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My God Box


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There is not charge for this. The app wouldn't let me post without setting a price.

Do you need help bringing something into your life or someone to hold you in prayer for a difficult situation. Let me help.

The God Box is a useful method for helping you to let go of worry, reducing anxiety and for solving the seemingly insoluble problem. You could also call this your Higher Self Box, or Angel Box - whatever suits you. It doesn’t have to be a box – it could be a jar or bag – whatever is convenient, but it feels good to make it special in some way.

This is a technique that originates from the 12-Step Programmes and many thousands of people have found it very effective. It works like this – quite simply you write down whatever issue it is that is concerning you that you have been unable to resolve or let go of. You then place the piece of paper in the God Box and relinquish control of fixing the situation to a higher power.

Whenever you think of the problem again, you just say to yourself, “It’s OK, it’s in the God Box – I haven’t been able to sort this out, I’ll let a higher intelligence do it for me”.

You don’t have to believe in God for this to work. If you don’t have any spiritual beliefs you may wish to think of this higher power as:

that part of you that is connected with the great intelligence that orders all things –
the intelligence for instance, that is always trying to maintain balance in our bodies without any effort on our part (and despite our best attempts to throw it out of balance!),
or the intelligence that can change a caterpillar into a butterfly.
or maybe quite simply that part of us that will bring to mind the name that you are trying to remember, that can seem to pop into the head out of the blue, once you let go of it and stop trying to remember.

You can put anything you like in the box:

Worry about the future,
about your health,
worry about your anxiety,
about your children or how to deal with your children
or your relationships
or your tendency to be impatient or lonely or angry,
even where something is that you have mislaid, whatever you like.

Training & Qualifications

I have successfully helped 11 situations manifest since I started doing tjis 2 years ago.

Availability & Preferences

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Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Rosie

Jen received Session of Biomat Treatment from Rosie
Dec 02, 2016
Rosie is a great lady and really enjoyable to be around. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time and energy to listen to you. The biomat treatmen...t was awesome! It really heats up your body and helps remove stagnant energy from your field. I look forward to trading with Rosie in the future :)show more
Colleen received Unit of Question Of The Day from Rosie
Nov 28, 2016
Super fun trade! Great topics for questions and appreciated my postcard too! 15 stars.
Joy received Unit of My God Box from Rosie
Nov 25, 2016
Rosie really does wonder with the God Box.
Willow received Session of Runes Reading from Rosie
Nov 23, 2016
Rosie did a rune reading for me. She asked what my question was and then in my inbox was the reading! It was insightful and true to my questions and e...xtremely helpful. Thanks Rosie! show more
Leah Marie received Session of Tarot from Rosie
Nov 21, 2016
Rosie gave me a really thorough celtic cross reading and it was very insightful. It was just what I needed. Highly recommend.
Jen received Session of Biomat Treatment from Rosie
Nov 11, 2016
I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed the biomat too and look forward to working with you again as well 🌀
Deep received Session of Tarot from Rosie
Oct 10, 2016
Rosie did a really good reading. It is exactly what I am looking for and I am sure it is going to help me a lot :)
Korina received Session of Tarot from Rosie
Oct 05, 2016
Received a very detailed reading that was spot on and gave me some much needed clarity. I will definitely be back for another reading in the future.
Mia received Unit of My God Box from Rosie
Sep 20, 2016
Rosie is so dear and helpful. It was just what I needed.
Kaitlyn received Session of The Eclectic Butterfly Reiki from Rosie
Sep 17, 2016
I love trading services with Rosie! Her reiki is exceptional and she is so appreciative of the readings I do for her. Would happily trade again anytim...e! :)show more


John Shirreffs wrote a recommendation for Rosie Good
Oct 02, 2016

Rosie is one of the most compassionate and caring people I know. When she's not attending the physical and emotional needs of suffering people at work, she is seeking other ways to be of service in healing. Rosie basically lives to heal. She is always encouraging. She begins every day with a positive message for herself and those around her. I'm proud to know her and always privileged to learn and share with her.

Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

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Helping the world heal one person at a time.

Biomat Treatment

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Helping the world heal one person at a time.
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Helping the world heal one person at a time.

About Rosie Good

I'm an empathic, intuitive, energy healer. I use tarot cards, crystals & a pendulum. I'm a Reiki Master Teacher & a Deeksha giver. I can tailor a treatment for your needs using meditation, crystals,... biomat and more

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