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Ten Card Complex Tarot Reading


75 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Aug 20, 2016

Please note: I do not do live face to face readings at this time due to time constraints. Your reading will be delivered via a PDF attachment, and then clarification given as needed via message on here for that specific reading.

If you're looking for a very specific answer to a question you've had in mind, a ten card reading is the one to use. It goes through everything in the past that could be influencing the present situation, how the present ties in, and what the probable end result will be. One of these readings takes quite a bit of time, not so much to read the cards, but more to take the meanings of each card and to tie them into the situation as a whole.

***very important: As these are not delivered face to face, if you wish your reading to deal with a specific question, please include that question at the time of your request so that I can give your reading the attention and the focus that it deserves****

To spread the cards, and read each meaning at face value is the easy part, what takes experience is to go beyond the surface, given meanings in the books, and then to interpret them, blend them, and then piece everything together so it makes sense in the current situation so that the one the message is meant for can then take knowledgeable, actionable steps to either make the situation better, or to change it since the future is never set in stone. The cards just tell how things ended up the way they did, and what could happen if things happen exactly the way they are now. One thing to keep in mind with Tarot, is that the future is always changing. Possibilities are always changing because people are fluid. One little thing can change everything.

Tarot is one of those divination tools where it is only as specific as the question asked, and even then, it's not always a super concrete yes or no answer. Many times to address an issue fully, multiple forms of divination are consulted including traditional scrying, pendulum divination, tea leaf scrying, utilization of a medium, etc. Also, please keep in mind that the more complex the reading is (i.e. more cards that are utilized in the spread), the more information that is provided. A good tarot reader will rely not only on the more traditional meanings of the cards, but also intuition, and how things tie into the specific issue at hand. Anyone can buy a tarot deck and read the book, it takes time, experience, and a spiritual connection to really get the most out of any divination method.

Training & Qualifications

General: I have been a practicing eclectic pagan for over 26 years now, and have extensive experience with multiple forms of divination including tarot, pendulum work, tea leaf scrying, intuitive readings, medium, and dream work. In addition, I also run two businesses: The first one involves offering herbal and metaphysical products and services. The second offers professional photography.

Education: Masters in Business Administration (Sustainable Business), B.S. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, and graduate training in Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Availability & Preferences

My availability is hit or miss due to everything going on, but since this is a virtual service, and not a face to face, rest assured that, baring unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, I will address any questions, concerns, or issues with-in 24 hours.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Daniel

Dec 01, 2021
grim news haha! But daniel is thorough as always:)
Mar 30, 2021
Thank you daniel! I cant wait to read your findings!
Amanda received session of Ten Card Complex Tarot Reading from Daniel
Jul 02, 2018
WONDERFUL! great guy easy to talk too
Apr 26, 2018
Daniel is intuitive as ever, and his detailed written reading allows me not just to read it, but to go back over information again that I might have g...lossed over before. Things can and do change, and his interpretations of the Tarot allow for that, while at the same time giving you an idea of what you might want to focus on. Very, very, very pleased with the detailed results. ;)show more
Nov 19, 2017
Thank you .
Jul 13, 2017
Daniel was very thorough with his reading, and I appreciate his service!
Dorothy received session of Ten Card Complex Tarot Reading from Daniel
Jul 15, 2017
I had to wait a long time for replies but was worth it. The reading was kinda spot on but I would have liked to know more. I respect his ability to cards. Give it a try if you have the more
Jul 15, 2017
Daniel provided a thorough and fascinating reading. I appreciate the time and attention he took to doing it.
Jul 11, 2017
Not only did Daniel provide an in-depth reading as requested (written out even!), he did extra research to provide the reading in a new format, and on... top of that he managed to maintain the deadline even with multiple personal delays which anyone would have forgiven if he had asked for more time. Daniel's insights are top notch, and I would DEFINITELY work with him again!!show more
Nickka received session of Ten Card Complex Tarot Reading from Daniel
Jun 17, 2017
Daniel was wonderful ... he gave me so much to think about!


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About Daniel Sullivan

My professional experience includes being a practicing herbalist, a devout pagan, a practitioner of the occult, and a professional photographer. I've been working with tarot, herbs, and the craft for... approximately 26 years, and actively offering photography services for the last two years though my experience spans much longer. My past experiences include self employment as the CEO of Charmed Touches Inc, an Oregon based corporation which strived to offer natural, hand made products. In addition, I sat on the board of a local non-profit pagan based organization. I currently hold an MBA, a M.S. in Psychology (Applied Behavioral Analysis), and a Bachelor of Science in Social and Behavioral Sciences. This is my way to give back to the community, to have fun, and to enable individuals to have a better quality of life in the process. I look forward to working with each and every one of you, and I ask that with the services offered that you please read everything carefully, usually all of the details are included in the listing. If something is unclear, please send me a message and let's get those questions answered! Ultimately, I would much rather clear up a misconception, resolve an issue, or address a concern than have someone walk away unhappy! Ultimately, it isn't about the paper, however, it's about enjoying life to its fullest and learning all we can while we're here that counts. No regrets!show more

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