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Community Requests

Jen Metta is requesting
Charango lessons
I recently purchased a charango, and am seeking instruction in English

I value platforms that support community building and sharing resources.
Andre is requesting
Teach me how to consult
Hey! I'm looking for advice starting out in consulting in software/web/design # Background I'm a student and an artsy nerd. I have a background in software. I had my first software job in ...

I love working on projects, and I love helping people.
Dr-Kinan is requesting
I'd like to help scrutinize some of my writing, the first of which is a very short story

William is requesting
Manage My Inbox for A Month
I'm looking for somone to help me manage my inbox for a month. Somone whose interested in learning business automation and/or marketing is a plus because you'd be welcome to join my calls and ask m...

As a life-long learner, I've always been a big believer in exchanging services and personal knowledge or skills for mutual benefit. I am totally stoked about this idea and ability to test out relat...
Anne is requesting
Support with MailChimp
I'm looking for help with 1) creating a MailChimp landing page to improve lead generation 2)a MailChimp editable responsive Email template from A-Z

I am excited to use SIMBI as I have wanted to find a BARTER system for quite some time and couldn't find anything ... I am also interested in reaching out to parents who are ready to make the chan...
Julia at is requesting
Shamanic Artist for Interview on my
In search of shamanic /visionary artists, healers and wisdom teachers to interview on my podcast @ www.TalkStory.Media which I produce from my studio in the North Fork Valley area of Colorado. The...

Simbi is barter at it's best. Barter is a return to traditional & indigenous ways. All of my shamanic services are available for barter.
Krystophe is requesting
Logo creation for busy ness
Looking for graphic designer to create a black and white logo. I would like to have it in a vector file format. I already have a base design to start the project.

simbi is a great web space to share your skills, needs and products you have with the world. I am exited to start using this new alternative exchange system moving a step forward toward new earth.
Konor is requesting
video editor
I am looking for a video editor that can do some simple edits and cuts with audio and pdf images etc. making things look nice for an ecourse I am developing. There will be more projects as well if ...

I think this platform provides great opportunities for humanity to come that much closer together and starts a new economic structure, allowing room for more interconnected growth as a race. It is ...
Lou is requesting
Leads Person part time
Hi there I am currently looking for a leads person to help me find potential clients for websites required for their business. If anyone can help with this I can go into more detail at that time. ...

I love trying new ways to connect with people online and be able to help them out, I find it a great resource and networking tool.
Lou is requesting
Cdn VA Assistant
Looking for a virtual assistant based in canada. I have a great one I am using ptime currently but he is based in the states and so I need to have another ptime assistant here in canada. You need ...

I love trying new ways to connect with people online and be able to help them out, I find it a great resource and networking tool.
Cyndi is requesting
Writing a Will
I'm in Oregon State and just need assistance writing up basic wills for myself and my husband - mainly to make sure our daughter is cared for by the correct guardian if something happens to both of...

I have always loved these 'exchange services' type ideas, but never found one that really went very far. I'm excited to see what this ends up being!
Tess is requesting
Is there any1 who could build me a simple client database ? I use Open office and I am gonna switch from windows to Ubuntu

For me it is the best trading system in the world, accessible for all different people When I lived in Belgium I have set up a local group and it worked very well , and still does. I find it also...
Venkat is requesting
Looking for Technology Sales
We are looking at working with folks experienced in "Technology Sales". Our requirements are candidates experienced in managing sales in the field of - Augmented & Virtual Reality, Premium Websites...

This effort by the Simbi Founders - has raised the bar on humanity, away from the synthetic currency model. We were doing a research to identify barter apps and landed here. I was so impressed wit...
Shirley is requesting
Collaboration on Wordpress Websites
Hey there! I'm looking for someone to help me build a few websites. I have over 5 years of experience building my own and have built numerous websites using Wordpress and Shopify. I'm able t...

I've been bartering and trading all my life. I believe that each & every single one of us has knowledge, experience, and skillsets to offer that oftentimes is more valuable than money. I believe i...
Rachel is requesting
Crumbl cookies
I'm looking for the recipe for crumbls cookies. This is a company based in Utah and I would love to find the recipe. I enjoy baking and sharing good cookies with my family. If anyone can get me the...

Simbi let's me get what I need without money. Talent is a very great way to barter. This also helps me to network with people in different places around the world. I feel that SImbi is a place wher...
Anahel is requesting
Meditation Magic
Are you meditating daily? Then I humbly ask for your support. Write on a piece of paper: "I call upon my spirit guides for guidance and protection. In my next meditation I connect with Anah...

I am excited to live in a sharing and exchanging world without money. We all should help each other, favor be a currency. The beliefs of the people give money value and power. Stop consuming t...
Jess is requesting
HR help
I am looking for someone with HR experience. I have HR specific questions. I would like someone from my country, because we may have different qualifications in our (own) countries. Please only...

Simbi is a great site with a close group of people. The staff is also very helpful. Even when I've had issues, they help me to resolve them promptly. *I do ask that you do not purchase, relist and...
Rachel is requesting
Book search
- "Cleaving" by Julie Powell - A book with Axolotls in it - Sewing Book - Spicy food recipes

I am excited to use simbi because I love helping people and I love trading 😊. Simbi is a website individuals can come to with an open mind. They are not judged by their social class, they are free ...