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Healthy Communication & Honesty


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Plain and simple, communication can be very difficult. Every relationship whether romantic, familial, or friendly can benefit from working on aspects of communication and honesty. It seems sometimes that we’re often not raised learning a healthy approach in either skill, often being told to withhold our feelings from a young age or worse to lie about them. Too many times we end up learning to lie to ourselves too.

I aim to help you with issues that you may be having with your significant other(s), family, friends, or even perhaps yourself. I will hear out the situation, ask questions, and offer advice on how to approach it in a productive manner.

Issues can be very complex and often trying to communicate them to others can seem like a monumental task. They are often very emotionally tied and sometimes the issue is masking something underlying that needs to be addressed (in my experience rarely do we fight with others about what we’re actually upset about). I may be able to help get to the root of that as well if that seems to be the issue at hand. I can also be your cheerleader when you’re approaching others.

With practice you can learn to, identify underlying issues is applicable, communicate fully and honestly with anyone in your life, and start to override the bad habits and visceral reactions that so many of us have acquired over our lives.

I am most versed in communication in romantic relationships but many of those skills are easily transferable between each relationship type.

I want to help you have healthy relationships all around!

Training & Qualifications

I have done a lot of research over years into communication as it is something that I find fascinating. During my time in the military I also did many classes on interpersonal communication.

After a failed marriage I really buckled down and started working on all of it more, putting more and more skills into practice. I’ve worked diligently on self-reflection and learning to be honest with myself before making that straightforward honesty commonplace in my all of my relationships.

I am a polyamorous individual (practicing ethical non-monogamy) which also has a very high requirement for both communication skills and honesty in order to have healthy relationships.

Lastly, I suffer from both depression and anxiety and have struggled in being in abusive relationships before. I know how exceptionally more difficult that can make things when it comes to these skills. To those that have had difficult pasts, I offer you a sympathetic ear and a patient counselor.

Availability & Preferences

Evenings but can be flexible.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Dara

Mar 29, 2018
Dara is a very original, authentic person. 💚
Jul 09, 2018
Great insight and advice
Jun 17, 2018
Dara was open to my questions and she shared her personal story with me. I feel grateful to learn her point of view on ADHD-ADD
Garsett received session of Ask a submissive from Dara
Mar 09, 2018
A platform's success can be judged by the credibility of its users and the way it deals with encounters of the erotic kind. I believe Dara to be auth...entic and playful. It's a combination I appreciate. 😊show more
Yang Yang provided Help with Resume writer for Dara
Jan 18, 2018
Dara was great to work with. She was friendly and receptive to suggestions!
Maria provided unit of Resume Review & Feedback for Dara
Jan 15, 2018
Dara is detailed, very responsive and great to work with!!
April provided session of Resume Review- Walk away happy! for Dara
Jan 11, 2018
Dara was awesome! She got a lot of information and really handled absorbing and understanding! Easy to work with, wanting to get it right, she will... go far!show more
Inactive User
Inactive User received session of Ask a submissive from Dara
Dec 12, 2017
Great help
Brian provided unit of Resume Review for Dara
Dec 12, 2017
Excellent deal, nice person, a pleasure to communicate with.
Veronique left review for Dara
Nov 18, 2017
We communicated well.


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About Dara Wilhelmson

Hmm. Not sure what to put here to be honest. There’s so many things but so hard to put into words. I: ~am a mother to an incredible little girl. ~am a Cancer. ~was in the military for 10 year...s. Now that I’m out I love to change my hair to crazy colors! ~am a business owner as a sexual health educator and also work at a coffee shop. ~would describe myself as an all around geek; loving everything from gaming, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Ren Fests, and cons. I have a pretty base knowledge in a lot of things and love to hear people talk about their passions. ~love to read, though I don’t do it nearly as often as I would like. Some of my favorite books: Honor Harrington series, Ender series, Harry Potter, and just about anything by Neil Gaiman. ~love to listen to music and will almost always have something playing. I love to sing along but generally don’t around other people unless I feel very comfortable. I can’t say I really have a favorite genre as it all depends on the day but I tend to avoid most rap and polka. ~love to be around people but I am also the introverted extrovert. I tend to surprise people because they think I’m shy and reserved to begin with because I tend to sit back and watch mostly, but once I’m comfortable I have a “no holds barred” kind of personality. ~believe that open & honest communication is an absolute MUST in any type of relationship whether friendship or romantic. Along with trust and respect, these are what builds strong foundations and will allow you to weather any storm. Sometimes my honesty can get me in trouble though because I tend to be more direct or blunt than some people like or they feel that I am less than tactful. show more

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