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Columbus, Ohio SimbiCity Meet-up


25 for fulfilling my request - - Posted Dec 25, 2016

All are welcome!

We are organizing Simbi by cities known as SimbiCity. This momentum is approved and supported by KJ, CEO of Simbi!

I have been a member of my local/globally affiliated TimeBank for years and also have been working toward this better version, such as Simbi too. Thanks for making it happen! From my experience with the Timebank, I think we can benefit Simbi and make it better with SimbiCity Columbus, Ohio! With our local timebank, we meet locally once a month for a potluck and people that attend earn 2 hours (we trade by hours, rather than points like Simbi) for attending. We also have a presenter each month and people get to know one another and that builds confidence and trust among the network and community to trade services.

We Columbus, Ohio Simbi lovers too can meet-up and build our local SimbiCity Columbus, Ohio. We can run similar events to get more people involved locally and trusting each other also. At the Timebank meetings, people talk about their services as well as what they are requesting. Join our SimbiCity momentum facebook group at: for more info. SimbiCity Columbus, Ohio specific group page coming soon too.

I am planning to continue to pay people simbi to build our SimbiCity Columbus, Ohio! Come join us to chat about it at the facebook group!

I will pay you 25 to join the fb group and get involved as much as you love. We are starting to have SimbiCity local meetup potlucks in each SimbiCity so people can meet and greet etc. Join the fb group to learn more:

We hope to have larger virtual meet-ups too. Plus, KJ, the CEO of Simbi, is a member of the fb group too! Hope to see ya in the fb group soon and at a local meetup. Local meetup potlucks currently planned for third Sundays at 6:30pm. Respond for location.

Reviews of Briana

Lauren provided Help with Recruit for SimbiCity for Briana
Feb 25, 2018
Briana was incredibly friendly and kind. I appreciated her energy and the attitude she puts towards Simbi. It's people like her that make Simbi possib...le!show more
Iris Betts received package of Free Compliment Festival!(1st ever) from Briana
Dec 03, 2017
Briana is very grateful, kind and thoughtful! You will adore her!
Nov 10, 2017
Thanks for providing support!
Barbara provided Help with Support SimbiCity! for Briana
Aug 24, 2017
Aug 20, 2017
Briana is such a great contributor to Simbi. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Aug 19, 2017
Brianna offers some amazing services! Take a look!
Aug 13, 2017
Really nice and sweet compliments!
Aug 06, 2017
Very attentive , great individual.
Aug 06, 2017
Keep spreading the love, Briana!
Yoga Retreats received package of Free Compliment Festival!(1st ever) from Briana
Aug 06, 2017
Nice soul.


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Briana's services

Website Hosting
| There is no SANE reason not to be EXCITED and LOVE! |

Website Hosting

Start&Continue-up Biz Advice
| There is no SANE reason not to be EXCITED and LOVE! |

Start&Continue-up Biz Advice

Build your SimbiCity Support!
| There is no SANE reason not to be EXCITED and LOVE! |

Build your SimbiCity Support!

Briana's requests

Briana is requesting
Join a Social Enterprise Start-up
Not only are we paying simbi, we plan to pay by sharing equity profits to our committed partners too! Think you are unique and can add value to a great socially beneficial cause raising money to s...

| There is no SANE reason not to be EXCITED and LOVE! |
Briana is requesting
Recruit for SimbiCity
Support the SimbiCity Project Sites: Check out for more info All are welcome! Vision/Summary: Pretty much you would recruit and start and run your local S...

| There is no SANE reason not to be EXCITED and LOVE! |
Briana is requesting
House Cleaning
I am from a farm and I feel that is what makes me cleaning challenged. I feel like I can never get the place clean on my own, but when others have assisted me I very like my place truly gets clean...

| There is no SANE reason not to be EXCITED and LOVE! |

About Briana Marie

CEO, Savant Engengius Envisionary (iSEE) and Sapiosexual (eccentric smarts are my sexy). I am also an E/INTJ/P-A by a great free site based on Myers-Briggs. I am currently ...correlating this data about people with EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) data too. I am CIA trained to psychologically profile world leaders and now I parle such as my project I call The Perfect Self C+Suite School. To learn more about me, check out my requests and offers. They speak the clearest about who I am and what I LOVE! If that is not enough, check out my reviews and recommendations to see what other people have to say about me too. You can also check me out on my fb link above and click to follow me here on Simbi, you won't be disappointed! + Also + Check out this video that portrays The Perfect Self Crazy+Sexy+Weirdness A+ Pretty Perfect Way plus director Sergii's (also SimbiCity Promoter) art ableness all made possible by and The Perfect Self! www.briana-ohio-video.theperfectself.comshow more

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