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Your “Mayan Birth Glyph” reading


33 per unit - Virtual OK - Posted Feb 26, 2017

All you need to provide me with is your birth date and year. I will happily provide you with your Mayan Birth Glyph name, and galactic number~ Then I will provide you in writing the meaning of both to help you have better insight into your soul's archetypal expression this lifetime.

Dr. Jose Arguelles reinterpreted the Mayan cycles in a modern context and named it the Dreamspell Calendar. Think of it as an energetic map of the "galactic~self" offering a living language of symbols and mythology into our manifest world.

The Tzolkin, which means 'count of days' in Yucatecan, is the Sacred Mayan Calendar that was utilized by Mayan priests for ceremonies, rituals and divination purposes. This sacred calendar was followed by several MesoAmerican cultures and, although expressed with different names, they all consisted of a combination of 20 symbols by 13 numbers. The Cholq’ij, its name in Quiche, is still in use by the Day Keepers in Mayan communities of Highland Guatemala which I have seen and experienced first hand.
For those who seek meaning in the days of the Maya calendar, the tzolk'in is where they will find it. For the modern Maya of Highlands Guatemala, who call the sacred calendar the Cholq'ij, each of the 20 day names has its own spirit. Its number coefficient speaks to its weakness or strength on that given day. The day on which you were born defines your soul, character and destiny.

The 20 glyphs are energies, or archetypes represented by names, called in their modern term~ Solar Seals. The 13 numbers are expressed in dots and bars and are known as Lunar Tones. Both, glyphs and numbers, have a correlation to the Human body (twenty fingers and toes and thirteen joints), and the entire 260-day cycle also relates to both human gestation (pregnancy) and corn cultivation cycles.


I am White spectral Wizard~ 2

Training & Qualifications

I have been participating in the study of natural time and the Mayan Dreamspell calendar for 20 years. Daily, I take time to acknowledge the Mayan Daily Dreamspell prayer and affirmation. I take time in quiet to let the essence and counsel of the prayer feed my soul, and motivate my intentions for the day.

I have been traveling for 30 years to the sacred sites of the Maya. Also, I have been honored to study intermittently with a Mayan medicine over a 3 year period.

My Dreamspell Signature is White Spectral Wizard. (I will share the same information with you as I share here about myself. )

White Wizard is a tool of the light, a conduit for the work of Spirit. A wise magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing magic to come in rather than trying to control it or make it happen. A magician dances the dance of love through offering gifts of freedom to others. This is real magic. Freed from the need to use power to manipulate or control, a magician uses wisdom to manifest liberation and love.

The harmonic wisdom of White Wizard is melody, the progression of signle tones within a composition. White Wizard symbolizes the sacred journey of your individual life. As a harmonic magician, you are a novel yet universal container for the expression of the Divine. While you play the melody of your journey's spirit song, the Creator provides the harmony.

Melody is to music what story line is to story. Utilize the elements you have chosen for exploration in your life - your gifts, talents, abilities, motivations, circumstances, and the other characters in your play. Orchestrate the most interesting and growth-engendering story line from this combination of possibilities. Understand that you are the player and the played in the melody in your life.

Galactic Number: 2
Mayan Tone 2
TWO-Duality, polarity, mystery, charismatic

The God of Earth---Creates a reaction

Two people are often mysterious. They are attuned to the rhythms of the earth. Twos seem to draw people to them. Those around them do not feel the call that is sounding clearly to a two person. It is very important for two people to follow their instincts. They have a very profound inner guidance system. Two people are very charismatic. They are usually open and friendly. They attract partnership. Finding the balance in relationship is vital for two people.

Two people also have a very strong psychic or spiritual side. Many have powerful visions. Duality is a lifelong struggle for two people. They sometimes find it hard to walk in the world that we know as the earth plane and be aware of the world of spirit. When they are able to balance all the aspects of their lives, they can manifest great achievements.

Availability & Preferences

As my schedule allows, I have a busy private practice, but happily look forward to making your requests a priority.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Windi

Zach left review for Windi
Nov 16, 2017
Thanks Windi
Oct 06, 2017
Wow! What a rich reading from which I have and will continue to gather information and inspiration for my life! Windi is great! I got my reading abo...ut a week after the request and the information provided is much more than a week's worth of work! What Windi offers is worth far more than she asks!show more
Sep 28, 2017
windi was amazing. she responded fastan gave me so much info!
Sep 25, 2017
quick and courteous
Oct 02, 2017
Windy’s reading was thorough and informative, affirming many aspects of my experience in depth. Wonderful!
Sep 28, 2017
Inactive User
Inactive User received unit of Your “Mayan Birth Glyph” reading from Windi
Oct 07, 2017
Very insightful reading with clear descriptions - cool info - nicely organized and in depth
Sep 30, 2017
Thank you so much , sorry for delay I thought I had doneven this the other day , your patience speaks highly of you , Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed t...he informationshow more
Sep 12, 2017
Fast response
Inactive User
Inactive User received unit of Your “Mayan Birth Glyph” reading from Windi
Sep 18, 2017
wonderful person. loved the reading!!! Thankyou


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About Windi Braden

I am an R.N. and intuitive medium~ aromatherapist, gifted intuitive healer and guide, energetic body practitioner, past life reader, spiritual midwife, death duola, licensed minister, credentialed tea...cher and sacred storyteller. I have over 35 years of experience in health, healing, intuitive counsel and guidance. I am aware that spirit called upon me this lifetime to offer healing to others through the divine art of "Sacred Re~Membrance". I was born intuitive and was asked to Remember when I was two. It was the voice of the Divine that I heard, a loving voice that said to me - "You need to Remember". I knew the voice was right! I have been asked to "Re~member" for the need of myself, and for the need of others, so that I would provide Sacred Counsel this lifetime. The voice/s have always guided me, opened my heart to receive and know, and deeply trust in the Great Mystery, the Sacred, the Divine~ whatever your word is for the creative source of God/dess. I came in as an Oracle this lifetime, and I am grateful to be of service in this way. I was given a gift, and it has become my offering, my call to service this lifetime. I am a sacred storyteller, revealer and healer of Spirit's history. I am empathic, and an intuitive from birth, who is able to open and guide others to heal the wounds/ traumas from this life and other lifetimes. I understand the archetypal play that we are all participating within, and intuit the commitments and contracts your soul made when you entered this lifetime. I facilitate and guide an individual's transformational journey through the conscious and unconscious realms~ and help each person to open to a deeper understanding of the greater meaning of their soul's journey this lifetime. I am a gifted somatic healer, and have deep understanding of the stories the body desires for us to hear, so that we might change and become our authentic and joyful selves. I have a deep appreciation and insight into the importance of neuro-linguistic patterning. I am able to help others to retrain their minds, re-pattern their lives, their thoughts, their beliefs, and emotions while reshaping neuroplasticity and helping to reform beliefs, and ways of Being! I am a spiritual midwife, and death duola. In order to truly change, we must be willing to release, and allow to die away the old that no longer serves us, so that we may be reborn anew, liberated into a new form of being, understanding, and living. I have developed and honed my skills with over 30 years of intensive study, and practice. I continue to grow and learn everyday. I am a credentialed teacher of the health sciences and nursing. I am a licensed RN, certified aromatherapist ~ and I am a Licensed Minister. I have been fortunate to put my skills to work helping others for 35 years as a medical intuitive, empath and energetic body medicine healer. The last 16 years I have had the pleasure of working full~time as an intuitive healer, both in person, and long distance~ via phone and more

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