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The Celtic Flowers Spread


65 per session - Virtual OK

This spread is useful especially when trying to identify the various influences which affect the Querent or a particular situation.

1.) The direction of the center. The balance of all forces. This is the resultant.

2.) The direction of the East. The influence on the beginning. The idea and the impulse. The connection with oneself.

3.) The direction of the South. The influence on the what is and what is to come. Conservation. The connection to the past.

4.) The direction of the West. The influence on development. Accomplishment. The connection with the present.

5.) The direction of the North. The influence of closure. The connection with the future.

6.) Positive influences on the East.

7.) Negative Influences on the East.

8.) Positive influence on the South.

9.) Negative influences on the South.

10.) Positive influence on the West.

11.) Negative influence on the West.

12.) Positive influence on the North.

13.) Negative influence on the North.

Training & Qualifications

Throughout the many years of self teachings, the cognitive ability to read the cards for others came naturally. Providing insights to folks by giving them a different interpretation of something they may be trying to understand better has been a blessing to provide.

Availability & Preferences

Open Availability

Trading Preference: I prefer exchanging services

Reviews of Tarot

Adam Du Puis
Adam received session of The Celtic Flowers Spread from Tarot
Nov 05, 2017
Thank you for providing a reading using The Celtic Flowers spread and the invite to Simbi!
Tatianna received session of Tree Of Life Spread from Tarot
Nov 10, 2017
Fantastic individual, thank you for the reading
Kerstin received session of Personality & Soul + 3 Spread from Tarot
Nov 05, 2017
I hope I could offer some insight. Thank you for your interest.
Bonnie received session of Personality & Soul Cards from Tarot
Nov 05, 2017
Nice service, fast responses and courteous replies
Adriana received session of Horse Shoe Spread from Tarot
Oct 26, 2017
A very informative reading which confirmed some feelings I already had and also illuminated some other aspects. I deeply appreciate all the informatio...n and links provided to do more research into the cards as well as the numerology component. Thank you so much!show more
Kim received session of Personality & Soul + 3 Spread from Tarot
Oct 23, 2017
He was awesome! He did great and I am certainly going to get another reading soon!
Priscilla received Help with Looking for a new tarot deck! from Tarot
Oct 18, 2017
Great deck thank you so much 😊
Jamie Crawford
Jamie received session of The Pagan Tarot Single Card Reading from Tarot
Oct 12, 2017
Thank you so much for the exchange. The card was spot on and being able to connect with your energy was my pleasure!
Christine Hillman
Christine received session of Personality & Soul Cards from Tarot
Oct 09, 2017
Fun and educational! Quick responses too!
Kate Monroe-Segobia
Kate received session of Personality & Soul + 3 Spread from Tarot
Oct 05, 2017
Wonderful. Very responsive and does great in depth work! 😊 Positive experience for my first reading!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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About Tarot Of The Day

