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Planning Your Life's Grand Strategy


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Grand Strategy is the force that guides every decision you make. This is not just about focusing on short-term success or immediate opportunities, it's about planning all the way to the end, knowing exactly what you want out of life, and coming up with a plan to reach those goals. It's about, in the words of the economist Russ Roberts, trading what you want now with what you want most.

Once you clarify and hone your life's Grand Strategy, many of the smaller decisions are easy.

Imagine these two different people:

One: Someone wants to be an author. He (or she) struggles to write a manuscript or book proposal, sends it around to all the publishing houses, only to get rejected. This person stays at it for years and years. But the book market slowly crumbles, publishing houses go out of business, and this person's career prospects vaporize.

Two: Someone wants to be an author, but realizes that at its core, they really want to teach interesting things and communicate ideas with people. Knowing this, they are able to sketch out all the different ways they could do this: writing a book, creating a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast, live presentations at colleges, etc. They work this different angles, developing not just their craft but also the skills required to be successful in various mediums. They've diversified their skill-set, giving them opportunities and flexibility. In the words of one of the 20th centuries foremost strategists, B.H. Liddell Hart, they 'created a plan, like a tree, with branches that can bare fruit".

Who do you think is going to have a more secure and lucrative future? Who is going to be flexible and adaptable to changing environments?

As Darwin says, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change"

Let's make you adaptable.

Let's create your life's Grand Strategy.

Training & Qualifications

I've worked with startups, authors, and individual entrepreneurs to help them develop their grand strategies in order to make day to day choices much easier.

I believe in front-loading the work, meaning that although it may take more time up-front to get really clear on your grand strategy, you save a massive amount of time and anxiety in the long run.

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Reviews of Chris

Austin received Help with Short Simbi Survey from Chris
Jul 20, 2016
Chris is a master strategist. I think everyone has reached out to him at one point or another =) Great guy!
Charlie received Session of Sleep Hacking 101 from Chris
Jul 14, 2016
Chris was awesome to work with, and he was able to work around my insane schedule, which I really appreciated. I would recommend this service to more
Mike received Session of Business Marketing and PR Strategy from Chris
Jul 05, 2016
Chris gave me some fantastic new ideas for my crowd funding campaign on kickstarter. He showed me some new tools I wasn't aware of. Always a pleasure ...talking to Chrisshow more
KJ received Help with 30 min user interview for Simbi from Chris
Jun 12, 2016
Chris is an amazing guy -- don't pass up the opportunity to talk to him. He is deeply intelligent, thoughtful, and insightful, and has a contagious am...ount of positive energy. He is a true professional and also extremely knowledgeable about health, wellness, and the paleo movement. Thank you, Chris!show more
Mike received Session of Business Marketing and PR Strategy from Chris
Jun 10, 2016
Chris gave me some fantastic business advice! He is really easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I'm sure we will do more deals in the future!
Kate Wintz
Kate received Help with Help Me Get a Part/Full Time Job from Chris
Jun 08, 2016
Chris gets all the stars! He really helped me find focus and motivation. He listened closely and gave super helpful feedback. He genuinely cares and energy is contagious. I feel so much more confident in myself and my skills. I can't recommend Chris enough. show more
Aaron received Help with I need some answers from Chris
Jun 07, 2016
Chris is worth his weight. He is genuinely intent on helping me, and the rest of you, make this world amore humane place.
Aaron received Help with Growth/PR brainstorm for startup from Chris
Jun 06, 2016
Chris clearly knows what he is talking about and as a fellow freelance marketer I can say that. He has a ton of great experience and can offer a lot ...of great more
Mike received Session of Paleo Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching from Chris
Jun 03, 2016
Chris is awesome! I am currently trying to lost about 50 lbs and maintain my muscle mass, and he gave me very specific information about how I should ...go about it. He is emailing me a recap of what we talked about as a reference, and some meal plan examples. Great Guy! I will check in with him again in a few weeksshow more


Kate Wintz
Kate Wintz wrote a recommendation for Chris Schelzi
Jun 09, 2016

Chris is awesome sauce. He really helped me find focus and motivation. He listened closely and gave super helpful feedback. He genuinely cares and his energy is contagious. I feel so much more confident in myself and my skills. I can't recommend Chris enough.

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About Chris Schelzi

“The voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks. See the line from a sufficient distance, and it straightens itself to the average tendency” -RALPH WALDO EMERSON When I graduate...d college with a degree in writing and business, I was overwhelmed with the various paths that I could pursue. Did I want to go into corporate America? Did I want to pursue my passion for health by going to medical school? Did I want to start my own company? I was handicapped by this paradox of choice. Faced with uncertainty, I figured the best thing to do was get started down one path and see where it took me. I became a Wilderness-EMT, receiving emergency medical training in the snow-capped mountains of Northern California. I learned how to react with confidence, execute with leadership, and focus my efforts on only the important details. This experience became the bedrock for how I look at the world. Having a framework for operating and processes for dealing with situations is an essential skill in any area life and business. After spending time as an EMT, working on an ambulance, and experiencing things I never imagined, I wanted to test myself in another field. I pursued my passion for business and finance in the corporate sector. I did not have a degree in finance, so I spent a few months in personal study, not just finance, but the softer skills as well: interviewing, negotiating, navigating the business world. This paid off in the form of receiving an offer from one of the largest asset management firms in the world, overseeing trillions of dollars. It was here that I learned another work ethic that has remained with me. The CEO had a saying, "Always be a student of the market". He was referring to the financial markets; however, this is applicable to everyone in every field. Regardless of what you're doing, you should always having your finger on the pulse of what's going on around you. What are the latest trends, who are the influencers, what are the undervalued areas that you can exploit? Gaining that finger-tip feel for the changing currents is the most valuable skill you can develop. After spending time in this world, learning from it what I could, I decided to move into my third area of interest, start-ups. I used the same process that I did to enter the financial world. I spent months reading everything I could get my hands on, taking copious notes, studying the influencers, and building my skill-set. From there I took a more active role, reaching out to the people I wanted to work with and beginning to establish relationships. This effort led to multiple job offers from best-selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, and multi-million dollar companies. I now had the ability to learn from some of the best people in the industry and continue to expand my skill-set, doing work that I'm passionate about and living life on my terms. ### I am currently working as a marketing consultant with technology and food startups around the United States. show more

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