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Intro to making animation


10 per visit - - Posted Jul 14, 2017

Do you have an illustration or photo style that would look great as animation, but not sure where to begin or how to add a professional edge to your basic motion? I want to help you know how to make animation.

What you can expect from this course is basic training on the terms and techniques of how to translate motion from what you observe into a series of images. Think of it as "brain training" or a rapid "observation drawing" combined with "motion" class.

You will learn about the basic "tricks" (techniques) that professionals at Disney and classic 1930's Warner Bros. animators developed and which modern studios such as Pixar and modern movies like Frozen and Moana still use to this day. Why do they? Because they are universal animation understandings of motion just like "shading" and "perspective" are basic to drawing. I will teach you these basics of very high-quality animation for any budget (from nothing to high production). The techniques I want you to understand include:

- squash and stretch
- extreme poses and tweens
- lip syncing
- your software/hardware options today
- various options for turning your particular style into movement (different motion styles applied)
- commercial applications of these understandings

Basically, this service is for artists who have some rendering skills in any medium (animation can give motion to anything from paper to drawings to digital art to household objects), are fans of animation and passionate enough about it to want to discover how to make animation on their own using basic available tools, and ready to learn traditional skills you can use when embarking on a professional project (social media animations, animated short or feature length)

I won't tell you what to do with the techniques, but I can give you the tools. Do you want to know about it without taking expensive courses at CalArts? Hit me up! :D

I'll bring my hybrid laptop for some aspects of the explanation. We will talk, I will draw animation live using animation software (this applies to traditional animation as well, not just digital, but the hybrid laptop is a very portable animation studio), you will show me your style or the styles you are interested in, and we will dissect your favorite animations, some classics and some new animations together. I will explain the "magic" of the animations wherever you have questions about how something you like can be deliberately achieved, and we will devise ways of how you can realistically embark on (and hopefully complete) your first dream animation project.

Training & Qualifications

I am a professional cartoonist and animator living in the north-central Phoenix (Camelback) area. I have taken professional animation courses where they charge a lot to learn these basic techniques you can get from books, but I've had the hands-on experience to make those techniques make sense. I have dabbled in various illustration techniques for decades. I am also premiering my first animated short this year.

Availability & Preferences

I will be available August, October, November and December to meet up.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Maxeem

Nov 25, 2018
Maxeeem is up to amazing things and this book is no exception. The thoughtfulness behind it is a joy to be affected by and hold a manifestation of in hands. Thanks so much for your graciousness and conscientious stewardship of the planet to boot!show more
Oct 04, 2018
Fantastic and patient artist. Great to work with.
Sep 24, 2018
Love the axolotl drawing
Sep 24, 2018
Maxeem creates art! The designs took a lot of work but they came out exactly like I wanted! The hellbender salamander is so unique it is my favorite :...)! show more
Sep 20, 2018
I love Maxeems art, this is a true artist!
Miriam provided unit of Be Stress-Free with Reflexology for Maxeem
Aug 27, 2018
Thanks for looking at reflexology. People can help their own health with self help reflexology!
Aug 27, 2018
Maxeem is wonderful, diligent, quick to respond and very helpful. Very conversant and interesting.
Aug 27, 2018
I love the tattoo design! I have had a bunch of people try to draw my tattoo and everyone thought it was too complicating but Maxeem drew it perfectly...! I am very impressed and would highly recommend this more
Aug 27, 2018
Maxeem is interesting, fascinating, talented. Very recommended.
May 17, 2018
Awesome work! I love that people are offering comics on Simbi. So cool!


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So many possibilities! Hopefully Simbi changes to fit the scope and the movement of its members.

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So many possibilities! Hopefully Simbi changes to fit the scope and the movement of its members.

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About me? Well I will give you a Simbi-me for this site. I want to learn survival and sustainability skills, I want to give, I want to be able to get by without owning a car or a cell phone or a ho...use (Okay so far!) but if I become responsible for things that I didn't intend to, I want them to be shared and special and inspiring of new better ways of doing it. Too much toxic waste and greed and sense of entitlement on the planet. I feel like we all co-care for this world and we should be responsible with our power and privilege so that life is nurtured on every level. I want to share my skills and encourage others to do the same so that technological knowledge doesn't get stuck in an elite economic sphere, but instead is shared with everyone equally to create opportunity and egalitarian situations. I want to express myself as an artist and be an artistic supporter of dreams and optimism. So alright, I believe in maintaining a little mystery and play —put to good use, not to deceive or dominate. To be a true optimist I must understand difficult truths and not ignore them; to develop solutions to problems with others involves constant vigilance for the right opportunities for sharing, appropriate communication, laughter, patience (with others and one's self) and not dominating with a single idea of what is right. I mess up a lot, but that's how I learn. And I won't give up!show more

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