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Survival & preparedness assessment


25 per package - Virtual OK - Posted Sep 24, 2017

I will provide survival and retreat assessment and solid, realistic prepping consulting over email based on your situation. You will fill a questionnaire and send it back to me for assessment. You will NOT provide me any specific details as name, addresses or other identifiable information. Topics covered are Food, water, shelter, security, skills, location, hygiene etc and I will also answer 10 of your specific questions.
What you will NOT get: a warm and fuzzy reassurance that you are 100% on top of your prepping plan that is flawless.

My job is to provide an accurate and realistic assessment and offer solutions to your specific situation and most importantly explain WHY something is going to work or not. No one will be 100% prepared but two (or more ) minds are better than one and an outside unbiased evaluation might find overlooked aspects.

If you're not satisfied 100% with the service I will issue refund in full.

Training & Qualifications

I'm an engineer with technical, practical and hands on experience in this subject, providing down to earth working solutions that will keep you and your family safe in an emergency scenario.
I lived in Europe during 80's when my country went trough a military / civil unrest, I'm an US citizen since 15 years and have experience on this side of the pond as well, lived during crisis under both communist and capitalist societies, experienced first hand civil unrest and dramatic economic changes. You will be presented with what works in real life and WHY- not a picture of a Hollywood movie.

Availability & Preferences

I usually respond in 24 hours and provide the results of your assessment in 48-72 hours from receiving your questionnaire information.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Calin

Lady Krystle received package of Survival & preparedness assessment from Calin
Feb 09, 2018
Reliable communication, robust knowledge, thorough information. It will take me some time to implement changes to my preparedness, but I found this re...source invaluable in expanding my understanding. show more
Dec 29, 2017
Calin sent me a great spreadsheet checklist with lots of things i need to work on. Looking forward to figuring out where i stand now and talking with ...him more about what i need to do still. 😬show more
Inactive User
Inactive User received package of Survival & preparedness assessment from Calin
Oct 22, 2017
Calin is a wealth of knowledge in this domain of preparedness and survival. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning more. What's mor...e, he is great in conversation. I want to encurage him to set up classes. :-)show more
Oct 17, 2017
Calin is very knowledgeable about preparing for disaster situations. He provided me with tons of info and an assessment that shows me how prepared I a...m. I recommend this more
Inactive User
Inactive User left review for Calin
Oct 22, 2017
I will simply share my last note to Calin: "Thank you, again, so much. I want you to imagine me writing about 30 pages right now about how significa...nt this is. The timing is absolutely astonishing. I'll save you the reading and say thank you one more time. :-) If you ever think about forming up a kind of teaching forum, please let me know. I would really like to help out. I believe there could be a huge audience for what you are producing. I want to promote your work."show more
Inactive User
Inactive User received package of Survival & preparedness assessment from Calin
Sep 29, 2017
Very well informed and knowledgeable. You will learn a lot.
Devin received session of So, you want to wake up? from Calin
Apr 18, 2018
I received the blue pill.
Inactive User
Inactive User provided unit of How To Make A Digital Mandala for Calin
Apr 17, 2018
Calin is very beautifully curious. Thanks so much for letting me tell you more about mandalas. Hope this helps you! :)
Inactive User
Inactive User received session of Eastern Europe Travel Tips from Calin
Apr 11, 2018
Calin is a pure and compassionate person. I wish more people in this world were like him. He is a lover of this world and a protector. He has a very b...ig heart. You made my day Calin! :)show more
Inactive User
Inactive User received Help with What's your favorite TV series? from Calin
Apr 11, 2018
Calin has been helping me out so much... From Europe destinations, to all these suggestions!! Thank you so much Calin! I very much appreciate all your... help. You are the best. :)show more


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About Calin Giuroiu

I'm an engineer by education, statistical specialist by occupation and a thinker and icebreaker by vocation. (The icebreaker is the special ship that breaks the ice and opens passage for other ships. ...) I am not conforming to the "general wisdom" or opinion just because it's fashionable or agreed upon by "consensus of the masses". I think for myself and ask the 5 Whys (In Six Sigma methodology -by repeatedly asking the question “Why” (five is a good rule of thumb), you can peel away the layers of symptoms which can lead to the root cause of a problem.) I don't have time nor patience for gossip, fashion or what's "trendy", for talk of sports, "celebrities" or small talk. I do like the outdoors, nature, I have a respect for all life and Earth, I do my best not to waste energy, resources or other people's time. I am awake. I'm a sheep dog that is vigilant for the wolves, I'm amazed to see how "the modern lifestyle" made most people oblivious to the fragility of our society. Indeed most people are blind to the reality and have a false sense of security thinking that "they / someone"will think of something" to get out of the crisis, and certainly "things are not that bad". I have news for you. Global economical, political and environmental crises are real and happening right now. Resource depletion, over population, pollution, die-off of species , hurricanes earthquakes , volcano eruptions are all increasing year by year. These are facts, not my opinion. If you don't ask yourself - what's my plan in case of emergency - to deal with disruption of society and services and keep my family fed and secure in troubled times - you might be a victim of your own devise. I'm not trying to scare you - just the opposite -I can help you make a plan and have some peace of mind and enjoy better quality of life than scrambling in all directions when SHTF. {If you don't know what SHTF means look it up :) } Cheers and be safe wherever you are!show more

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