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Animal Communication


75 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Jul 17, 2023

Animal Communication | Connection, Compassion, and Understanding

Psychic Mediumship and Intuitive Animal Soul Communication serve as a bridge to a more compassionate and understanding relationship with your pets, whether they’re physically present or have transitioned to the spirit world. Venture into the profound world of animal consciousness, each session acting as a conduit for intuitive dialogue and spiritual connection. Experience this unique gift of awareness in relationship to your beloved companion, translating your pet’s feelings, thoughts, and experiences into a language you can understand.

Whether you’re seeking to understand your pet’s individualized needs better, resolving behavioral challenges, preparing for end-of-life decision-making, or longing for closure after a pet’s passing, Animal Communication opens the door to deeper empathy and comprehension. Embrace this opportunity to hear their unspoken words, sense their raw emotions, and feel their untold stories.

Aspects of Session Work

Soulful Connection
Strengthen your bond with your pet by understanding their emotions and experiences on a spiritual level. This profound connection could fundamentally change your interaction, fostering an empathic understanding that transcends common language barriers and heightens your emotional awareness.

Improved Communication
Enhance your interactions with your pet by strengthening your communication skills. This understanding can result in a more fulfilling relationship, fostering mutual respect, and shared joy.

Behavioral Insight
Unravel the mystery behind your pet’s behaviors and motivations. This understanding can lead to more harmonious coexistence, ease potential tensions, and enhance the joy of sharing your life with your animal companion.

Emotional Healing
Our sessions can be a tool for emotional relief and healing. By understanding your pet’s feelings and thoughts, misunderstandings can be resolved, conflicts eased, and a deeper emotional connection established, promoting a harmonious cohabitation.

Health Insight
While our sessions do not replace veterinary care, they can provide an empathetic understanding of your pet’s discomforts or ailments. This insight aids in their care and comfort, giving you the ability to respond to their needs more effectively.

Life Transition Guidance
Pets, just like us, can struggle with significant life changes like moving homes or welcoming new family members. Our sessions offer insights on how to assist your pet during these transitions, ensuring they feel safe, loved, and well-adjusted.

Soul Journey Understanding
Every pet has a unique soul journey and purpose. By gaining insights into this, you can deepen your appreciation for their presence in your life, seeing beyond their physical existence to the soulful bond you share.

End-of-Life Preparation
The twilight years of a pet’s life can be emotionally challenging. Our sessions offer understanding into your pet’s feelings and needs during this time, providing you with the tools to offer compassionate care and preparation, easing their transition and your own.

Loss Coping
The grief and loss associated with losing a pet can be overwhelming. Our sessions provide compassionate support during this challenging time, with messages and affirmations from your departed pet that aid in your healing process.

Peaceful Closure
Grieving the loss of a cherished pet can be deeply painful. Our sessions provide comfort and closure, connecting you with pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Through these heartening interactions, you can experience a loving farewell that brings solace and helps in the healing process.




Training & Qualifications

Drawing from over 20 years of experience in design and marketing, I specialize in transforming abstract ideas into tangible realities. This ability underpins my intuitive life coaching, empathic healing, and psychic medium services. I have had the privilege of guiding over 200 individuals toward personal and professional growth.

Please note, however, that while powerful and insightful, my coaching work is not a replacement for licensed therapy. Coaching operates outside of the regulated industry of therapy and is not covered by insurance.

To understand more about my coaching and healing services, I invite you to visit Spiriteric's website, where you'll find extensive information on my methodologies and their potential benefits:

As transparency is vital in my practice, I encourage you to review the Terms of Service, Waivers, Agreements, and Medical Liability on my website to ensure mutual understanding:

All coaching sessions take place on BlueJeans, a secure video conferencing platform. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and a device capable of supporting text, audio, and video communication:

In addition to coaching, I operate a full-service design firm. Feel free to explore my offerings:

Availability & Preferences

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
2 PM - 8 PM Pacific Time

Monday, Friday
Flex Hours


Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Ruby

Emmy received session of Animal Communication from Ruby
Oct 12, 2023
Ruby is amazing! I highly recommend scheduling an animal communication reading with her! The session not only helped change my life for the better but... it also provided so much insight into my little one and what she needs from a health and happiness perspective! If you’re thinking about booking, just do it! You won’t regret it!! She is also very detailed!! show more
Danielle received session of Psyche Development from Ruby
Dec 19, 2023
This follow-up session with Ruby was even better than the first. It was so easy feeling comfortable and knowing how the session would flow. She zeroed... in immediately on areas I've been having issues and blockages and she was effective in clearing them. My back pain I was struggling with for a few weeks eased away and I haven't felt it at all since. Her intuitive skills are fascinating and I look forward to continually working with more
Joseph received Help with Get a Free Childrens Book! from Ruby
Dec 10, 2023
Ruby is excellent and I highly recommend her!
Danielle received package of Fix Your Wix | Web Design from Ruby
Nov 06, 2023
Ruby's transformed my DIY site into a beautiful and easy to navigate designed website. She listened carefully to what I needed and made everything bet...ter than I expected. Highly recommend her for any design project a business may need!show more
Ali received session of Psyche Development from Ruby
Oct 18, 2023
Ruby is a delightful and intuitive coach. She has a unique perspective on how she delivers her energy healing. It is actually quite a interesting and way to align with the body. I was able to reach a blockage that had been tricky for me to resolve. I was able to get into this headspace and release that energy and I actually felt a physical change in my body releasing that. I would highly recommend Ruby. She is a talented person and quite intelligent and she has a beautiful way of delivering her the messages for you, thank you Alli show more
Maria provided unit of Simbi 101 - How to get started FREE for Ruby
Oct 13, 2023
I hope you enjoyed the info.
Bridget provided session of Healing Reading in person for Ruby
Aug 05, 2023
thanks ruby for booking with me again, Bridget
Bridget provided session of Remote Reading & Healing for Ruby
Aug 05, 2023
Thank you for booking your reading with me. It was a pleasure to work with you. Bridget
Caitlin received session of Psyche Development from Ruby
Jul 24, 2023
I am so grateful for Ruby's support on this book! Ruby is an extremely gifted visionary who is always coming up with brilliant ideas and ways to the Self to the world in a beautiful way. Thank you for your support and making She Sparkles come alive and truly sparkle, I am so honored and grateful. Highly recommend Ruby's expertise if they are looking to publish or promote a book or product- you will be grateful you did. Thank you divine one <3 show more
Kylie received session of Psyche Development from Ruby
Jul 16, 2023
Ruby is very intuitive and spot on right in the beginning of the call! She helped me to clear my energy and I'm feeling thankful! :)


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