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3 card basic tarot reading


30 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Jul 02, 2016

What is Tarot?
Tarot is the act of "fortune" telling using a deck of cards typically a Tarot deck that is designed for this purpose.
What do you mean by 3 card?
There are several different layouts that can be used for various purposes. So for this reading I would provide a 3 card reading. 1 card to represent your past, 1 card to represent your present, and 1 card to represent your future. These readings are best for yes or no questions or to give suggested guidance when making a decision.
Why should I choose you over someone else?
Honestly that's up to you. Preference goes a long way in a reading. By choosing someone to perform your reading you're already creating a bond with that person and as such the person you choose influences your reading just as much as the cards do. This is also why there are so many different tarot decks each person feels differently with each deck. So if you find yourself questioning if I'm the right person for your reading, then I'm probably not. However if you go somewhere else and are unsatisfied, there's no harm in trying someone else.
Can you see the future?
You'd be surprised how many times this has been asked. The answer is simple, no. I can't see if you're going to miss your bus or trip over a crack, but what I can do is feel whether tomorrow will be a good day or a bad day for you. Am I wrong? Sometimes, but that's life, that's being human. Where some people focus on learning medicine I've focused on understanding my intuition.
How does it work?
In person I would set the deck before you and ask you to shuffle it while thinking of your question. Once you stopped shuffling I would ask you to cut the deck and draw three cards off the top and place them in front of you. We'd then set the deck to the side and I would explain each card based on the placement.
With a virtual reading it's a bit more complicated on my part but simple for you. First I'll ask your name, and for a picture of you. You can give me a decoy picture and name if you like but it won't help your reading be very accurate. What this does is allow me to feel a spiritual connection to you and guide the cards with that energy. I will then ask what your question is for the cards and instead of you shuffling or cutting the cards I would do so. I would then draw the cards, send you a pic of each one as well as the order. I finish by explaining the cards in relation to your question.

Training & Qualifications

I've been studying divination and spirituality for over ten years. I consider myself to have a strong intuition and a good sense of character. My readings are based on the accuracy of the information given, and should always be considered a suggestion and not a guarantee.

Availability & Preferences

Anytime but mostly in the afternoons

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Julie

Skylar received session of 3 card basic tarot reading from Julie
Jul 03, 2016
Julie was helpful with an important question I needed to ask. :)
Jul 03, 2016
Julie is fast to respond and provided useful and relevant information. She is easy to talk to and I found this to be an enjoyable first experience wit...h Simbi. Thanks Julie!show more
Ashley received Help with Photo Reading from Julie
Jul 03, 2016
Julie gave a very insightful view into how I've been feeling recently, bringing into light something I think I've "known" but not acknowledged. She's ...very more


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About Julie Smith

Wife and mother from a large family. I'm used to cooking for a crowd and I'm great at multitasking. I love to write, sing, bake, dance, and be social. I guess you could call me a foodie as well, so ...if you're looking for suggestions hit me up. I've always been gifted with a strong intuition and as such leaned towards learning about the metaphysical world. I do tarot readings and some psychic readings. However I try to avoid direct contact with spirits. I'm happy to give you a personal reading, but I'd rather not deal in death or lost loved ones. show more

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