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Carbonated Fruit :) Snack*UPDATED!

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SO after some reflecting I realize i have just opened the possibility to ruin the day of some curious cats !! here are the instructions added just in case any one try's this without sending a proposal lol.. If you do try it and like it then just let me know by sending one :) Ok added to the bottom are the simple step by step instructions and ill try find some generic photos also thanks all and HAPPY DEALING

For a healthy treat, you can add the sparkling qualities of CO2 to fresh fruit in your own kitchen. You can achieve this with solid CO2 (dry ice), but it has to be measured very carefully due to the pressurized nature of this project. Using effervescent tablets like Alka-Seltzer is a great alternative since they have a long shelf life and produce a known quantity of CO2. When you drink soda, bubbles of carbon dioxide (CO2) cause the tingling sensation on your tongue. In addition to the physical sensation, the CO2 combines with your saliva to produce carbonic acid, which is an important flavor component of carbonated beverages. If you’ve ever taken a swig of flat soda or beer, you’ll know that the carbonation is really important.

OK SUPPLYS needed =========
Plastic bottle, 1-quart, but you can get creative...
Effervescent tablets such as Alka-Seltzer.. ****Make sure to pick up aspirin-free tablets.***
Fresh fruit, apples, grapes, pears, etc.
Disposable plastic cup
¾ cup water

OK TOOLS If your super cautious of 20+ ish PSI ==========
Pipe thread tap, ⅛" (optional)
Drill bit, size R (optional)
Pressure gauge, McMaster-Carr #3847K71 (optional)

Caution #1: This is a high-pressure project. Use plastic instead of glass, and keep the lid pointed away from yourself and others.

Caution #2: Aspirin is an ingredient in regular Alka-Seltzer. Make sure to buy the aspirin-free version.

Caution#3: This is to use the air pressure in the bottle to infuse the fruit ! DO NOT DRINK THE LIQUID with the fruit lol yuck ..
p.s.--Easy instruction but may need tweaking as #tab"s to cubic inches of container may vary If other than 1 qt container is used ...

1. Add tablets
Add 4 effervescent tablets to the container (Figure A). This will produce a pressure of 20psi at room temperature in the 1-quart container. Don’t add more than 4 tablets, or the excess pressure could pop the lid off. If your container is smaller than 1 quart, scale the number of tablets accordingly.
2. Cut and add cup
Cut off the top of the disposable plastic cup so that it is just a few inches tall. Then cut down one side and halfway across the bottom. Push the collapsed cup into the container, with the bottom facing up.NOTE-( To keep your fruit from touching the reactive solution..yuck ),.,.
3. Cut and place fruit
Cut up some fruit and place on top of the cup. Keep the fruit from falling or it will absorb some of the aspirin and the flavor will suffer.
4. Add water and lid
Add ¾ cup water, and quickly screw on the lid. Tighten firmly, but don’t overdo it.
5. Chill and enjoy
Chill the container in the fridge for a few hours, or preferably overnight. Slowly open the container, and enjoy your fizzy fruit right away! You can put your fizzy fruit through these steps again for extra fizz.

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I get mad scientist up in the kitchen!!

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quickly available upon request being received expect to receive within 24hrs ...

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Reviews of James

Jan 30, 2018
Thank you!
Ariane provided unit of Get a surprise! for James
May 19, 2017
James was very kind and interesting to talk to :)
Ann left review for James
May 18, 2017
James was very easy to deal with. We changed our deal to an exchange, and that was fun!
Windi received session of Afterlife discussions from James
May 04, 2017
James took his time to share intimate details. He is an intriguing person. Wonderful connection.
Apr 28, 2017
James is a very sweet person and shipped the seeds quickly with detailed instructions.
Apr 26, 2017
James is awesome. Looking forward to learning as much as I can from him. Glad that he's local, otherwise I might blow the whole op.
Tony provided Help with Writing a pilot tv show for James
Apr 22, 2017
James is such a good guy to work with! Very open-minded and easy-going. Would be down to work with him whenever.
Apr 21, 2017
James is so kind. He is going to everything length to make sure I am successful at growing my bonsai! I feel so grateful to have him as a plant pal!
Inactive User
Inactive User received session of Afterlife discussions from James
Apr 21, 2017
James was a pleasure to talk to, giving me a peak into a very intimate topic.
Apr 17, 2017
James is a recruiting and Simbi-spreading ninja!


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