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Astrology reading


68 simbi per session - Virtual OK

I am a skilled astrologer and tarot reader who is currently writing a reference book on esoteric astrology. My background: I trained in an esoteric school for a number of years, and my readings draw from an arsenal of metaphysical traditions and teachings including kabballah, alchemy, astrology, philosophy and more.

Clients have often commented enthusiatically on the depth of the feedback they get from my readings and also the straightforward and practical advice I give. My philosophy is that astrology and other methods of divination cannot predict the future. Nothing can ever be set in stone. There are only energetic influences at play. We have freewill.

Examining the energies at play help people to take action in ways that guide them towards their highest Potential. The way I see it, having your chart read or a reading a tarot is like having a GPS. You can choose to be lost, or turn on that GPS to guide you towards the life of your choosing. Blessings!

Training & Qualifications

I am long-time healer and guide who has actively trained in the esoteric arts for the better part of a decade. The lineage & tradition I come from can trace back its roots thousands of years, from teacher to student.

Availability & Preferences

I have a flexible schedule. give me advance notice and I likely will be able to accomodate you.

Trading Preference: I prefer being paid in simbi

Reviews of Kelly

Amelia received Session of Astrology reading from Kelly
Feb 11, 2017
Got the best session from Kelly! Like you wouldn't believe. She mentioned she is more intuitive over the phone so I restated the biggest question I ha...d at the moment and got invaluable advice, as well as the biggest inspiration from her words for my big project! It wasn't just that she "read" my chart, she talked to me like I was her close friend, which was super cool to experience. I have always felt a certain "negative" way about a particular aspect of myself, now I realize how this aspect actually is one of my strengths and of course, it's who I AM! Thank you so much Kelly!!show more
Caroline received Session of Astrology reading from Kelly
Feb 11, 2017
Kelly was wonderful to work with, I especially appreciated how she was able to relate my current situation with the energies in my chart, helping me t...o see how to best use them in going forward with a new business, and recognizing habits of the past that could side rail me, giving strategies to re-invigorate and re-source myself if I plateaued. Kelly was also able to provide valuable resources to help me in other areas of studies as well-highly recommend!show more
Cara received Session of Astrology reading from Kelly
Jan 11, 2017
Things kept getting in the way for us which led to pushing this off quite a bit, but Kelly has been straightforward this whole time and very apologeti...c about any delays from her end, and understanding of delays from my end. We finally got our reading in and as usual she has wonderful advice as well as cautions and things to look out for. show more
Aziz received Session of Astrology reading from Kelly
Aug 24, 2016
Kelly blew my socks off! She was very to the point during my session and explained everything in great detail. I was more curious than anything else b...ut now she's made me a believer. It's probably nothing like what you're expecting if you have minimal experience with astrological readings. 100% worth it. show more
Bill received Session of Astrology reading from Kelly
Aug 22, 2016
As a skeptic I entered this deal strictly for entertainment purposes and for an excuse to later talk about music production. But I was astounded by Ke...lly's insights. It ended up being extremely interesting, fun and useful. Great personality... Open and fun to talk with and an extremely skilled reader. Would definitely recommend her and will likely hit her up again in the future. show more
John received Session of Astrology reading from Kelly
Aug 15, 2016
Kelly was very insightful in here reading. She really understands astrology on a deep level and perfectly labeled me as well as provided actionable ad...vice. It was time and simbi well spent!show more
Topher received Session of Astrology reading from Kelly
Aug 12, 2016
Kelly was fantastic, having never had an astrology reading before she was great and getting me up to speed and made the entire process very easy to un...derstand. She gave a lot of detailed information about my personal, family, career, and relationship history which made me trust that the information she was giving was valid. The more we talked, the deeper we got and the more insightful the reading became. It got very personal very quickly which I didn't mind at all, Kelly is so welcoming that it's easy to trust her quickly. She helped me see some repeated patterns in my personality/behavior that have been holding me back and gave me practical routes for escaping them. At the close of the session she recommended some other healers and practitioners who may be able to help as well, she has been very resourceful and helpful in making sure I get what I need to progress in life. I also loved how Kelly made the reading relatable to me by connecting my chart to the charts of famous musicians (I'm a professional musician) and showing me where our charts differ and overlap. Overall I'm highly satisfied and if you are curious about astrology you'll benefit a lot from working with more
Amanda received Help with Psychic/tarot card reading from Kelly
Aug 08, 2016
Kelly is amazing!! She truly listens and give clear, direct guidance.
Cara received Session of Astrology reading from Kelly
Aug 06, 2016
Kelly was very straightforward and was able to help me focus my efforts. I've been in a holding pattern for quite a while now, and the advice she was to give me in relation to my personality and skills was tremendously helpful in getting me to see various ways I am holding myself back and can propel myself forward to my goals. Would definitely work with her again. :)show more
Nikki received Session of Astrology reading from Kelly
Aug 03, 2016
Highly knowledgable! Very intuative! I left her with next to nothing and she came with a full accurate and relevant reading. I can't recommend her en...ough! if you have something you'd like to know more about, or need advice on which path to choose a sesion with Kelly is sure to clear that up. show more


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