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Deeksha Oneness Blessing


1 simbi per session - Virtual OK

Deeksha is free. However the app required an amount.

What is Oneness Blessing / Deeksha?
The transfer of Energy which initiates the journey into Higher States of Consciousness. Deeksha (also spelled as Diksha) in Sanskrit means benediction. It is the transfer of Divine Energy which, over time is designed to bring about the state of Oneness in the recipient. This energy has been brought to the World through Divine Grace.

Deeksha is transferred by the deeksha giver normally placing his or her hands onto the crown of your head, usually for about 1 minute. Experiences during the deeksha vary, sometimes strong, sometimes subtle, sometimes delayed until even days later. The recipient may experience a tingling sensation in the head, or blissful energy flowing through the body, or sometimes nothing at all. Whatever the experience, the recipient can trust that the process of Oneness has begun, a process designed by Divine Grace for your own nature that will lead gradually (or sometimes spontaneously) into your own accelerated Awakening.

Training & Qualifications

I have been a giver for a year and a half.

Availability & Preferences

Check with me

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Rosie

Jenny received Unit of 12 Month Tarot or Rune Reading from Rosie
Feb 22, 2017
Rosie was kind and quick to respond
Jaime received Unit of Soul Boat Tarot Reading from Rosie
Feb 16, 2017
Working with Rosie was great, I traded with her for a soul boat general reading. She emailed me the results and they were detailed, you can tell she p...ut time and effort into it. show more
Secret Ophelya received Session of Tarot from Rosie
Feb 15, 2017
Very thorough and insightful. Never received an email reading before, but I enjoyed it plus it's there for me to reference later. Thanks Rosie!
Joy received Unit of Soul Boat Tarot Reading from Rosie
Feb 09, 2017
Rosie gave a very good reading. I thought the info was insightful and what I needed to hear.
Peter received Session of Tarot from Rosie
Feb 08, 2017
Rosie was quite friendly and gave me a response well before the final date. Her service was informative and gave me quite a bit of insight on what I n...eed to focus on. Thank you so much Rosie!show more
Julia received Session of Tarot from Rosie
Feb 06, 2017
Great service
Jason provided Help with Help with writing about me section for Rosie
Feb 04, 2017
This was a cool project
Anthony received Help with ***Postive Affirmation!!!*** from Rosie
Jan 31, 2017
Courteney received Session of Runes Reading from Rosie
Jan 26, 2017
I appreciate the reading greatly. I am not sure about the first few runes' meanings. The wording had me confused on two of those. I apologize. I did n...ot have a specific question, as I'm not familiar with how runes readings go. I do relate with the crossroads, hardships, and feeling exhausted and as if im doing this alone. I am not getting much support from my family. I don't resonate with going in the wrong direction, I'm focusing on noting but writing, applying for jobs and being with and providing for my son. I really like the layout, very easy to read and my first runes reading!! :D I would love to have another one someday. show more
Danielle received Unit of Pendulum Question from Rosie
Jan 25, 2017
I love working with Rosie :)


Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

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About Rosie Good

Greetings beautiful souls, my name is Rosebud. While I started on this venture in 2010, the reality is that I have always felt that unique intuitive connectivity to others. For one, Tarot has been a ...part of me since I was a kid. It wasn’t until after my mother passed the year prior and I met with a psychic/medium that the desire to dive into my work struck me. From that point, I learned about the practice of Reiki and built up the confidence to work on building a new and more beneficial life, getting past the scars of a hard childhood and abusive marriage. These are two of the reasons that healing is so essential to my services. In the last few years, I have studied tarot.Tarot has allowed me to gain insight into my past and present, and reveal images of future possibilities. Allowing me to move through my life with the confidence and clarity of knowing. I am now also a Deeksha giver for those in need. More recently I started focusing on Runes, creating my own set as well. I'm an empathic, intuitive, energy healer. I use tarot cards, crystals & a pendulum. I'm a Reiki Master Teacher & a Deeksha giver. I can tailor a treatment for your needs using meditation, crystals, biomat and affirmations. I want to help heal the world one person at a time. I want to help them reach their highest potential. show more

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