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Income vs Debt Consult


50 simbi per package - Virtual OK

Are you the organized/planner/detail/checklist type but haven't had a chance to organize or plan your financial life? Buried in debt? Overdrafted a handful of times too many? Want to save some pennies? Pay off a credit card or 2? Need a way to visualize your financial life weeks, months... YEARS down the road? Run me through your current financial life, when you pay, what you pay, and who you pay.... I'll jam all that info in to a magical Excel Spreadsheet that will organize your pennies and let you keep yourself from going negative.


I've saved folks thousands of dollars and dozens of years of debt by just giving them a way to SEE their money in action. I personally have a good idea of what my money will be doing in 2019 and I won't be negative before then. (I stopped at 2019 because I dont know what will change between now and then... Raise? Rent? Kids? Just a few of many things that can kink a plan. Let's get our heads on our shoulders and give you a way to see tough times coming well before they hit you.

This is not a ELIMINATE DEBT / DEBT CONSOLIDATION / BANKRUPTCY option... I mean in the end you'll do whatever makes you feel best about the situation, I'm just trying to get your situation recorded in a way that will help you see some daylight at the end of the brutal debt tunnel.

Note: Spreadsheet will be as sleek and simple as possible however if you've got umpteen billion different situations going on it'll get tricky quick. Let me take a look. We'll email/message back and forth until I've got all of your financial details/thoughts down and then I'll get to work on cobbling a solution together for you.

I don't want this to be uncomfortable for you, I'm not going to nitpick your spending or judge what you bought for who that one time you were drunk BUT I am going to ask for ALL information from the time your paycheck hits your hands to every official monthly bill/debt you have and when it's due and what you pay on it.

*** AT NO POINT EVER will I ask you for personal security related details. I want nothing to do with your social security number, address, your bank account #s, PIN #s. I don't even want your full name if you don't want to give it to me. NOT MY BUSINESS. ***

Training & Qualifications

I've been juggling a week to week paycheck for years, numerous jobs, various bills and used to carry some hellish credit card debt. Since wrapping my mind around some basic equations and putting my MS Office skills to use I've eliminated thousands of dollars of debt for myself and others.

Availability & Preferences

Nights and weekends mostly.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Theodore

Alexis provided Help with Red Panda Drawing / Painting for Theodore
Oct 23, 2016
Ted is super easygoing, cheerful, motivating and funny. I couldn't have asked for a more communicative and responsive customer. 10/10 would work with... again! show more
Mike received Unit of Computer Speed Up, ADVANCED from Theodore
Sep 26, 2016
Great guy. Really helped me out
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I'm not made of money but I am made of stories, good times and useful skills.

Computer Build, Parts Purchase

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I'm not made of money but I am made of stories, good times and useful skills.

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I'm not made of money but I am made of stories, good times and useful skills.

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Theodore's requests

Theodore is requesting
Business Card / Company Logo Design
*** Looking for a portfolio to check out your artistic style across various mediums *** I fly a hot air balloon all over the nation and get asked SO MANY TIMES for a card... Nope. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I need an assist with a logo that can both go on the card, the website, the official paper documents, the tshirt, and potentially on to a lapel pin for friends and family. I'd have zero issue whatsoever providing you with one of each tangible good as they come to fruition. The company name is Zephyr Chasers, and my balloon's name is Johnny Chango. I'm based out of Indianapolis, IN and can either trade services or pay some simbi, up to you. Let me know if interested/able to help. I'd be looking for at least 3 designs to munch on and pick at for a few rounds of tweaking as needed. I am a fairly picky individual but won't be a nightmare to work with (I hope, pretty friendly guy). I can doodle out what's in my head but getting it in to a digital format isn't going to happen in a timely fashion if I'm handling it due to schedule constraints. I have pictures from various flights for reference. Looking for simple but explanatory... tag line is "Why walk when you can fly?" Let me know if you'd like more information. Thanks for your time and assistance, it's greatly appreciated! Cheers!

I'm not made of money but I am made of stories, good times and useful skills.

About Theodore Gransbury

I'm a fairly handy person to have around. I do all sorts of things to keep myself learning, meeting new people and going new places. I enjoy craft beer, being outside, talking to people, teaching new ...skills, walking my dog and camping in my hammock. If you're willing to wake up early and stay up late I've got some cool experiences for you. Sunrise and sunset are my favorite times of day... beautiful and I get to fly my hot air balloon. Wanna build a bonfire, enjoy a beer and have random conversations?show more

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