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Custom Wire-wrapped Crystal Pendant


15 per unit - Virtual OK - Posted Jul 26, 2016

Based on your preferences, I will create one custom made, wire wrapped, crystal pendant for you.

I am entirely self-taught and specialize in wire wrapping, and working with stones/crystals of all kinds. You don't need to be an expert on stones yourself to order a piece; you can simply tell me a bit about what styles you like, or your favorite colors, or even describe a particular event you're hoping to wear the pendant to. I will use materials that I currently have in stock to meet your desires and craft you a beautiful, one of a kind, statement piece. I'm happy to share pictures of work I've done in the past.

If you would like a particular stone or material that I do not currently have in stock, you are welcome to acquire the items yourself (happy to help you find them online!) and send them to me. I will then craft them into a finished product and ship it back to you.

For those of a Pagan Persuasion; I have been practicing in the Reclaiming Tradition of earth-based spirituality for over 15 years-- if you have a specific intent or energy you would like woven into your pendant, please let me know! I will craft it in sacred space, with your intent in mind.

Let's chat!

Availability & Preferences

My schedule is very flexible. I tend to be available Monday through Friday between 10am and 4pm, and after 8:30pm. Weekends are a bit tougher to navigate as I have a two year old son, but I can make myself available if given enough notice.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Lilah

Aug 03, 2016
The pendant I received had a gorgeous stone and was expertly wrapped in copper wire, I am very satisfied. Lilah was friendly and helpful, and I would happy to work with her more
Aug 09, 2016
Beautiful Pendant!!!
Jul 26, 2016
Super fast and to the point. Recommend working with her!


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About Lilah Quinn

I'm a Pan-sexual, Gender Queer, polyamorous, sex worker, as well as a feminist, a mother and a Pagan. I'm covered in ink, haven't seen my natural hair-color in years and my politics are extremely libe...ral. You could say I live a non-traditional life, and you wouldn't be wrong. I'm always open to honest, authentic, questions about myself & my lifestyle; I won't engage with anyone trying to belittle or demean that lifestyle. I've often been called a 'Jack of all trades,' and it's a pretty apt description. My time is split between a lot of different activities. When I'm not parenting my 2 year old son, you can find me playing my guitar, singing and generally making a somewhat musical racket. I also travel across the country fairly often to teach various workshops in the Reclaiming Tradition of earth-based Spirituality (and sometimes in other countries too). I enjoy putting my hands to good use (shockingly, that's not meant to be innuendo, I swear); this means crafting all kinds of handmade stuff (including but not limited to: masks, journals, mini altars, woodburned rune sets, jewelry, bath salts, incense, oil blends, herbal infused honey, and even, occasionally, clothing). Basically, I like making shit, and sometimes I even get to sell some of it. Yes, I have an Etsy store (who doesn't these days?) but I'm so looking forward to the opportunity to barter. In addition to teaching and crafting I also have a passion for body painting and costuming. 2 or 3 times a week I also work at a strip club, and yes; I do enjoy my work, though almost certainly not for the reasons most people suspect. Yes, I identify as a sex worker. No, that term does not apply only to prostitutes. I advocate for Decriminalization as well as the Sex Worker rights movement. Beyond what I do for income, I'm a consummate nature-lover. Camping, hiking, and general outdoor adventures are quite near the top of my list. Give me a good campfire in the mountains over a night out at a bar any day. In terms of physical activities, I enjoy horseback riding, ice skating, kickboxing, pole dancing, kayaking and volleyball. I love to think and I love to talk. Got a reputation for sharp conversation and thinking on my feet. Always on the lookout for people sharp enough to give me a run for my money (or barter!).show more

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