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50-minute energy reading


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Everyone wants to feel deeply heard. If you found my profile, you might be feeling stuck, invisible, or detached from your authentic self; I specialize in helping people move out of stuckness and into their fullest and most whole ways of being.

As we walk though life, others' ideas about who we should be and how we should behave can start to limit how we show up. We start to form mental images of who we will be when we are "enough" - what job we might have, what title, what role... I can help you release some of those limitations so you experience more freedom to be your authentic self.

I offer gentle, reflective listening surrounding whatever is happening for you. You can share whatever you want with me and know that it will be received without judgement. Often, the simple fact of knowing you have been understood can begin to shift things in your life. If it's right for you, I can also support you in making empowered choices.

As I listen, I will connect with the energy around your situation. I'll gently suggest what I hear or see so you know that you've been fully heard. Often, I can shed new light on what's happening for you, and I may also support you in weaving new stories about who you are and who you will become.

Training & Qualifications

I trained in pedagogy and identity construction through a Bachelor's and Master's degree; I've also supplemented this education with ongoing study in social work and counseling modalities.

I've been supporting people in an advising role for over 5 years; I specialize in career-related counseling in my day job, so if you're interested in support around document or interview preparation, I'm happy to engage this way. More commonly, career is a jumping-off point into questions of self-esteem and self-respect that have been limiting work options, and my conversations surround all facets of identity and experience.

Availability & Preferences

Evenings eastern time!

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Kaitlyn

Wendy received session of 50-minute energy reading from Kaitlyn
Jul 13, 2021
Kaitlyn is amazing! She creates a space that feels safe, without judgment, open and accepting. In this space you feel comfortable to share those sore ...and tender thoughts and feelings. Kaitlyn understands and gives you a different perspective, a way to release limiting beliefs and stand in a stronger place. It's been days since our session and so much in my inner and outer world has shifted. Cannot recommend enough! show more
Caitlin received session of 50-minute energy reading from Kaitlyn
Jun 26, 2021
Love this divine, magical, gifted BEing. We are so blessed by your presence, thank you for always holding space and helping raise the vibration, peace always. <3 show more
Ali received session of 50-minute energy reading from Kaitlyn
Feb 22, 2021
Talking to Kaitlyn was a great event for me. You can't belive how wanderful is this energy work, especially the cards we used during tge session. I enjoyed when I get clear about my peraonaliy type. 😉 Thanks again dear Kaitlyn😍😍show more
Cristen received session of 50-minute energy reading from Kaitlyn
Dec 19, 2020
Spectacular! Huge shifts on physical, mental- and emotional levels. Kaitlyn has a beautiful- clear channel for insight and healing! I highly recommend... and will definitely be a repeat customer!show more
Michael received session of 50-minute energy reading from Kaitlyn
Dec 17, 2020
One of the most beautiful, and wisdomatic souls I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Thank you Kaitlyn for everything you are🙏🏼
Michael received session of 50-minute energy reading from Kaitlyn
Dec 02, 2020
Such a beautiful, wisdomatic, and intelligent soul, it is such an honor to work with Kaitlyn I highly recommend getting in touch asap.🙏🏼❤
Kalani received session of 50-minute energy reading from Kaitlyn
Nov 28, 2020
The reading that I received from Kaitlyn was amazing. For lack of a better word Kaitlyn is like air on a calm day, very warm and inviting and I felt s...afe having a reading with her show more
Joanna received session of 50-minute energy reading from Kaitlyn
Oct 24, 2020
Kaitlyn is an amazingly gifted healer! She helped me by quieting my nervous system after I had empathically heard about my friend who had been confron...ted at the post office for not wearing a mask. I am a freedom fighter, and I don't believe in mask-wearing because I know that it has nothing to do with the "spreading of viruses" but all about social conditioning and slavery! As an empath, I am so sensitive that it is very hard for me to deal with all the energies around this issue - and I had to gain access from God to be able to stand up for this. Kaitlyn was instrumental in helping my nervous system feel safe in my body and then giving me grounding meditation - the very next day I was able to stand up and go to an outdoor event without a mask - telling them that I have a medical condition - and the day after that I went to grocery store and stood up to the store manager who confronted me about not wearing a mask, and then the following week, I walked into the health food store near my house without a mask and no one bothered me at all. I am working up to where I can do this and look people in the eye and smile at them - right now, I can't make eye-contact - but it was Kaitlyn's healing and gift of the meditation, along with God's power, that has given me the courage to pursue this fight for freedom! I am so grateful!show more
Inactive User
Inactive User received session of 50-minute energy reading from Kaitlyn
Oct 02, 2020
Exceptionally good !
Marie received session of 50-minute energy reading from Kaitlyn
Sep 16, 2020
All I have to say is WOW! Kaitlin’s abilities are so high and I feel so healed after this session and given clarity in areas of my present and my past... - plus she has such a calming presence about her that makes me feel so safe- definitely recommend! Thank you Kaitlyn! ☺️💖show more


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

About Kaitlyn K

Your body, mind, and emotions are inextricably linked. Energy work, as I practice it, assumes that whatever is coming up in your life is an important clue about the connections between your physicali...ty, thoughts, and feelings. At times, we all get stuck in familiar patterns, and these well-worn responses may not serve us as well as they did at first. That's where our work starts - with listening to whatever your energy wants to have heard. I ground everything I do in trauma-informed, feminist, and anti-oppressive lenses. This means that we do nothing without your permission, and pay close attention to your needs and comfort throughout our time. I know that you are the expert on your needs and experiences; this means you are the most important guide in how energy work plays out. There's nothing rigid about the way we might engage with your energy - I practice radically adapting to the needs of each person I meet with. I don't have a set idea of how a conversation will go, and that means they range widely based on what's happening for the person I'm speaking with. We can work with conversation, energy, visualization, meditation, or anything else that resonates with you. show more

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