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Funny Prank, Evolving Genius Awards


5 per item plus $2.00 shipping - - Posted Jan 18, 2022

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** Do someone a favor! Send them a wake-up call anonymously! My hilarious evolving genius Wake-up Call Awards are a funny way to joke with fun-loving people. Some are not super serious, mainly just really FUNNY! Right?
Some can secretly call people on their dysfunctional behavior in a light hearted way!

My colorful, profoundly poignant awards are a kind and gentle way to tell the truth!

Sending these anonymously enables us all to move beyond recrimination or blame while sharing our truthful thoughts, feelings and emotions.

* Colorful, Sassy Award with Bright Blue Envelop

* 5x7 Size, Sturdy & Perfect for Framing

* *Sent First Class Mail, Awards are sent Anonymously or with a gift message to anyone in the USA, from our service, Anonymous Expressions, a PO Box in Oregon *Gorgeous blue envelops with funny poem included!

* Handwritten address adds to the mystery of this surprise gift!

* Bonus Gift: An Educational, Empowering Poetry called:
“Our Evolving Shadow Mirror.” This poem clearly expresses how repression of our shadow or darker sides destroys our creativity and breeds all kinds of negativity. It also ends on a lighthearted note! It is sent as a bonus with Wake-Up Call Awards.

My poetic brand of sassy truth telling generally strikes a chord of truth, activating one’s self-honesty.

Serve the highest good by assisting others to look at their behaviors honestly. Honesty is the best policy, especially when you can remain invisible because our service sends this for you Anonymously! BRILLIANT~ **Voted best Gift Under $5.

I have sent these funny, sassy awards over many years anonymously to people who need a serious nudge. The best part is, that our sending the awards anonymously means no one gets thrown under the bus!

The secret mystery of who may have sent it, makes the message linger with the wonder of it all! *Includes valuable information about sending awards anonymously.

Very popular for addicts, family, friends, neighbors & associates of all kinds!

When giving in secret (recommended) you’ll just have to imagine the shocked looks on their screwed-up faces! Some folks let out huge belly laughs, some snort or chortle! Some get super mad, yet there is no one to be angry with except themselves, which generally dawns on them.

Others know the shoe fits but don’t want to wear it and get to look at being defensive. (Who Me? No Way! Hmmm….. Well Maybe….)

This Wake-up Call Award Mystery causes the secret confrontation to lead to strong, serious contemplation.

Encourage the education of those folks whose choices you may find unacceptable with the perfect Wake-up call Award. Choose & Send the Awards that fit, to all the annoying people on your __hit list!

I use these hilarious awards in my “Ranting of a Psychic Grandmother Comedy Show,” because my brand of comedy is so clean & universal, everyone understands it and loves to poke fun at our annoying dysfunctions!

“Most honest anonymous mystery jokes ever!” The message is NOT about you, it’s about Them! No need to be blatant or start a yelling match!

Tell the truth now, stop worrying, take a load off, let go and then laugh yourself silly.

Being honest and funny helps you let go of worry. A very effective way to wake someone up and do it without being judgmental or mean.

These awards use humor to give the truth a soft landing as they are serious yet super funny.

Tell the honest truth to those who need to hear it! Use my awards to Shake up and Wake up people with annoying and dysfunctional behaviors. (Who Me?)

We must help these poor souls evolve, for the highest good of everyone by giving them an honest Wake -up Call! Please~ Thank you!

“When you want to smack someone upside the head, Send them a Wake-up Call Award instead!”

Tell it like it is, help someone evolve into the genius they truly are, to Wake up and show up to a healthier version of themselves. Be a Humanitarian!

* Become a secret agent for the highest good by confronting others craziness anonymously and watch their obnoxious behaviors transform!

Show an annoying or dysfunctional person how much you care, send them a wake-up call award anonymously, because you dare!

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Reviews of Iris Betts

Aliya received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Aug 20, 2023
Iris was a joy to work with, i really enjoyed my reading !
Alli received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Aug 13, 2023
Hopefully, I did that right. I'm confirming without the product 😬
Kelly received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Jul 25, 2023
I was very surprised and impressed with this reading. I really felt into the energies as they were very uplifting and encouraging..
Kelly provided session of Emotion Code/Body Code for Iris Betts
Jul 24, 2023
I really enjoyed the information Iris provided. I could relate to it and see how it played out in my life in the past and I’m looking forward to how it will play out in my life in the future. It was uplifting, encouraging, and very more
Danielle received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Jul 21, 2023
This reading was absolutely beautiful and mind blowing. Iris provided such a lovely experience with heartfelt words.
katharina received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Jun 25, 2023
Very interesting insights and new perspective on my souls journey. Thank you Iris!
Ryan received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Jun 25, 2023
Awesome! Very in depth and spot on!
Daria received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Jun 15, 2023
The Reading I received from Iris was beautiful and a huge source of contemplating my inner strengths....I am very grateful for the experience and recommend it!show more
Cierra received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
May 27, 2023
Iris Betts gave me a very detailed reading that I resonate with! I highly recommend her Mayan Astology Reading
Ruby received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Apr 29, 2023
Such a sweet and wonderful soul. Iris is always a pleasure to work with. :)


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About Iris Betts Barratt

I created Anonymous Expressions because I know the importance of honoring others anonymously. It warms hearts, uplifts spirits, ignites fits of laughter and builds self-esteem too. I feel that next to... honoring others, our service best teaches that anonymous giving is its own reward as we learn to give freely and without an agenda, just giving for the sake of giving alone (unconditionally). The element of surprise and the sense of wonder as to who has sent it and honored you has a profound and lasting effect. The ability to express the truth honestly and freely is empowering and genuinely freeing. Honoring others taught me how to honor myself, which is priceless. Writing and sending awards is my passion and my greatest joy, also performing heart-warming comedy. This offernow include sassy awards. 1. Select your honoring award at 2. send me the name for the award and mailing address 3. Join the fun! Also consider my Classy & Sassy Awards Comedy for events! "Sending your anonymous awards of honor makes me feel like a secret agent for the highest good!"show more

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