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Trade for Wind Chimes


5 for fulfilling my request Posted Oct 22

In July 2017 my husband and I survived a house fire. We didn't lose everything, and renters insurance helped out a great deal. Many of the things we lost were easily replaced, but my wind chime collection was destroyed. I had over a dozen wind chimes, many limited edition, one-of-a-kind, or hard-to-find. Only one survived the fire, but it's a mass-manufactured one.

Our new (rental) home has a HUGE covered front porch/patio, and my single wind chime is looking very lonely. I miss the sound of the wind singing. New wind chimes are a must.

I love wood, bone, glass, metal, hollowed metal, stone, bells (not jingle bells), shell, etc. Nothing obnoxious, but harmonious. It gets very windy up here in the mountains.

If you happen to have or find unique wind chimes that don't have any Christian themes (I practice witchcraft, my husband is Buddhist) I would LOVE to have them. Do make wind chimes? AWESOME! I'm currently working on learning how to make my own, but don't have as much time to devote to it as I'd like.

I want to do this in trade. As mentioned before, we survived a house fire. Insurance helped, but we're broke. I'm a jewelry maker, specializing in making jewelry for people allergic to metal. If you want metal in your jewelry, or don't mind having it, I do have metal pendants, beads, and bells. I've been making jewelry for over 25 years now, and making custom pieces is SO MUCH FUN! I have crystals, stones, semiprecious stones, glass, claws (I did have teeth and bones, but those pieces sell fast), metal, acrylic, polyclay, and various other kinds of beads. I can make necklaces, chokers, anklets, and bracelets. Don't want jewelry? They make excellent gifts; perhaps you can give it to someone else as a surprise one-of-a-kind gift?

Seeing as I'll be making something for you I ask that you give me a month to make the jewelry. I may have commissions ahead of this. Before you mail the wind chimes please provide a photograph with proof of shipping on it, as well as a tracking number. I'll do the same. Normally I post the jewelry on my Etsy shop, set up as "prepaid commission" and charge only shipping. You'd receive proof of shipping, a tracking number, and within the USA the jewelry typically arrives within 3-5 business days. Plus listing it on Etsy provides you with the option of leaving a review. Seeing as this is a dual trade I won't set that up unless you want to. Proof of shipping provides protection for both of us.

If this sounds good to you please contact me. Thank you!

Reviews of Renee

Feb 22, 2018
Renee and I traded wind chimes for pendants. What a neat exchange. I love all my pendants and I hope she loves her wind chimes.
Katherine received unit of I'll send you a postcard from Renee
Feb 18, 2018
Very communicative and responsive, with much to offer in terms of quilting, jewelry, painting, and other assorted artings and a friendly and easy-goin...g Simbian to boot. Would gladly exchange again!show more
Mar 03, 2018
Renee has a contagious passion for music-- i love their spirit and enthusiasm! thx <3
Sandra provided unit of Custom Mug, Glass, Tumbler, etc. for Renee
Dec 27, 2017
Renee was super nice and understanding after the USPS broke her first mug. I'm so glad the second one arrived safely and she enjoys it! Thank you!
Sandra left review for Renee
Nov 28, 2017
Very understanding about the whole USPS smashing the mug. I'll make a new one as soon as I can.
Inactive User
Inactive User received Help with Writers. How do I create work flow? from Renee
Nov 18, 2017
Renee had initiative advice and easily creates a supportive atmosphere.
Chyris provided unit of Custom Sigil for Renee
Nov 16, 2017
Renee was kind and thoughtful- a pleasure to work with.
Kim provided unit of Prosperity tarot reading for Renee
Nov 09, 2017
Fantastic to work with!
Brooke received unit of Complex Macrame Jewelry from Renee
Nov 02, 2017
Loved trading with Renee. Made a beautiful piece of art! Such a beautiful choker. Fast shipping too! Would work with again.
Michael received unit of Private Trade from Renee
Oct 29, 2017
Renee is an insanely talented artist and is wonderful to deal with. Highly recommended.


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A playlist made just for you
I hope to provide others with the services and skills I have in exchange for some of there's. I'm disabled, my husband is the only source of income, and sometimes I bring in money via Etsy. It'd...

A playlist made just for you

Three Card Tarot Reading
I hope to provide others with the services and skills I have in exchange for some of there's. I'm disabled, my husband is the only source of income, and sometimes I bring in money via Etsy. It'd...

Three Card Tarot Reading

I'll send you a postcard
I hope to provide others with the services and skills I have in exchange for some of there's. I'm disabled, my husband is the only source of income, and sometimes I bring in money via Etsy. It'd...

I'll send you a postcard

About Renee Boyett

Hello! I'm a watercolor painter, fourth generation quilter, modern macrame jewelry designer maker, portrait artist, and writer. I love bright colors and bold prints, outer space, old faery lore, sci...ence and science fiction, documentaries, video games, reading, and keeping busy. I'm disabled and have nothing but time on my hands, though sometimes there are band-aids as well because of the craft work I do. Much like my mother I can't really just sit and do nothing. Just watch TV? Ha! Nope, I'll have a quilt I'm working on sitting on my lap as I stitch away and watch TV or a movie. The need to feel productive is vitally important. I grew up around quilters, my mother being the most important to me. Through her I learned the love of color, go bold or go home mentality in that regard, and have applied what she taught me to everything I do. I've been making modern macrame jewelry since I was nine (that's 20+ years of work right there), painting since high school (wow, I feel ancient now), and took up quilting in 2015. Seeing as I have a lot of time on my hands I dove right in. I've now successfully sold a variety of quilted items, ranging from hot pads to bed quilts, on my Etsy page. My watercolor paintings are more abstract and somewhat surreal instead of realistic. I don't aim for realism at all. Instead I aim to make the real look like a dream or something out of a nightmare. Make you feel something as you look at the painting. Recently I've started getting my paintings printed on fabric, and intend to purchase some myself for a quilt. For now it's sold on Spoonflower. I do sell my paintings, the originals available on Etsy and prints/products available on RedBubble and Fine Art America. As for my writing, that's tied in a lot with my gaming. I love writing fanfiction! Namely Dragon Age fanfiction. I do write original things, but fanfiction is so much fun and the foundation for the story is already there. It's far from easy, but it's incredibly enjoyable. I also write poetry, short stories, and someday I may write something for publishing. For now I write only because it's fun and to give my fingers a minor break from getting poked by quilting needles or getting rope burn from the cords I use in my jewelry work. When I'm not keeping physically busy I'm usually somewhere comfortable reading a book, or in my living room playing video games. Getting lost in a different world is the best vacation on a small budget. Ah, and yes, I'm very much an introvert. I'm do have an Instagram account, but nothing is posted there due to not having a mobile device. I have only a basic slider phone. I'm working on being more active on Twitter in order to bring more traffic to my Etsy more

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