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Intellectual Discussion in Geekish


20 per visit - Virtual OK - Posted Jan 13, 2017

I will have a 30 minute conversation with you (via Google Hangouts, Viber, or WhatsApp, video or voice only) in my natural nomenclature and verbosity. Why is that special to you? Let me 'splain.

I am a cerebral individual. I have a massively prodigious vocabulary (comes from reading thousands of books, mostly written before I was born). I love to study and learn and am curious about absolutely everything (well, there are notable exceptions like celebrity gossip, but you get the picture).

I also love to talk to people. Unfortunately, these facts often collide, in that without meaning to, I often sound like I'm trying to be arrogant or using needless obfuscation when I'm really just being normal. This can get very frustrating and demoralizing, when I have to strangle my communication in order to not alienate people.

And I know I am not alone in this struggle. In this community, and I'll wager you are one of them, there are loads of brilliant individuals who don't feel like they are free to speak their mind. Not only because of their elevated vocabulary, possibly, but because their interests don't coincide with the majority of the world's population. Or their viewpoints aren't in proper alignment.

I can talk to you. I can listen. I can understand you. I don't judge. And I absolutely AM interested. So talk to me. :)

Training & Qualifications

I am a homeschooled hyper-omni-gneekerd (and the co-coiner of that neologism, an interlaced portmanteau of 'geek' and 'nerd'). I have been all my life, hencely, I have over 26 years of experience being erudite in general. I am an aspiring author, a blogger, an Advanced Communicator Silver and Competent Leader in Toastmasters International, and I have read several thousand books. I am an indefatigable omni-curiousist, meaning that I study literally everything that comes by, because I am fascinated by learning itself.

Availability & Preferences

Check my availability on my page at Calendly:
If none of those slots are available or work for you, let me know in a message and I can work something out with you for a slightly higher simbi cost.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Jaymes

Nov 09, 2020
I had a wonderful conversation with Jaymes, full of insight and sparks. I certainly recommend his services and look forward to having more conversatio...ns with him. show more
Apr 09, 2017
It was a good conversation
Mar 26, 2017
Jaymes provides a profound and in depth understanding of complex theories and ideas involving political science and philosophy, and is easygoing and i...nviting in the least when it comes to deep and meaningful more
Mar 22, 2017
Excellent, excellent, excellent.
Mar 19, 2017
A great mind and a great soul! Need to have some meaningful discussions or want some insight on a subject that nags at you, this guy is worth a try!
Feb 18, 2017
Delightful person. Covered a variety of topics in a short period of time. Kind of like a speed date, without all of the awkwardness. I would love t...o talk again! show more
Feb 11, 2017
Nice intelligent well spoken. Fun to speak to I definitely recommend him
Jan 31, 2017
Great guy!
Jan 20, 2017
He has a delightful beard. <.< Oh, also he was prompt and polite.
Jan 19, 2017
Had a fun (and helpful) time chatting with Jaymes! It's always fun to overthink a relevant topic like intellectual property rights and creative more


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About Jaymes Lauser

Christian pandenominationalist, communicator, oldest-of-eight, reader, bibliophile, bookworm, self-taught omninerd, author, writer of thoughts, writer of fantasy and science fiction, speechwriter, pub...lic speaker, social media curator, coder, designer, conlanger, creation science apologist, technophile, Christian transhumanist, health nut, student of all things except sports and celebrity gossip. Jaymes Lauser was active in and studied many things growing up as a home-schooled youth. His primary education from a very early age was built around maintaining and developing both a love for learning and skill in learning. From there he branched out into multifarious interests and areas of study. He was particularly enamored with literature and the writing craft, computer software, the world of nature, theology and apologetics, and some particle physics thrown in on the side. He earned money during this time doing house sitting and grounds-keeping for elderly neighbors. At age 18 Jaymes and his immediate family immigrated to Ireland from the States. Due to being there on his father's work permit, he was not legally able to get a regular job there, but he filled his time productively with several ministries including the Reformers Unanimous Christ-based addiction recovery program and the Rebelution (as a forum moderator). He also started a part-time feelance web design and development service, teaching himself perl, php, html, css, javascript, ruby on rails, and MySQL, as well as the WordPress and phpBB3 platforms. During this time he also founded the Holy Worlds Writing Community, an online community for Christian writers of fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction, and then grew it with rapid success to over seven hundred members. After almost 4 years he got the opportunity to work as an office manager for the Reformers Unanimous Recovery home in Dublin. It only paid a small stipend, and so was legal, and was very rewarding and provided great experience. While there, Jaymes was certified as an NETdevice (NeuroElectric Therapy) practitioner, and helped coordinate the partnership between the Reformers Unanimous ministry and its sister ministry, ScotNet, in Scotland. Soon after this, Jaymes flew back to the States, where, true to his upbringing, Jaymes pursued a self-education plan, devouring hundreds of books and becoming prominently active in as many beneficial programs and ministries as he could. For example, Jaymes invested his time heavily into Toastmasters International, earning his Advanced Leader Bronze and Advanced Communicator Silver awards and assisting as temporary Secretary and Vice President of Education. He also finished the 12-step Celebrate Recovery program and served as its Small Groups Coordinator. During this time he has worked as a kitchen worker, and then as a chapel clerk, where he assisted with secretarial duties, office management, library oversight, volunteer liaison, and videography for various programs. Jaymes now lives in Aberdeen, Washington, developing a freelance business into his own company doing Full Stack Development, and serving as the Public Relations and Marketing Manager for Penoaks Publishing. He is also the Vice President of Education for the local chapter of Toastmasters International, the Harbor Toastmasters Club, and the Area C35 Director in Toastmasters District 32. He is active in church men's ministry, as always, and participates in community outreach on a regular basis. He is studying the language of Esperanto and is constantly surrounded by books. He is also reawakening his writing craft both in work on fiction writing and in his blogging. He also has plans to found a non-profit organization as a resource and support network helping Christian nerds exemplify an elevated standard of character. Jaymes's core values include: Humility - recognizing his own strengths but not attention-seeking; Honesty - never deceptive, and transparent with discretion; Meekness - keeping his strengths under control and putting others first; Teachableness - eager and willing to learn and be corrected; Joy - finding gratitude and enjoyment in every situation; Integrity - consistency and reliability in mood, character, ethics, and lifestyle; Peaceful - affable, loving, forgiving, and looking for the common ground; Courtesy - kind and respectful to everyone regardless of differences; Servant-leadership - leading through serving and serving through leading. Jaymes's hobbies and interests include: reading, blogging, writing fiction, social media curation, public speaking, biblical study, coding, design, political science, creation apologetics, technology, linguistics, research, education, recreational mathematics, behavioral science, social psychology, community architecture, history, prepping, music, health, and more

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