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How to run a 5P simulation


50 per hour - Virtual OK - Posted Jan 16, 2018

This is a two-hour training, over one or two sessions.

Economic progress has been uneven to say the least. People and the environment are still experiencing stresses even in countries with higher living standards. Could re-focussing the local economy be part of the answer? A regenerative local economy includes all citizens, recirculates money to ensure thriving local businesses and it works to ensure a sustainable use of resources.

But there is a lot to learn. You could organise presentations and lectures from experts. Another way to explore the potential of revitalizing the local economy is to simply simulate the experience to see how far a group of people can come.

This training teaches you how to run the simulation.
The 5 P workshop builds on the 5 Ps of a local economy

Projects and Production
Payment system and market

Community groups looking to understand the potential of their local economy better
Groups wanting to understand time banking and local currency
Schools and colleges whose students want another way to learn about money and markets, including GNP, turnover, money supply, etc.
Researchers who want to explore psychological aspects of markets
Groups wanting to use SIMBI and who want to understand the potential of a complimentary currency beyond just swapping services.
Participants get to learn more about how the economy economy works and particularly local markets as well as the role of money and volunteerism.

What money is, how it is created
Consumer or producer – understanding roles
Why volunteerism is good for the economy
The real function of markets
Why money leakage should be avoided
Practical understanding of money supply, GDP and growth
The first part of the workshop is a practical exercise in setting up and running a local market – both formal and informal.

Participants create their own money, their own advertising and local enterprises. Price-setting and demand and supply are explored practically. This is followed by one or more reflection sessions capturing and sharing the main learnings and insights.

The 5P Training: I take you through the steps of the workshop - the physical layout of the room, the introduction, the various steps in the workshops and how to follow up. I go through your role as facilitator and the helper role (Finance Minister :) . )

Training & Qualifications

A Transition Towns Trainer and was involved in a local currency project in Sweden where the 5P was developed. My background includes running my own management training consultancy and science teaching. I am a member of the board of the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation and have been board member of the JAK Bank.

Trading Preference: I prefer being paid in simbi


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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