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Ask an aromantic asexual female.


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Trying to write an ace-spectrum character? Curious how people view or experience the world when they have minimal or no romantic or sexual attraction? Found out a friend identifies this way and want to find out pitfalls to avoid to reduce risk of insulting them?

C'mon over and ask a woman who qualifies as aromantic and asexual. (I could also call it the Christian "gift of celibacy", but frankly, "aromantic asexual" is clearer.)

I welcome all sorts of questions.

Most folks on the aromantic or asexual spectrums do experience some form attraction in particular circumstances *sometimes*, or they at least have a libido. I don't.

I'm not some emotionless Vulcan or android—I'm just content with platonic relationships. I don't feel any need, desire, or inclination for more.

Have some questions for me?

Training & Qualifications

I am both aromantic and asexual, on the extreme end of the spectrum. There's no difference between a pretty person or pretty painting, from my perspective, and I've had to learn what's suggestive vs. not by means of observation, inquiry, and memorization. That's as awkward as it sounds.

Availability & Preferences

My availability varies, so just drop me a line. :)

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Misti

Jun 18, 2017
Thanks for taking time to explain in detail! Learned something new.
May 08, 2017
Misti was caring and compassionate. She thoroughly answered my questions and engaged in a beautiful conversation.
Apr 17, 2017
Quick response time :)
Sab provided unit of Language review for Misti
Jun 20, 2017
She is very creative and unique! Great work!
Max received Help with Pepsi or Coke? Or something else? from Misti
May 30, 2017
Thanks for sharing Misti!
Michael received Help with Christian Experiences from Misti
May 29, 2017
Misti was very helpful in responding to what I was looking for!
Mike received Help with New Website from Misti
May 28, 2017
Misti did absolutely everything I wanted, over and above the call of duty. My website now exists on a new server in a format that allows me more flex...ibility and saves me £££ over the year. Cannot praise her enough, or recommend her more fervently! A seriously big thank you is definitely in order!! :)show more
Joe received Help with Website css code: add comments opt from Misti
May 25, 2017
Misti seems to have a passion for helping others.
Briana received Help with Webmaster from Misti
May 15, 2017
Misti is great and we enjoy each other on so many levels too! Thanks!
Tiffany received Help with Health tips :) from Misti
May 13, 2017
Misti was great and went into great detail customizing the information to me


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About Misti Wolanski

Ever realize your legs aren't working because you tried to stand up? (Pro tip: falling hurts.) I'm one of those people with myriad freak allergies that seriously lead to things like muscle malfu...nction. Like, those popular non-latex gloves made of nitrile rubber? They make my skin die and peel off. I had a CT scan once, and the dye made me lose tactile sensation for about 30 minutes. The nurses were more freaked out than I was. (In hindsight, my nonchalant reaction to it probably freaked them out most.) In any event, I'm allergic to all sorts of things. Medicines, foods, cleaners, grasses, trees, shrubs, flowers, cacti… This isn't some kind of "poor me!" spiel. It's an explanation of why I have a number of computer-based skills, because what do you do when you have Internet access and have to wait awhile before your legs will let you get up again? Learn something new! I can write, edit and format multiple forms of content, and I can design and develop a number of websites (and document templates), and do stuff like write macros for fun. The breadth of what I learn means I notice stuff like, "Hey, if this thing over here is done like this then that'll make less work on all these other steps later…" That focus on the "big picture" of overall coherence means that my methods don't always follow common methods, but when I deviate from that norm, I have a reason. That reason won't suit all projects, but it'll suit what I tend to work on. Some people focus in 100% inexpensive development (sacrificing uniqueness and/or efficiency) or 100% artisan appearance (sacrificing ease of use and often efficiency). I have a hybridized approach that seeks convenience of usage. I don't just take what folks say they want and run with it. I ask questions to track down why, specifically, you want it, to make sure that you're getting things because you truly do want them and not because you think it's what you need or need to make do with. If you want someone normal, there are myriad folks who can fill that need for you. I don't live in that box, and I sure don't care to work there. What about you?show more

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