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Trauma Release Hypnosis


66 per session Virtual OK

My personal healing journey began in 2015 after a supernatural encounter with my 3-yr. old self. For me, inner child healing has proven to be the most effective path of awakening and spiritual growth. Trauma release hypnosis is for those who are ready to unpack and let go of the negative emotions associated with painful childhood memories. Although the process works with subtle energies, it can be profoundly life changing.

In a typical session, you will choose one traumatic event from your life (preferably childhood) to observe from an objective perspective, then walk through a hypnosis designed to identify & release any and all associated negative emotions still being stored in the body as a result.

15 minute introduction
60 minute hypnosis (approx.)
15 minute debrief

When we undergo trauma, the body keeps a subconscious record of the event in the cell's memory banks, causing it to replay over and over again on a subtle level, unbeknownst to the rational, thinking mind. This survival mechanism acts as a warning system to protect us from future harm. There comes a point when the trauma itself is over and the associated negative emotions are holding us back rather than empowering us to move forward. Often we find that we cannot let go of the self-protective behaviors and thought patterns because what the conscious mind wishes to release is now buried deep out of reach. Thankfully, several modalities have evolved to help us locate and let go of trapped emotions inside the body. EFT Tapping, EMDR, TRE, and others are among them.

My offer is a modality that releases the negative emotions associated with specific events and allows you to rewrite your own history on an energetic level, allowing the freedom to move on unhindered by any residual effects the event may have produced in your emotional, mental, and/or etheric body.

Training & Qualifications

I am an intuitive Tarot reader, energy healer, and a certified meditation practitioner/past life regression hypnotist. I have participated in several hypnoses dealing with my own traumas and am now excited to be able to pass on this profoundly powerful gift to others.

Availability & Preferences

Eastern Standard Time, US

Trading Preference: I prefer being paid in simbi

Reviews of Cece

Inactive User
Inactive User received session of Trauma Release Hypnosis from Cece
Sep 03, 2021
I bought a session as a gift for someone, but Cece was super accommodating and great with quick communication.
Levin received session of Trauma Release Hypnosis from Cece
Aug 09, 2021
Cece is an amazing guide and I really enjoyed our session and all I learned. Highly reccommended!
Caroline received session of Trauma Release Hypnosis from Cece
Aug 16, 2021
Cece is very skilled, intuitive and insightful in her process and I experienced a number of powerful insights and shifts as a result of working with more
Zach received session of Energy Reading from Cece
May 25, 2022
Cece’s offering was highly intuitive and shared exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for your gifts, Cece!!
Ralph provided package of Astrocartography Map Astrology for Cece
Jan 17, 2022
Easy to deal with. Thank you
Jan 11, 2022
Thank you Cece! I’m grateful for your quick response, and for being willing to share your experience, strength, and hope to others. You’re awesome!
Caroline provided session of Human Design Chart and Reading for Cece
Dec 01, 2021
It is always a treat to connect with Cece, she is an always evolving asset here on Simbi and I always come away energized after working with her.
Caitlin received session of Energy Reading from Cece
Oct 02, 2021
Thank you Cece for this gift, it has been totally in alignment with what is going on currently in my life. Beautiful insights, wisdom, and guidance. I... truly appreciate your support and I am humbled. Love and blessings <3 show more
V received session of Energy Reading from Cece
Sep 24, 2021
Wow, thank you so much for the reading! I really appreciate what you had to say.
Kaitlyn received session of Energy Reading from Cece
Jul 02, 2021
This was SUCH a fun reading! Cece drew for me, and shared how the cards might tie in to the Tarot writ large and into my personal circumstances. So ex...cited to see how this plays out over the next days!show more


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About Cece Tarot

She/her - ♓️ ♏️ ♍️ Emotional Acknowledgist (Projector) by Human Design ... for more. Student of neuroscience & all things metaphysical. A mother of three grown children ...and three grandchildren, I read, write, play pickleball and read Tarot cards. Throughout my life I have developed many skills and held jobs in a multitude of areas - everything from home school teacher to Bible teacher to worship leader/choir director to office administrator to rental manager/inside sales. I (loosely) keep a blog and in 2018 self-published my first novel (The Mists of Tir Na Nog can be found on Amazon ... reviews welcome). My life focus is spirituality - I am a student/teacher/coach at heart. Meditation (usually guided) is a key component of my life, including Qigong and Yoga. I connect with energy in many different ways and have recently begun leading past life regressions as a healing modality. My favorite author/speaker is Alan Watts. A prolific writer, he has lots of YouTube offerings and now there's an entire Spotify channel dedicated just to him!! 🤗If you've never heard or read anything by him, you're in for a treat! I look forward to connecting with you. Much love and light, Cece show more

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