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Tantric Intimacy Coaching Session


50 per hour Virtual OK

This is available for both singles and couples, of all genders and sexual orientations!

A major focus of my work is healing intimacy, sensuality, sexuality, and relationship. I work with many principles of sacred sexuality, Tantra, Daoist sexuality, and Internal Alchemy to illuminate the potency and potential of our sexual energy.

Tantra is a philosophy, a science, an art, a way of life, and an ancient system of rituals and techniques that use the forces of creative and sexual energy to expand and raise consciousness.

Tantra seeks to balance polarities and to unionize body and mind, feminine and masculine, sexuality and spirituality.  It largely focuses on presence, awareness, and connection to the breath— the bridge between body and mind, the unconscious and the conscious.

Tantra is a holistic approach to life that involves yoga, breath work, mantra, sexuality, spirituality, and so much more.
Whether you are seeking to heal wounds or blockages around your sexuality, or just want to deepen and expand your experience and understanding of sexuality, we can design an approach specifically for your needs and desires.

Tantric Coaching Sessions can assist in:

-Cultivating self-love, vitality, healthy sexuality, conscious intimacy, clear communication, and spiritual integration.

-Healing wounds, fears, and traumas related to sexuality and intimacy.

-Deepening and expanding your relationship with yourself and within your relationships.

-Reclaiming your power and sacred masculine and feminine essences.

-Creating a fulfilling sex life, tapping into your most thriving sexual potential, and becoming an incredible lover and partner.

Together we can work to get to the root of whatever blockages or wounds you may be experiencing. Oftentimes challenges regarding sexuality and intimacy have deeper lying roots linked to old trauma, programming, conditioning, or belief systems. We will create new healthy perspectives and ways of relating to these parts of yourself for integrated and lasting transformation.

Because these blockages are often rooted somewhere even deeper than our sexuality, like old emotional or childhood trauma or conditioning, I take a holistic approach to healing that involves integrating tantric philosophies into your lifestyle and working with personal alchemy, rather than just isolating the element of sexuality, which is only a piece of Tantra.

This work is for people who are interested in going deep and healing the entirety of their beings. The results are much more profound when we take a comprehensive approach and work with the emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual layers as well, and often healing these layers will consequently heal any seemingly physical or sexual blockage. You must be willing to do this deeper work if you truly want to explore and experience the potential of these healing modalities. Sexuality and physicality are just scratching the surface. A holistic approach allows for a much more expansive, profound transformation.

Challenges we can work with include, but are not limited to:

-Fear/guilt/shame/discomfort around intimacy and sexuality
-Sexual trauma
-Porn addiction
-Sexual technique
-Sexual orientation
-Self-love & self-esteem
-Body positivity
-Communication within relationship
-Lack of sensitivity
-Erectile dysfunction
-Premature ejaculation
-Pain during sex
-Monogamous & Polyamorous relationship styles

Areas we can explore for educational and expansive purposes include, but are not limited to:

-Tantric and sacred sexuality principles
-Refinement of Qi
-Ejaculatory choice/seminal retention
-Sexual anatomy and technique
-Different types of orgasm
-Spiritual and energetic components of sexuality
-Constructive and honest communication and boundaries within relationship
-Relationship orientation (monogamy, polyamory, etc.)
-Deeper spiritual connection with self and others

Sessions involve many modalities of healing, such as exercises exploring presence, receptivity, breath work, and movement of and sensitivity to energy; working with the unconscious mind; talk therapy; yoga and movement; meditation, mantra, energy work, and much more. No two sessions are alike, and are tailored to each individual’s needs and desires.

Ideally first sessions are 2 hours, or at least 90 minutes, so we can really go deep. This can all be negotiated prior to our session :)

Please check out my website to learn more about what I offer and how I work! :)

Training & Qualifications

I am a tantrika, sacred sexuality guide, relationship and intimacy counselor, life coach, and belly dancer. I have studied with many teachers of many different lineages of tantra. I completed my Tantric Counseling Certification course with Shawn Roop of Tantra Quest in San Diego, CA, which focuses on the Tibetan Buddhist lineage "Mahamudra." Much of my wisdom is from my own life experiences of my own healing journey, relationships, and travels.

Availability & Preferences

I'm pretty flexible :)

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Sureya

Feb 28, 2018
Really present, super patient and fun. Thank you for offering this great service! Will refer many people your way!
Nov 28, 2017
one hour was not enough time so I added an extra 30 minutes a 90 minute session seams just right
Nov 28, 2017
Great service, because of technical difficulties with the internet connection I had to start our session 15 minutes later than scheduled. if I had be...en meeting someone in an office and was late my appointment would have ended at the set time and I just would have had a short time but not one minute was skimmed. She helped me discover the direction my chi was flowing and help me realize that some of the roots are three levels back from where I thought my problems through the understanding of the way the energy flows which area I need to work on first. she was very supportive and gave me some exercises to work on and I will be working with her again soon once I have had an opertunity to put into practice what she help me with so far show more


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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About Sureya Leonara

I'm a Tantric Life, Sex and Relationship Coach, performance artist, dancer, belly dance instructor, fine art model, writer, teacher, dreamweaver, muse, lover, traveler, beginner musician, and studen...t of life. One of my main purposes and deepest passions is to inspire greater freedom and authenticity of expression through weaving dance and tantra together. I help people discover their inner luminescence by holding the mirror at an angle for them to see their true radiance and purpose. I'm dedicated to working towards true liberation and transformation of our species' perspective on sexuality so that we may birth a more vital, healthy, empowered world into existence :) I'm here to offer many gifts related to tantra, sacred sexuality, and cultivating empowered self-love, intimacy, connection, self-awareness, and nourishment. I'm also interested in connecting with other artists, mainly photographers and makeup artists, to create inspiring stories through fine art photography together. I teach belly dance as well and absolutely love helping women cultivate a deeper connection with their bodies and sensuality through this beautiful ancient art form. I am always seeking really good body work and physical therapy, and love astrology and psychic readings by really in-tune, highly recommended people. I'll be seeking help with designing fliers and promo material for my services and workshops as well. Open to writing and music/voice lessons/assistance, and interesting dance lessons (particularly hiphop and Odissi right now). I'm open to ideas, get in touch if you would like to exchange! Please check out my website to learn more about what I offer and how I work! :) www.SureyaLeonara.comshow more

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