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Lilah is requesting

Babysitter (for 2 year old)

Posted Jul 26

A babysitter local to central Long Island, willing to occassionally sit for my 2 and a half year old son Caiden. Super low pressure, as he would likely already be in bed by the time you arrive. Unless he wakes up you'd basically be welcome to just hang out and watch TV or bring your own entertainment to keep yourself occupied. We're looking for someone with a flexible schedule, who would be able to come and stay late (say 9pm until 2am-ish) available once or twice a month.

Previous baby-sitting experience is a must. Some kind of early childhood education or training is a plus. We share our home with a few felines, so those with allergies probably want to steer clear or stock up on benedryll.

Reviews of Lilah

Maria received Unit of Custom Wire-wrapped Crystal Pendant from Lilah
Aug 09, 2016
Beautiful Pendant!!!
Anne Loraine received Unit of Custom Wire-wrapped Crystal Pendant from Lilah
Aug 04, 2016
Lilah was truly spectacular and made me the most beautiful crystal pendant. I'm glad to have found her on simbi and would request more pendants in th...e future. :)show more
Alycia L. received Unit of Custom Wire-wrapped Crystal Pendant from Lilah
Aug 03, 2016
The pendant I received had a gorgeous stone and was expertly wrapped in copper wire, I am very satisfied. Lilah was friendly and helpful, and I would happy to work with her more
Alec received Help with Critique my Simbi page! (META) from Lilah
Jul 26, 2016
Super fast and to the point. Recommend working with her!


Colleen Cook wrote a recommendation for Lilah Quinn
Jul 29, 2016

Amazing artist and intuitive! You won't go wrong!

Kristina Marie wrote a recommendation for Lilah Quinn
Jul 27, 2016

Lilah is a brilliant artist, with astounding talent, and is fantastic company to have while they work. Highly recommend!

Melissa Davanzo wrote a recommendation for Lilah Quinn
Jul 26, 2016

Lilah is extremely talented and a pleasure to interact with. I have the utmost faith that they will provide a positive experience in whatever service they provide!

Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

About Lilah Quinn

I'm a Pan-sexual, Gender Queer, polyamorous, sex worker, as well as a feminist, a mother and a Pagan. I'm covered in ink, haven't seen my natural hair-color in years and my politics are extremely libe...ral. You could say I live a non-traditional life, and you wouldn't be wrong. I'm always open to honest, authentic, questions about myself & my lifestyle; I won't engage with anyone trying to belittle or demean that lifestyle. I've often been called a 'Jack of all trades,' and it's a pretty apt description. My time is split between a lot of different activities. When I'm not parenting my 2 year old son, you can find me playing my guitar, singing and generally making a somewhat musical racket. I also travel across the country fairly often to teach various workshops in the Reclaiming Tradition of earth-based Spirituality (and sometimes in other countries too). I enjoy putting my hands to good use (shockingly, that's not meant to be innuendo, I swear); this means crafting all kinds of handmade stuff (including but not limited to: masks, journals, mini altars, woodburned rune sets, jewelry, bath salts, incense, oil blends, herbal infused honey, and even, occasionally, clothing). Basically, I like making shit, and sometimes I even get to sell some of it. Yes, I have an Etsy store (who doesn't these days?) but I'm so looking forward to the opportunity to barter. In addition to teaching and crafting I also have a passion for body painting and costuming. 2 or 3 times a week I also work at a strip club, and yes; I do enjoy my work, though almost certainly not for the reasons most people suspect. Yes, I identify as a sex worker. No, that term does not apply only to prostitutes. I advocate for Decriminalization as well as the Sex Worker rights movement. Beyond what I do for income, I'm a consummate nature-lover. Camping, hiking, and general outdoor adventures are quite near the top of my list. Give me a good campfire in the mountains over a night out at a bar any day. In terms of physical activities, I enjoy horseback riding, ice skating, kickboxing, pole dancing, kayaking and volleyball. I love to think and I love to talk. Got a reputation for sharp conversation and thinking on my feet. Always on the lookout for people sharp enough to give me a run for my money (or barter!).show more

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