, and other nations would create benefit for all sentient beings. I believe it will help bring peace to our world, one friendshi...
Tikor Foep is requesting
Chief Administrator, Tikor Foep
I am ready to hand the administrative operation of Tikor Foep to a kind professional. This is a regular role, with an email address and everything. In fact, there will be an important agreement t...

I believe creating bridges of friendship between my country, America, and other nations would create benefit for all sentient beings. I believe it will help bring peace to our world, one friendshi...
Maren is requesting
Share my business ideas!
I have a blog at where I post original, interesting business ideas, and I'm trying to get more views. Please go to that site, choose an article you like, and...

This place seems so fascinating! Alternative currencies and weird economies have always seemed cool to me. I have a lot of skills I want to offer, let's see if anyone is interested!
Abby is requesting
Social Media and GoFundMe Help
I am starting a commune and farm which will also be a campground. I need help setting social media’s up in order to help raise popularity and funds to continue building before opening.