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Body Double / Focus Session/Co-Work


10 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Apr 15, 2023

Do you have a major project you need to work on for your job or business, but find yourself being distracted by emails, messages, social media?

Or do you need to work side by side with someone via a screen to concentrate on organizing, chores, or another task at home in order to set aside time to get it done instead of procrastinating?

Do you just want to stay focused on a single task for a block of time...and believe that you are more likely to get it done with some accountability?

Imagine being able to increase your productivity and finish your work / tasks within/ahead of your timeframe. How much can you get done with a 1 hour focused session? What about 2 hours? 4 hours? The whole workday? An evening?

Co-work sessions increase probabilities of completing a goal to 95%, while planning to do it only averages 50% success.

I found a webinar selling a service like this for $500/3 months...$1000/year. That's great for those that can afford it...or those who expense it easily for their business.

I am willing to setup a space online for a meeting with one or more simbiers who would like to have access to this type of shared live productivity session. Video will be on, and our microphones will be muted to minimize distraction and protect our work. We can share our lists of what we plan to accomplish, and what we accomplished, via chat. (I work in healthcare data, so there is a HIPAA component to protect.)

I have set it up for 10 simbi for a session for any length of time in a single day (30 minutes to 12 hours). If this becomes a repeated daily session for a week or more, I will lower it to 1 simbi per repeated session. (I am not looking to rake in the points, as I think this will help everyone involved increase their focus/productivity.)
I will need to schedule this ahead of time as I start doing this...once it is set up and running, it will be easy to send the link for the session the same day.

***Zoom and Webex allows 100 participants for meetings for 40 minutes for free. offers 25 participants for unlimited time...this may be the best service to start with.
I am willing to consider any free service that will offer extended times/more participants.

Training & Qualifications

We all need accountability at times to get things on our list done when we get stuck or find ourselves procrastinating/distracted. And this service is very expensive in the open market...but we can utilize it here in simbi land. : )

Availability & Preferences

Weekdays 9-5 EST for the workday, weeknights 5-9 pm EST. (I will step away for lunch and dinner, but can leave the session open for everyone who is there.)
Weekends will depend on personal plans, but in general, 10 am - 5 pm EST would be a potentially open window.

Trading Preference: I prefer being paid in simbi

Reviews of Jennifer

Jan 30, 2024
Original approach to keep others focused on the tasks at hand. Thank you! :)
Maria provided unit of Make 2023 your BEST YEAR ever! NEW for Jennifer
Oct 26, 2023
Glad you enjoy it!
Jul 13, 2023
Great service, Jennifer is super comprehensive and available
Omolola provided session of 30 minutes personal financial chat for Jennifer
Apr 26, 2023
Jennifer is a warm person who is very open and easy to discuss with.
Rashida provided unit of Daily Mindset Checklist and Planner for Jennifer
Apr 25, 2023
Jennifer was patient and concise! :)
Lisa provided session of 45 Minute Intuitive Biz Consulting for Jennifer
Jan 11, 2023
Hope you enjoyed the reading!
Dayna provided session of Life Coaching - Empowering You for Jennifer
Jan 08, 2023
A wonderfully multi-talented woman with a lot of different unique services to offer.
Alethea provided session of Job Interview Training for Jennifer
Jun 02, 2022
Jennifer was responsive and open to feedback for her resume assistance service. It would be my pleasure to work with her again.
Jason provided session of Apocalypse Planning for Jennifer
Apr 11, 2022
Jennifer is a wonderful person who takes contingency planning very seriously.
Mariana received package of Accountability Partner from Jennifer
Apr 01, 2022
It's been great having Jennifer as an accountability buddy. She's reliable and friendly, and I highly recommend her.


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About Jennifer Ferencz-Barato

I discovered simbi a few years ago and am so excited to be part of it! I am both analytical and creative, as shown by my job experience (data analyst and bookkeeper) and my small business (creating ...keepsake wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.) I organize bridal photoshoots throughout the year and have started including other shops' items in them. (Will start doing them again when the pandemic becomes a bit more normalized.) My husband and I live in NE CT with our four cats... and lots of area wildlife. (Deer, coyotes, raccoons, and even the occasional bear or moose can be seen in our backyard. Looking forward to seeing if ducks and other waterfowl use our pond behind our house in the spring/summer. :) We met online (EHarmony), as many couples do nowadays. I enjoy reading, video games, puzzles, and finding solutions to problems. I am lucky to have found a telecommuting data analyst job, so I listen/watch quite a bit of TV and movies, and enjoy a wide range of music during the day. We do a mini movie fest each year, seeing all of the Oscar nominated movies. We have a lot of fun in doing this and hope to blog about it sometime soon. Personally, I am an environmentalist and a Reiki master. :) I have switched to organic meat and produce where I can and use sustainable/earth friendly house products whenever possible. I believe in equality and equity for all. LGBTQIA+-friendly, we are more similar to each other than we are different, respect others' religion/belief systems, do unto others. I believe we need to stand up for each other and become a mama bear when I see others being discriminated against. We love to travel and go to national parks at least every other year(pre-pandemic.) He proposed in Zion National Park, during our mega trip to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Bryce, and the Grand Tetons. :) We honeymooned in Hawaii and visited Volcano National Park while there. I am open to just about any offers for bartering, as well as simbi, for anything I post. (But I avoid exchanges....let's do two deals, as trades don't fully count towards simbi leaderboards. : ) Looking forward to hearing from you! I've been offline for awhile, due to my health and the pandemic and my crazy jobs. But I am glad to be back...will be in touch with everyone asap. : ) ( in the middle of renovating our house in CT, so my replies may be delayed. Will be back to normal, and have my studio ready to work in, by March-April, I hope.)show more

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