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I will tell you a dirty joke


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I... was a bartender a couple of times over the summer months when I was younger, and in addition to learning to say cheers in more than a couple languages and diffuse a bar fight with words... I learned a LOT of dirty jokes. I will share one with you because it's fun. If you are easily offended and feel certain topics are sacred and untouchable by comedy... please reconsider this offer so I don't hurt your feelings.

Training & Qualifications

I worked in a bar on the beach in southern Mexico in an international surf hotspot and another in AZ owned by a misogynist who changed his legal name to God... that's not even the joke...

Availability & Preferences

ASAP, well within 24 hrs or faster.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Koryl

Jan 01, 2017
Dec 29, 2016
10/10 would joke again
McNeil provided hour of Dinosaur researcher for Koryl
Jan 17, 2017
Koryl and I had a pat arrangement that didn't work out but I was able to do some of the work after the matter. She compensated me and I appreciate more
Inactive User
Inactive User received Help with Looking for vegetarian recipes! from Koryl
Jan 09, 2017
Super friendly and can't wait to try her suggestion!
McNeil left review for Koryl
Jan 08, 2017
Koryl is by far the most articulate barterer I've met here. She knows exacrly what she wants and working with her was actually exciting, especially be...cause she wants to do bigger deals for skilled labor, instead of just small things. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to uphold my end of the bargain due to the holidays and unresponsive consultants on my end. Yet, I hope we can work together again. show more
Inactive User
Inactive User received Help with Long joke from Koryl
Jan 04, 2017
Great Joke. Koryl is awesome, well spoken, and has a great sense of humor. Thanks.
Dec 30, 2016
Koryl is one of those people whom you just *know* is the real deal. So glad she volunteered to tell me some of her stories. Recommended at the highest... rating!show more


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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Who wants dirty paper someone else drew on already (cash) anyway? Value for value is just better. I would just rather trade some intricate beadwork for large elements of the water collection syste...

What can I help teach you?

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Who wants dirty paper someone else drew on already (cash) anyway? Value for value is just better. I would just rather trade some intricate beadwork for large elements of the water collection syste...

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Who wants dirty paper someone else drew on already (cash) anyway? Value for value is just better. I would just rather trade some intricate beadwork for large elements of the water collection syste...

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About Koryl Vanessa

Hi, I am a mother, wife, homesteader, gardener, pet lover, artist, inventor, environmentalist, published writer and so many other things. Today I worked on a crochet rug, researched ideas for a dew c...ollection system I would like to build a mockup of soon to test, edited some older steampunk inspired pop culture icon pics I drew, played with my daughter, did research on interior design elements for the dollhouse her dad and I are building, got three hugs from Hubert Doom (my kitten... yes he really gives hugs... usually right before he farts on you) and made two kinds of empanadas from scratch for supper after handling all my home business related tasks for the day... I don't think there's a job description for what I do... but that was what I did today. (Tinker?) I will trade anything I do for anything I need, want, intend to gift to my family, or what just amuses me so much I can't NOT want it. (Though if anyone speaks French or ASL and is good with kids, lets talk skype, because my 2 year old is a beginning polyglot and I am slower to learn than she is) I'm happy to make a few neat small trades and call it a win, but there's so much more potential here. So, let's talk turkey about a few things. I would LOVE to do larger trades with people (especially locals because it's so easy) for things we need. I have a ton of skills, and a husband with a ton of different skills. Here's a brief list of what we can and do- Garden, cooking, baking, candy making, building everything from miniatures to entire houses (with professional experience in the latter, and even experience building fences and horse enclosures) he can put plumbing in a pool, fix most parts of a car that doesn't have microchips in it and can be done with hand tools, and minor bike repair, sewing (minor tailoring), painting, drawing, tattoo design and script art (we worked at this professionally until we moved to a smaller town before our daughter was born), I am a jeweler (think intricate beaded pieces with stones like you find in a gallery rather than a knick knack display), professional sign painting, chainmail work, (I can work with leather as well but I don't have the tools on hand, so would trade for those tools anytime), candle making, some skincare product making (later in spring after the garden is growing again), crochet (yes mermaid tail blankets and bed sized blankets such are within the possibilities). I can make chibi clay figurines and other small sculpts, I make metal gift boxes for jewelry and embossed metal pieces out of upcycled aluminum (we plan to do an intricate kitchen backsplash out of these small metal plates, they have many uses) and have even done wirework (think... diamond ring made with pre-drilled diamond beads, not so much simple beaded cages for stones though I can do that too, just not the welding bits), I make purses and bags, including but not limited to fringed and beaded 'spirit' bags, most anything you can do with woven paracord like belts and even hammocks is within his skill set, and he builds wooden furniture.... and that is truly the short version of this list. Things we are looking for in general- Bizarre fun trades are always cool, but we want to put a water harvesting system in our home, any components for that, even things you might not think to trade like rain water collection barrels or alternate potable water storage and replacement gutter for our roof. We also need a ladder and my husband keeps saying he wants some saw or other we haven't budgeted for yet. He will eventually need help designing a better drainage system for rain in our yard and we have trees in need of cutting down, our home is a fixer upper, so most building materials of any kind, even weird things like... we want to put in a new bathtub, so one that would fit or even one of those big stock watering tanks for horses that we could convert as long as it's clean and undamaged. As artists we'll almost always trade for art supplies including some things more random than you might think because I work in multimedia and I may need a hundred feet of electrical cord to strip for wirework or something equally random like a bag of unspun woll or yarn you aren't going to knit with. As parents we'll almost always trade for most child items (she's 2, gender neutral toy prefs, loves books). Our kitchen is undersupplied in terms of dishes, like... we have no kettle to boil water in right now. (Moving here meant sacrificing some possessions to afford a smaller moving vehicle so we could have the space to build the home we want). I want to work with cobb, so things like good clean sand and hay bales will be on our list. Seriously... got some weird stuff you don't want or need, want something pretty or some practical local or virtual help... we might just be the folks who'd take that for trade if we can use it and give something you want or need back. I have been a HUGE proponent of the upcycling movement all my life... I would rather trade and use something you can't or don't want than buy and I prefer custom building to factory identical items. Hit me up with whatever you dream up as long as you think we could work it out. I'll be honest if we can't, and excited if we can. show more

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