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10 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Oct 20, 2016

I possess solution oriented thinking. I can help you tackle any problem even if I I am not an expert in the field. I am quite practiced in critical thinking and considering alternatives that many people will not often see. Often I will help you kick start your own thinking by asking you questions to allow you to consider things that you might not using your normal train of thought. I can help you overcome obstacles in which every situation by applying my critical thinking model and allowing you to re-adjust your perspective to find positive resolution. In most cases I can offer advice to help launch you on your way, so that you can continue to problem solve in the area to trouble you.

I can work with technical problems, but you will mainly receive generalized ideas. If you have questions or hurdles with life's challenges, however, you delve into my area of expertise, where I can aid you in a stronger manner. Don't be hesitate to ask me about obstacles to your wellbeing, spirituality, psychology, emotional, or relationship states. I am an interfaith reverend with experience in philosophies and recovery groups, so my thinking can help you release fears and overcome problem based thinking. It fulfills me to see you thrive, whatever I can help you think about!

Training & Qualifications

I am trained in critical thinking and posess skill in many disciplines of arts and humanities that apply to this. We run into problems all the time in life, and the harder the problem, the more difficult it can be to see outside of it. I am steeped in both western and eastern philosophies and I have studied history, prehistory, theology, sociology, psychology, and a host of fine arts. I have worked a very long time on getting unstuck from problems in my life and other people's lives, and desire to help you work through whatever is going on in your situation in confidential council designed to stimulate your positive thinking. Considerate a gentle guidance towards self help.

I have worked with recovery groups and social service organizations for decades. I'm not going to list a bunch of certificates but I've spent a lot of time in study at colleges and other training. The point here is to help you think, not to give me anything other than the fulfillment of seeing you succeed.

Availability & Preferences

Just contact me. Let me know what you need to think through and how you are stuck. This works best if we start a dialogue. I will be able to get back to you after I've given it some serious thought for a few hours of reflection and even research if need be.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Reverend

Jul 13, 2020
Reverend has some cool music, which he generously offers for free, and I recommend you check it and him out! A great Simbian.
Amaya received Help with Art from Reverend
Oct 24, 2016
It was fast and great!
Chris provided session of Make a one page press kit for you. for Reverend
Oct 24, 2016
Reverend was a friendly and awesome guy!
Kristen received session of An Indigo?! A Crystal Here to Help. from Reverend
Oct 24, 2016
Thorough and eager to help and share!
Kimberly received Help with Answer me this: Cosplay from Reverend
Oct 24, 2016
Thank you for the answers!
Nissa provided hour of Home Hunting (renting or buying) for Reverend
Oct 23, 2016
Reverend Beacon was a pleasure to work with. Responsive and friendly. He's an asset to this community!
Penpa received Help with Live your Legend from Reverend
Oct 23, 2016
So awesome to connect with Reverend here. I love this community because it's made up of kindred spirits like him. I applaud his aspiration, passion, c...ompassion and contribution. Thrilled to be reminded of goodness surrounding us, and in us. Thank you Reverend. May your work come into full fruition swiftly. 🙏show more
Bailey received Help with Housing help from Reverend
Oct 23, 2016
Had great ideas and was a unique person!
Moony received session of Lucid Dreaming Tips & Pitfalls from Reverend
Oct 22, 2016
Thorough. Thank you!
Amaya received Help with Secrets from Reverend
Oct 22, 2016
Delivered his end of the ageeement


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About Reverend Vaughn

I am a lifelong student of what it means to be human. My studies have taught me a great deal more than most of us know about humanity as it pertains to both individuals and societies. I've an insatiab...le learning habit that has broight me upward of 30 years of higher education in Humanities, the Arts, Spiritual Knowledge and Social Sciences. Although I have done what I need to do to survive in a money driven market, I have always attempted to negotiate life with an altruistic viewpoint, choosing principles before personalities. This makeup of my personal qualities has led me to develop a rare outlook on life and even caused me to awaken into my full human potential as an enlightened being. I have become ordained as an interfaith minister in order to help people in their lives, regardless of faith. I have become an independent social worker in order to help people directly without having my hands tied by the protocols of any one agency or hierarchy. I am keenly interested in our individual and collective spirituality more than any one philosophy or religion, because it is my belief that we are all spiritual beings and require noirishment of our spirit as much as we require food and water and shelter to thrive. Is my believe that many illnesses can be overcome if we learn to balance our wellness by providing for all of our needs together in a holistic approach. One of the reasons I have become a minister is to help fill a needed niche since so many of us specialize in filling services that are material or intellectual in nature. I practice altruism as my foremost world view. In these troubling times, my view can be challenged on a daily basis, which enables me to continue to grow and have hope even in times of hopelessness. I come from a history great personal suffering and from this have always used hard times as an opportunity to better myself and strengthen my skills in helping others. I have learned so much in my life, that I feel a duty to give some of this away to other people who still suffer. Make no mistake about it, suffering is a part of life, and in order to find happiness we must learn some of the skills and viewpoints that allow us to move forward in life to maintain hope and goodwill. Is my belief that hell is to be found on earth in the form of hopelessness and resentment. I aim to give my services here on Simi to help my fellows both attain a brighter world view and grow toward the wonder of enlightenment. In the story Plato's allegory of the cave, I am the man that was cut free and led out into the light. I have been blessed with the ability to discard some of my self-defeating human agreements that most of us struggle through, and I have come back into the cave to do whatever I can to free the rest of us! To this end, I work on a daily basis to attain and uphold the Bodhisattva vow (c.f. Mahayana philosophy) which I have taken as best that I understand such. May all beings find fulfillment and happiness! Much love, Beacon show more

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