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Community Requests

Emily is requesting
Join my group
I'm looking for people interested in online shopping for home, fashion, bath, and beauty products by a Canadian brand that you have probably heard of ;) All orders are placed easily online with sh...

I love that you can connect with people from across the world and help each other by trading energy and expertise.
Jessica is requesting
Build An App (Future $$$)
I'm looking for someone to help build an app for a new business venture. Think of a cross between Yelp and Tindr for a specific industry. You will be required to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE agr...

I'm excited to use Simbi, because like most everyone I know, I have more skill than money. I always thought it would be a great idea to be able to trade services with others, but, hey this is the...
Bobbi is requesting
Stock images for my website
I have opened a speech therapy private practice. I work with children. I know some stock images would liven up my website. I’m looking for someone who could provide me with stock images (without wa...

I'm excited to use simbi because I want to get to know more people and to use my skills to help others.
Bobbi is requesting
Logo for Speech therapy company
Hi, I’m looking for a logo design for my speech therapy company. Once you message me I can give you the name of the company. It’s a pediatric (kid) Speech therapy practice, and I want a Speech Bubb...

I'm excited to use simbi because I want to get to know more people and to use my skills to help others.
Jacey is requesting
Business Name/Tag Line Feedback
People to send my two business names/tag lines to and receive feedback. Impressions of what the company would be about, how it resonates, etc. Constructive advice is greatly appreciated!

Randy is requesting
Nose-art style robot
I have created a science-fiction anthology podcast inspired by old school scifi radio and TV shows. The show, Beyond The Rim, is hosted by a robot named P.E.G. I'm looking for a character design fo...

Monica is requesting
Help with taxes
In need of a better understanding on how to do my taxes. I'm a small business owner and feel like I'm missing opportunities with how I'm doing my taxes.

Runar is requesting
Design-collaborator on game
I am currently working on a game for iOS, Android and possibly the web, built with ReactXP. I have already got a working game, but it needs a design. As I am not a designer, I would like to collabo...

Madge is requesting
Proof Readers, Editors, Marketeers
Listen, I love to create, but I loathe the business end. I could brag all day about someone or some thing I like or find useful... but for myself... I just want to create and business gives me ...

I am excited to connect to some new networks out side of other social media and the gift economy really speaks to me and my attitudes toward our debt based fiat system. I look forward to inspiring...
Jazlyn is requesting
Drawing of Alexander the Great
I would like a couple illustrations of Alexander the Great depicted as a cartoon. The first illustration will be a more detailed, proportional version, while the other illustration will have more o...

Exchanging goods and services helps the community and I want to be a part of that. Additionally, I feel I have services to offer that others will accept and trade for, but not necessarily pay for.
Moneymaker is requesting
Jewelry Designer - CRYSTAL/GEMSTONE
Hi! Seeking a professional jewelry designer to make me/sell me some chunky crystal/gemstone necklaces. Please forward your website or attach pictures of some of your designs. Not looking for wire...

Coli is requesting
Music to my Vocals:HeartShapedBox
It's Kurt Cobain's birthday today, and I recorded vocals singing Heart Shaped Box, and I would like to find someone who can record piano or guitar for me to put behind it, or who can do that for me...

I've been wanting something like this since the Barter section on Craigslist! I feel that there is so much more you can get out of life, if you just find the right people who are willing to support...
Theodore is requesting
1 Minute Video Commercial
Looking for a quick, 1 minute or less, commercial advertising my hot air balloon company. Not looking for overly fancy/detailed, short-brief-to the point totally a-OK. Have pics, a few short clips ...

I'm not made of money but I am made of stories, good times and useful skills.
Alira Alomien is requesting
Social Media Manager/Assistant Help
I'm looking for a trustworthy, pleasant person to manage 2 social media pages, as well as light email correspondence for a consulting business I'll be starting. This person MUST be open-minded, hon...

I am excited to use Simbi because it's a currency that transcends time and space. Knowledge and skill are Universal Currency and sharing is their transmission.
Kimberly is requesting
Connect and practice using zoom
I'm looking to connect with like minded people who use Zoom so I can practice using the technology.

With all the networking and media sites out there, I have never found anything like this. Lately, I have felt an intense need to connect with others and to start sharing my knowledge and skills. I ...
Amber is requesting
Logo design
I am looking for a new logo. The one I currently have doesn’t reflect my business services well. Colors I would like: multiple shades of purple, gold. Theme: crystals, gems, chakras Must...

After being part of the community for a while now I have met some awesome people and made some great simibiotic relationships. I have gotten so much more out of this community than expected, and in...
Ray is requesting
Data Entry
A simple task, I send you text files and you copy and paste data from the text file into the respective fields of a form. This is the next step from my web surfing stage. Most of this is just busin...

A great way to get tasks done with quality work that is done on time by enthusiastic artists and gurus. A great crowdsource of people with a variety of talent.
Azazel is requesting
Wordpress Help
I am looking for someone to give me tips and ideas for my spiritual blog. Thank you in advance!

I embrace Simbi because it allows users to trade services, that they would not otherwise be able to get. Since money is the main currency in our everyday lives. It is imperative to not do things ju...