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Analyze and Solve Any Problem


10 simbi per session - Virtual OK

If you've got a problem you're having difficulty addressing, it might help to get a fresh perspective. I'm an exceptionally technically-minded and solution-oriented individual with a uniquely pragmatic outlook and knowledge and experience spanning a huge number of varying fields which I can bring to the table. Whatever the subject and scope of the issue, I'm confident I can help break down the problem into manageable parts, offer novel insights, and help to organize and plan solutions.
For a bit more information about me, if you're interested, check out my profile.

Training & Qualifications

Many years of having entirely too much time on my hands, with little to do but practice awareness and experience and learn everything I can.

Availability & Preferences

Very flexible.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Warren

Brandon provided Package of FtM Transgender Consultant for Warren
Feb 17, 2017
Warren is very open minded and easy to talk with. I hope that we can make more deals in the future =]
Dorothee received Help with Give me your favorite (easy) recipe from Warren
Dec 17, 2016
Easy to talk to, interesting recipe and the most weird dish name i heard in all my life. I got recipes and a laugh, so it was a great deal. I would with Warren again more
Sam received Help with Computer ITunes Problem from Warren
Aug 03, 2016
Warren helped troubleshoot issues on my computer and helped me through most of the unexpected issues that came up.
Tate Hancock
Tate received Help with Advice on Website Building from Warren
Jul 22, 2016
Warren is friendly and helpful! I appreciate his insight and helpfulness in building a website!
Charlie received Help with Game Design Feedback/Review from Warren
Jun 15, 2016
Warren seemed really interested in my concept and he's given me a lot of good feedback. I hope to talk with him more in the future.
Charlie received Help with Homemade 3D printer "ink" from Warren
Jun 15, 2016
Warren was really great to talk to and gave me some good ideas to think about.


Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

About Warren Bright

I guess I should start by saying I'm a Jack-of-Trades or a Renaissance Man. I'm a Maker and a Gamer at heart, 21 years old with far more life experience than I should have endured by now. I'm a passio...nate learner, a pragmatic Philosopher with a strong head for economics and breaking down big, complex ideas into their most basic mechanisms, and I feel comfortable admitting I'm all manner of Geek. The fields I've encountered that don't hold my interest can be counted on one hand. I've had a rough run of it so far, and I've been struggling with a severe case of narcolepsy + cataplexy for five years without treatment. I've been on my own since I was fourteen, I haven't really had the opportunity to get on my own feet yet in terms of financial security, and I'm technically homeless right now. I started the long path to medical attention just a few months ago, but I'm hoping that some day I'll be able to drive a vehicle and hold down a steady if humble lifestyle doing something I Love. What else? I'm not entirely sure what people say in these things. I'm a neurodivergent trans-androgynous polyamorous panromantic demisexual, for what it's worth, a gender nihilist, an anti-humanist anti-establishment pseudo-socialist pseudo-anarchist, and a secular pragmatist above all. I'm a lucid dreamer and adept at a suite of meditative practices. In my free time, I like to read (Eastern light novels, all manner of fantasy; Piers Anthony, the Abhorsen series, Kushiel's Dart, Christopher Moore, all sorts of stuff, though I'm terrible about not finishing them), write, watch films and series (BBC, anime, indie flicks, etc), volunteer gardening and building or renovating homes when I can, study languages and all manner of other topics, design video games, tabletop games, software systems, economic systems, sustainable systems / community models, machines / robots, characters, etc... I Love to tinker and build things, to Make things, I'm a programmer and I suppose professionally a web developer, I consider myself an Artist, and I work with all manner of materials, tools, and media, though I have a preference for crafting pieces which serve some function. My formal training includes architecture, mechanical design (with an emphasis on modeling and rapid prototyping), robotics, web development, and application design and implementation. I also grew up as the son of a successful entrepreneur and inventor, and I possess strong business skills and a degree of legal proficiency. With my good Friend and mentor, I even designed and built a particular [proprietary] semi-intelligent data solution meant to serve as the backbone of a promising self-sufficient business model, which unfortunately has not yet procured the requisite seed capital. This may need some revision later. Seems a bit.. much, for an introduction. Better to cut it down later, though, I more

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