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d20 system, custom encounter.


10 simbi per package - Virtual OK

I can take the info you provide and make an encounter, be it combat, social or trap, for a single party member. Thus will be geared towards them but its expected they may recieve help.

From you, the character you want to focus this encounter on, relevant skills and items and maybe a brief history of what they have done. Also need to know if this will be open ended, so you can tie your own story or plot into it. Fears, Hates and Wants are a Big Deal, for motivation.

When I run a game, I leave a lot open, the players fill it in without realizing it, allows for lots of flexibility. Some DM' s however, need more structure, more info. You let me know what you want and I will make sure it fits.

Don't expect perfect maps, utterly unique settings or that the player will just blindly go for it, best encounters are when the players are already doing it before they realize it.

Training & Qualifications

I have been a DM forever and even managed to play a few times, lol. Rarely munchkin or rules lawyer, my games smack of delicious story and rich character development. Currently running a power game and a casual game and player in an apocalyptic setting version of Pathfinder, with The Modern Path.

Availability & Preferences

Email anytime, sms too, calls...mostly evenings.

Trading Preference: I prefer being paid in simbi
Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

Juan's requests

Juan is requesting
PDF alteration, for Pathfinder rpg
I am wanting to have the standard character sheets for the Pathfinder role playing game modified for The Modern Path, the Modern expansion for Pathfinder. Can provide the .pdf if need be.