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Fix Aches and Pains In Your Body


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As an energy healer I will use massage and acupressure to heal any one injury in your body, for up to one hour of treatment. I can heal almost small/medium muscular injuries (tightness, knots, cramps, joint feeling 'out of place', bruises or pain from falling/being hit with something), reduce swelling and promote blood flow to more serious injuries (sprains, strains, areas recovering from surgery), and help bring your body into a more balanced state.
To be clear:
This requires physical contact.
You don't have to take any clothes off (though tight jeans would be an issue).
This can include touching the clavicales, neck, face, hips, thighs, butt (your butt is a large group of some of your most important muscles).
This is very topical work on the spectrum of energy treatment. The worst thing that can happen is that your injury doesn't improve. If it doesn't then it is probably just the most topical system of a deeper issue than a single sessions can provide.
That said I have found some very dramatic results with this. One friend of mine who fell off a moped and couldn't move her shoulder was able to hold her laptop at full arms extension from her body after only 30 minutes of treatment. While this work sometimes happens on a subtle level with subtle results I'm never truly satisfied unless my patient walks away feeling as if their injury had never happened and can move forward unobstructed in their lives.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Ben

Dan provided Unit of Get Published! for Ben
Oct 08, 2016
Ben is a cool and easygoing guy.
Dan provided Unit of Alef-Bet Kabalah (mysticism) for Ben
Oct 04, 2016
Ben is a kind and curious guy on the path.
Michael received Help with Tell me your secrets from Ben
Sep 30, 2016
This information is classified.
Bailey received Unit of Fix Aches and Pains In Your Body from Ben
Sep 30, 2016
Ben gave me a healing for some major neck pain I've been having for 6 months. Ben's intuition for the inexplicable workings and interconnectedness of... the body is just crazy. This style and combination of energy and massage healing was new to me and very cool! The healing was very pleasant and beneficial. I enjoyed his relaxed demeanor, and his philosophies on healing. show more
Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

About Ben Sardinsky

Hey hey, my name is Ben. Since I left the school the complimentary economy had been a big part of my life. Through creativity and chance I've had access to lessons through my sheer enthusiasm and dedi...cation to the subjects. To me this is a natural education and leads me to a more inspired life. I'm a pretty advanced martial artist in the soft styles (tai chi and aikido specifically) as well as kenjutsu (japanese swordsmanship). After spending a long time discovering ways to treat and heal my martial arts injuries I become an intuitive healer, able to treat all sorts of musculoskeletal maladies. show more

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