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25 value - Virtual OK - Posted May 28, 2017

Transhumanism and H+ is the radical notion that we can engineer our existence. Using advancements in technology, medical science and thinking, we as a society and species can continue to grow and develop beyond our natural evolution; we can extend our lifespans, we can cure diseases, we can enhance our perception beyond what is possible with our biology. There are mechanical strength-suits being developed for soldiers, there are bionic eyes that can take pictures and analyze data in real time. We can wear computers that communicate with us about the world around us.

Transhumanism isn't just the proliferation of technology into our everyday lives, but the mindset of how this changes us as a species. As we move into the future, our species will be defined by more than what we are capable of naked. We will go the stars; our species is capable of going to the stars. We didn't just build technology that takes us to the stars -- we are a species capable of transcending our planet. This is our natural state now.

I can help you reach that understanding. I can point you to advances in technology, medical science, and understanding that demonstrate transhumanism and the technological singularity. Not sure what the technological singularity is? I can explain it to you in terms you can understand.

This service is a pay-it-forward, ongoing IM conversation using the Simbi inbox. Just message me, and I'll help you understand. All I ask for is the proposal, which will lead to a review. We can converse on this as long as you like, though I may not always respond immediately. I'm unavailable for video or phone calling on this one - I get a lot of requests per week on this and I run my own business.

If you are curious, you can also ask me how I am capable of being spiritual and a transhumanist at the same time. I don't flout it, but there it is.

Training & Qualifications

I am a transhumanist. I have been for pretty much all my life - my particular flavor of transhumanism involves video games and a virtualized existence. I have a blog at that explores transhumanism and Dissociative Identity Disorder, both independently and using the philosophy to explore the mental disorder referenced. All of my creative works explore and incorporate transhumanism in some way - including things taking place before high technology such as medieval fantasy settings. I follow blogs, zines, and big names in the transhumanist movement. I can explain Indefinite Life Extension, Biohacking, grinding, philosophical transhumanism in general, the advance of technology, the technological singularity, or anything else related to this subject.

Availability & Preferences

I can kick off conversations any time during the week but I will be most responsive on Sundays, which is my dedicated time to take care of the bulk of my Simbi obligations.

Trading Preference: Pay it forward – pass on the good deed!

Reviews of Sean

Jan 24, 2018
Sean provided me with a lot of great detail on being a transhumanist and what that means to him and the community. Quick response, and high quality. R...ecommended!show more
Alyssa received unit of Ask a Transhumanist from Sean
Sep 09, 2017
Sean provided a lot of interesting details and answered my specific questions.
Mariah received unit of Ask a Transhumanist from Sean
Jun 05, 2017
Very interesting. I was intrigued by his answers and hope to continue talking
Kathryn received unit of Ask a Transhumanist from Sean
Jun 04, 2017
Sean was very helpful and recommended some books for me to read and learn more. Thanks Sean!
Jun 13, 2017
Sean was a wonderful person to converse with, he provided very helpful details and insight into the H+ mindset!
Inactive User
Inactive User received unit of Ask a Transhumanist from Sean
Jun 05, 2017
Insightful and down to Earth.
Brooke sold Hipster Alien Sticker to Sean
Jul 26, 2018
Glad you like your orders. Thanks!
Brooke sold Pierced Mouth sticker to Sean
Jul 26, 2018
Thanks for ordering! Enjoy.
Brooke sold Sexy Goth Girl sticker to Sean
Jul 26, 2018
Thanks, Sean. Enjoy your stickers.
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Jul 26, 2018
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I am interested in Simbi as a chance to trade in life experiences and opportunities.

Artisinal Blog Post!

About Sean Critz

I am a father of two and a hippie transhumanist techno-weirdo. My skills run pseudo-technical (hobbyist and Engineering-minded) and my passion is the artistic medium of video games building toward the... merging of mind and flesh with technology to reach a virtualization singularity. I am interested in Simbi as a chance to trade in life experiences and opportunities. show more

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