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Wildlife habitat consultation.


10 per unit - Virtual OK - Posted Feb 24, 2017

I will provide advice on ecologically transforming your property into a wildlife haven. In the process you will discover that you will, over time, reduce maintenance requirements for your property. For example, I stopped mowing my lawn over ten years ago; when I accounted for not having to mow my yard, not having to purchase and maintain a lawn mower, didn't have to store a lawn mower, did not have to purchase gas and oil, did not have to breath in lawn mower exhaust, and etc., I determined that even though I pulled weeds by hand and planted a "new generation of 'native' plants," I found that overall I saved time and money. I can also consult on water feature installation and help determine what native plants will work for various applications.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Thomas

Mar 06, 2017
Thomas is crazy knowledgeable about ecosystems & restoration! The cool ideas just keep coming and he gives very simple ideas on ways to build habitat ...and natural projects. Furthermore, he provides solutions that are very low cost to free and ways to reuse commonly discarded items; all of which make me smile!show more
Carrie provided hour of Basic Sewing / Mending Instruction for Thomas
Sep 12, 2017
Tom was great to work! He is a prompt communicator and clear on what he needs from this exchange.


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About Thomas Slabe

I'm a biologist and natural historian. During my 42-year career I've worked in fish culture, ecology, ecological restoration, population genetics, biomedical research, and other diverse areas of life ...sciences. I'm an enthusiastic tree-hugging-lover of earth's biosphere. I am preparing to retire from my government job and focus on three things: 1. Part-time teaching biological science, ecology, and natural history; 2. Work on ecological restoration; 3. Work on bringing a clean, powerful, and socially-responsible fuel to market that everyone and every community can participate in producing and that will bring an end to the concept of waste and garbage and landfilling; this fuel is called higher mixed alcohol fuel and it is produced by thermally reforming any manner of organic waste, which is to say that we can produce this fuel from any kind of material that has carbon-hydrogen chemical bonds; this fuel powers today's vehicles more effectively than gasoline without producing extraction, processing, and distribution "sacrifice zones" and it is biodegradable and "distributed" by nature, as opposed to the fossil hydrocarbon industry, which is highly "centralized;" each gallon of higher mixed alcohol fuel will displace two gallons of crude oil. I've worked for seven years studying our various renewable energy options and energy sources. My conclusion is that we need distributed renewable energy technologies of all kinds to offset the fossil hydrocarbon industry. My conclusion is that higher mixed alcohol fuel is the best substitute for petroleum fuels. In other words, because factories are still producing and selling vehicles with internal combustion engines, we will be unable to transition away from vehicles with internal combustion engines for a long time. Thus, we need a clean, renewable, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, economically-friendly fuel that directly replaces gasoline and diesel and airplane fuel and bunker fuel. Higher mixed alcohol fuel is the only fuel that can do all of this with no or just minor modifications to the various kinds of power trains from all of the various components in our transportation sector. See for more more

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