• Tarot cards & spreads will be posted daily. • Individual tarot card descriptions w/ matching picture. • TOTD Accessories. • Tarot Discussions. The Art of the Tarot "The Gypsies possess a Bi...ble, yes, this card game called the Tarot which the Gypsies posses is the Bible of Bibles," wrote Gérard Encausse in 1889 in tracing the tarot's origin to the Gypsies who wandered from India into Europe. Yet, Antoine Court de Gébelin, among the most famous of tarot theorists, write in 1781 that the cards' markings distilled all Egyptian knowledge. In fact, little is known with certainty about the development of the two tarot packs. The minor arcana the face and number cards from which our modern playing cards derive, seems to represent not only the Kings, queens and knaves but also other segments of medieval society; the wand symbolizes peasants; the cup, clergy; the sword, nobles; and the coin, merchants. Yet 19th-century French courtiers saw prophetic power in these symbols as well, the wand foretelling News; the cup, happiness; a sword, death; and the coin, money. Of the major arcana, all that is known in the design of the oldest existing pack, dating from 1392, the show little change over the years. Though the tarot's secrets in origins remain obscure, by 1601 at least one person was forced to take the cards seriously. On March 13th of that year, Henry Cuffe, secretary to the Earl of Essex, was found guilty of treason and hanged-and was rumored that his future had been foretold by the turning of three cards-a man under guard, a judge and a gallows. Description: Combining the accumulated knowledge of the ancient pagans and esoteric achievement of our time, is the Tarot draws a complete picture of contemporary life in its complex relationship with the multidimensional space and the world of the unknown man has always tried to find the underlying relationship between the realities of life and their causes, affecting them. He has never been stopped in his thoughts on what he could offer science or religion, leaves unexplained the most mysterious phenomena and mysteries of existence. But even more striking example is provided by the present. Today, when human knowledge about ourselves and the world around us is immeasurably increased the belief in the supernatural is still one of the best modes of human life. In spiritual search the man tried to get into the laws of nature, intuitively believing in his relationship with the cosmos, with other spaces in the world. He had always known that it is possible to manage not only their lives, but also the circumstances. One of the mechanisms of such influence has long been, even before the birth of religions, has been and remains magic. Major Arcana of the Tarot of White and Black Magic - the most characteristic energy, which affect the core processes in our lives; shape events and situations; present in our reactions; energy, which we must learn to control that would make life better. Each card can operate individually or for a broader interpretation read in conjunction with others. Minor Arcana of the Tarot of White and Black Magic interpreted to apply to everyday situations, personal issues, physical health. They are no less important in our life and significantly affect the degree of our spiritual growth, but expressed in a more simple symbolism. These are the aspects of life, control of which is not only crawling, but also accomplished more easily than on the issues of the Major Arcana. Court Cards (Persons) In this deck the Court Cards are specially modified, which would correspond to the nature of the pagan and occult spiritual systems. In addition, due to these changes, they accurately convey the inherent energy of Arcana. Each card represents the appropriate level of energy development: at any time we can be in the beginning, to be involved in some kind of action to be taken prisoner, to create conditions for growth and seek their true place in life. Court Cards reflect the true status of the self, its position in the hierarchy of life. For the interpretation of the cards necessary to correlate the suit of each card with its numbering. Wands (BASTONI) Fire Fiery energy symbolized Rods (Sticks). In this particular deck Rods acquire attributes of magic (Magic Wand) and relate to the spiritual powers of man, his ethical values and the ability to use their strength and capabilities. This suit relates to magicians and psychics. Pentacles (DENARI) Earth Earth's energy is symbolized by the suit of Pentacles. In this deck, the energy of the Earth is manifested through physical and material aspects of life: nature, finance, safety, comfort and every day activities. Thus, Elemental has the potential of his element, and as endless as they are. Inspiration, initiation and new birth. When drops Elemental, you are ready to migrate thousands of miles, and has just taken this first step. Chalices ( Water ) Power Symbolized Chalices can control the emotional world of man, the kingdom of his heart; this is the range of feelings that we experience in the process of growth and experience of passing through the different situations and relationships. Water illustrate the emotional aspects of our growing up against the background of different meetings and events. Swords (SPADE) Air Air energy is symbolized by the suit of Swords. Under the influence of energy air enters mental and intellectual aspects of education and culture. Psychic abilities and wisdom also belong to the element of air. From our mind it depends very much - it makes our lives filled with happiness, but at the same time it is the source of many misunderstandings and adversity. A little bit of symbolism Kosterlitz, energy potential of man. Elemental (ELEMENTALE) Elemental are at the lowest level. This more verses in which elemental are soul sparks or drops, it is the most pure, primordial form of energy that is embodied in the cards as the suit. Elements: Salamandra - Fire (Wands) Undina- Water (Chalices) Silfida- Air (Swords) Gnom- Land (Pentacles) Fire- Desire and enthusiasm. Stone- Ancient Knowledge. The bandage on. Activation of the third eye. Tsvety- Flourishing energy capacity. The magical symbol of protection, kadilnitsa. Numbers: Ace- One represents the new beginning; that clearly, physically part of our lives and motivates us to new achievements, deeds and commitments that we take. The energy that initiates to open, decisive action, without prior doubts and hesitation. II - Brings a sense of balance, it stabilizes. The energy that is in the Eastern tradition is interpreted as the Yin-Yang, indicating the place and carrying out the balance, which may be achieved by moving; This concerns not only the location, but also changes the status in the process of progress and professional growth. III - Integrity. Each cycle in our lives, regardless of the quality of energy, has three phases: the beginning, middle and end. When you see a card in your numerology 3, this means that a cycle ends, allowing you to go to the forward motion; the ability to put the past behind. IV - A sign of stability; solid foundation to build. Four implies the presence of a new stable support center, and it is time to build on this foundation. Support can also be treated physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. No matter what happens now, four, a positive sign, inspiring hope that the construction is near. V - The number signifying a change, a turning point. Five characterize the attack time when the situation is no longer a difficult or negative and begins to turn in our direction. It is not interpreted as the end of something; we just begins to blow a favorable wind, inspiring hope and help continue our way. VI - A number in which the clash between past and present; time to get rid of old things from the past, let go of what is holding back and no longer meets. There are aspects of life, emotion, spiritual, mental or physical, are no longer satisfied with us, and this - a time to move forward and upward. VII - The pagans have always believed it is the number of "lucky" and rejoiced loss of this number. Seven welcomes the fresh initiative, alluding to the help from above: all things are possible, even if this is not apparent predispositions or circumstances are told otherwise. Seven very conducive to good business and successful magical operation. Time to call upon our capabilities and abilities, especially the occult to realize our plans. VIII - To overcome; despite the difficulties, we are strong, resistant and activities on the road, you have chosen; we are confident that our work will bear fruit, and we feel that we create in the end which will benefit us and our families. IX - Three triples: several complete cycles. Nine marks the completion of a large stage and a subsequent change of the quality cycle. Meeting the fate and their vital task, which emerges through the prism of the occult spiritual path, we have learned the lessons we have the experience and win our demons. We have passed the exam, and we will succeed. X - Summarize, energy enclosing all the way suits and shows the result of our victories and defeats of himself and situations all along the way. We can draw inferences, synthesizing their experience; And even if we came to a disappointing conclusion, we can still make a difference in our lives. Novice ( NOVIZIO ) We can manifest our energy and in what field: mental, emotional, spiritual or material. We are guided in their actions and are actively working to achieve this goal. Although we focus on it, we do not lose sight of the other aspects of our lives. This card can bring good luck. Initiate (INIZIATO) As higher energy level within the suit. The initiate has done a lot for his ascent, and much has already achieved. The growth is not yet complete, and it is impossible to achieve by any means, including prohibited. There are still many things that must be done; however, what has already been completed, it shows the correct choice of the ways and that if we continue to work, success will be ours. Elder (ANZIANO) We enjoy what we already have, but do not get lazy and inert reached the highest levels of capabilities and power that exist in this way. To continue moving forward, the Elder must pass the knowledge and experience of someone who just gets up on that path; no further achievement is not possible without having to not teach or assist others following you. Elders looking for a new path, but it is impossible without making any changes. It is easy and simple in this set intersect of the real world with the worlds of witches rites and pagan witchcraft. Maps reveal the path of modern witches on the example of various everyday situations. show more

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