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Tutoring Korean


10 per hour - Virtual OK - Posted Oct 08, 2016

I am a native Korean speaker who have lived in U.S accumulatively for 7 years. I can speak English in somewhat okay, say, a professional working proficiency.

I will be able to give you practical or analytical tutor on Korean. If you want to just get by in Korea then, I can teach you few hundreds expression you must know. If you want to dig really dip in Korean and learn about grammatical stuff, then I can provide rudimentary linguistic of Korean. I do not have formal education on linguistic, but I have spend about 100+ hours studying linguistic in general(Not very impressive, I know).

I can also teach about culture of Korea. As I am a native Korean who lived in Korea 2/3 of my life, I have enough knowledge in Korean culture to teach others who are interested in Korean culture. It could be a socio-economic, traditional or contemporary culture, international relationship and etc. Ask me anything. If I can't answer it off my head, I will just google it in Korean and find you a relative source.

Training & Qualifications

I am native Korean who always check on Korean news, history, contemporary culture, politics and etc.
I also check on linguistic of Korean.

...That's is not really a qualification, is it?

Oh well.

Availability & Preferences

I am usually free on following day and time :

Monday, Thursday : 8 am - 10 am
Tuesday, Wensday, Friday : 8 am - 10 am, 5 pm - 12 pm
Weekend : ...Really depends on schedule.

Forgive me if I am not available on the time I posted. Please contact me if you want to learn Korean in different time. I will try to see If I can.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Sangho

Tiffany received hour of Tutoring Korean from Sangho
Nov 05, 2016
Sango was so patient I feel like I learned a lot in the short time we had, will be working with him again!


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おはようございます!僕の名前はサンホと言います。日本語は少しするですけど、しゃべることとか、漢字を読むこととか、いろんなことが難しいです。気本もてきなひらがな、カタカナとはわかります。基本単語も少しわかります。でも、へたですから…よろしけらば、簡単な文法とか単語を教えてください! 教えてくれるてば、僕は韓国語と韓国文化について教えてあげます! でわ、よろしくお願いします!^_^

I have been always wanted to barter my skills, not sell it for fiat currency. In my personal opinion, fiat currency does not make society smoother on exchanging skill, knowledge or even a wealth. F...

About Sangho Cho

I have had many different jobs. I was an amateur pianist, soldier, tutor, and research assistant -- along with few under-paying jobs. I dislike the idea that skill is "sold" with money. We should be a...ble to help each other out and do what we love instead. As most of you can relate to, when money--or fiat currency (as is the popular method of today)--is involved, people act differently. When you are a customer, you act harsher because your hard-earned cash is now being spent. When you are a service provider, you have to do anything to earn your money. The thing is, most of us are not strictly just a customer or a service provider. We are usually both. And that makes a cycle of emotional hardship for most of us. I have seen plenty of people in my field who release their stress by acting like an asshole to other service providers as a customer. And then that service provider will go to another service provider as a customer and be an asshole and so forth. I hate it. That problem is even worse in the Military. When hierarchy is involved, there is actual physical abuse happening. The worst thing I experienced in the military is that, when a superior orders his inferior to not sleep for 3 days, the guys who were told that would say the same thing for their inferior after as well. There were also the occasional "correctional" beatings. I think most of us would prefer the Paleolithic period when people simply bartered -- even though modern technologies give us significantly increased quality of life. Not that I would give up dentist services and electricity and guns and houses and clothing and easy food, etc., but I hate this cycle of emotional and sometimes physical violence involving "money". Money is for people, not the system. So why are we making the world worse with something that we invented for our convenience and development? So, I'd like to bring back what our ancestor did back in the old days. I am not sure today's capitalists will be annoyed by the idea of "primitive" bartering -- or rather, people will be able to use bartering to their selfish advantage. However, I'd say it won't hurt in general for us to do it. Let there be a diversity of exchange. We deserve more

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