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Introduction to Lucid Dreaming


22 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Oct 07, 2023

Unlock the Boundless World of Lucid Dreaming and Take Control of Your Dreams!

πŸŒ™ Ever wished you could control your dreams, soar through the sky, or visit fantasy realms at will? Welcome to "Introduction to Lucid Dreaming", an immersive course designed to guide you in lucid dreaming.

πŸŒ™ You'll enjoy an enlightening journey through the art and science of lucid dreaming. We'll cover the mechanics of dreaming, the power of dream recall, and various techniques that make you the director of your dreamscapes. Whether you're a beginner or someone with some experience, this course equips you with skills to induce and navigate lucid dreams.

πŸŒ™ By the end of this course, you'll possess skills and knowledge to unlock and enhance lucid dreaming, allowing you to shape and explore the infinite landscapes of your subconscious mind. Harness the power of lucidity, and manifest your dream world into reality!

Training & Qualifications

🌌 Joshua's lifelong exploration of lucid dreaming began in childhood, where he independently devised effective techniques to induce and navigate lucidity.

πŸ”§ Joshua approaches lucid dreaming pragmatically, focusing on first-hand observations, methodology, and implemented research.

πŸŽ“ Joshua's academic experience coupled with hands-on expertise in lucid dreaming provides a unique blend of analytical skills and practical knowledge.

Joshua only shared this knowledge with select friends and associates at rare times in life. Now he makes this public! Limited time on Simbi!

Availability & Preferences

DM to discuss availability.

Trading Preference: I prefer being paid in simbi

Reviews of Joshua

Hypnotist Andre received session of 🧘 Meditation Evaluation from Joshua
Nov 07, 2023
Very in tune gentleman on a genuine journey to reach lives that are willing and ready to reach greater heights within themselves. Thank you, Josh!
Ali provided Help with Services rendered. Thank you! =) for Joshua
Oct 24, 2023
Josh was very patient and understanding about my lack of technology skill. I enjoyed the information presented and was happy to help out and give my o...pinion. Thank you. show more
Gino received session of Sell this Pen! from Joshua
Sep 20, 2023
Great experience with role playing during this scenario with Joshua! He provided meticulous feedback throughout the scenario and ensured I understood ...the multiple aspects of the sales process! Thank you, Joshua! I am grateful for this opportunity! show more
Cierra received session of Sell this Pen! from Joshua
Aug 23, 2023
In such a short time, Joshua was able to teach me the basic principles of the art of selling. Sales has always intimidated me, which has kept me in cycle of working for employers that do not value me. Because of this session with Joshua, I feel more confident to try my hand at freelancing and entrepreneurship. Overall, this was an AWESOME session and I highly recommend this service to everyone since everyone should know at least a little about sales. show more
Kristine received session of Appointment Setting Mastery from Joshua
Feb 24, 2023
Joshua provided easy to follow instructions and examples that are beginner friendly. He is also generous to share his knowledge and experience in the more
DrJulee received session of LinkedIn Prospecting Strategies from Joshua
Feb 02, 2023
Joshua is so knowledegable! He was able to help me run a poll and learn new LinkedIn strategies in 1 session as promised! It was great to take this sh...ort course to learn do much with such a great teacher. I was able to implement everything after working with Joshua- I would hightly recommend him! Thank you!show more
DrJulee received session of 🧘 Meditation Evaluation from Joshua
Dec 05, 2022
Meditation is always challenging for any novice. It is only with support and expertise that one becomes interested enough to learn more and make it a ...consistent practice in their life. Joshua has those qualities: he is patient, kind, and provides support to develop skills that make a difference in your life. When you have Joshua assist you on your meditation journey, you know you are developing skills in the correct form that will produce a positive outcome. Joshua continues to teach me and it is such a worthwhile practice for everyone- I highly recommend his service- you won't be disappointed! show more
Ariel provided Help with Help the Community of Meditators! for Joshua
Dec 05, 2022
Joshua was great to work with and seems like he’s working on some interesting projects. I recommend anyone to work with him.
Neosho received session of Integrate Simbi into Business from Joshua
Oct 08, 2022
We had a very good session. He taught me how to produce myself in digital world in a most effective way and I agree 100%. Thank you, Josh.
Sep 25, 2022
Joshua clearly showed me what is important in digital marketing. What he shared is very insightful and I am glad to have the session.


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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πŸ— I enjoy working with dynamic folks, cultivating new opportunities, and prototyping services! πŸŒ€

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πŸ— I enjoy working with dynamic folks, cultivating new opportunities, and prototyping services! πŸŒ€

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πŸ— I enjoy working with dynamic folks, cultivating new opportunities, and prototyping services! πŸŒ€

About Joshua Jordan

Greetings! I'm a meditation coach and wellness strategist, and I'm thrilled to connect with you! 🌱 At the heart of Innerscapes' mission is the belief that we nurture happiness through skillful cond...uct and continuous growth. Together, let's prototype new content, experiment with ideas, and share valuable skills to enrich our lives. Drop a DM, anytime, on that. πŸ’¬ 🌍 Our world offers abundant avenues for growth, including education (both formal and informal), travel, entrepreneurship, and meaningful conversations. I've embraced the spectrum of positive and negative polarities. Each experience, whether uplifting or challenging, contributes to growth with resilience and adaptability. The best outcomes flow from collaborations with compatible and like-minded individuals. I'm ready to cooperate! As we embark on this journey together, I invite you to explore the transformative potential of mindfulness and personal growth. You can connect with me via DM to discuss connection and collaboration opportunities. 🀝show more

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