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Ebook: The Oneness Process


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An insightful exploration into the universal values and qualities that bring richness and unity into our lives, this unique process facilitates tapping into our personal and universal wisdom in life enhancing ways.It guides you to investigate and expand your inner truth and wisdom. Explore how easily this process offers simple yet profound ways to embrace the heart of universal wisdom and oneness.An experiential work of art, this inspiring process is a timeless resource for everyone open to exploring his or her inner landscape of personal and universal wisdom.

Iris Barratt guides you through the simple steps of appreciative inquiry on a soul level to investigate and expand integrative levels of wholeness. She explores and honors spiritual essences, which reflect universal values and ways of affirmative being and living. Her blend of appreciative inquiry with universal values inspires participation into the dance of oneness.
Iris K Barratt astutely explores how positive inquiry creates a resourceful position for the seeker and inspires open and intruguing participation by working with insightful modes of questioning. Blending appreciative inquiry with positive universal values has the common elements of inspiring integrative awareness of mind, body, spirit, emotions and humanity while blending support, encouragement, appreciation and honoring into the process. This unique form of appreciative inquiry facilitates our tapping into our own inner wisdom and essential being in meaningful ways.

She presents how this inspiring process inspires self-loving participation, which honors the wisdom of each individual seeker. This investigative process assists one's ability to address problems from a positive, resourceful place. Most importantly, it inspires you to address yourself as a part of universal values, or spiritual essences that reflect our oneness. Most of us want the same things; Love, Respect, Freedom, Peace, Acceptance, Inspiration and more. The many universal essences or values presented here are like the harmonies of a universal symphony we all aspire to create together. These levels of inquiry will assist the person mired in the usual rat pack of problems generated by the mind and every day life as well as assist those who are highly open, gifted and evolved. Strengthening a deeper sense of connection within your self, family, community and humanity in memorable and healthy ways is Iris' worthy passion.
Written in a practical and visionary style, Iris K Barratt courageously shares her personal examples of inquiry and demonstrates how awareness can lead to expanded vision and service. She allows her psychic, spiritual and visionary sides be revealed and expressed. Her positive style of personal self-inquiry into one's essential nature can bring profound awareness on many levels. Deep personal awareness gently leads to personal integration of one's inner mental, emotional, physical, intuitive and spiritual resources. It also greatly enhances health within our physical bodies as positive emotions are always healing in both personal and universal ways.

Iris K Barratt poetically weaves rich wisdom from her personal and universal insights, honoring each other, the earth and humanity, into a dance of oneness with essential, universal awareness.
Explore how easily appreciative inquiry with universal values can offer simple yet profound ways to embrace the heart of universal wisdom and oneness for us all.

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Reviews of Iris Betts

Chyris bought Ebook: The Oneness Process from Iris Betts
Feb 26, 2021
Iris is always great to work with!
Caroline bought Ebook: The Oneness Process from Iris Betts
Feb 23, 2018
The e-book arrived promptly, and I am looking forward to using it both independently and in a group setting. Wonderful process, thoroughly explained ...and more
Alyssa bought Ebook: The Oneness Process from Iris Betts
Nov 10, 2017
I just received this book and I'm really excited to read more!
Kendra bought Ebook: The Oneness Process from Iris Betts
Jul 07, 2017
Iris is nice and prompt, I look forward to working with her again!
Windi bought Ebook: The Oneness Process from Iris Betts
May 12, 2017
Iris is a real gem. I have had the pleasure of being provided with a number of Iris's services. She, and so many others like her, is why simbi works s...o well. This is a great service. thank you so much Iris. show more
Alison received package of Enlightening Comedy Game, digital from Iris Betts
Jun 07, 2021
Thanks! I look forward to playing! Hooray!
Tana received unit of I will Honor You With An Award from Iris Betts
May 26, 2021
Iris made my day with her award. She clearly reviewed my profile and offering to assure it would accurately express something of value to me. Thank so much! What an uplifting more
Raaga received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
May 04, 2021
Such a quick turn around with the reading, and quite accurate and impactful as well. I would definitely recommend getting a reading done! Very powerfu...l and more
Catherine provided unit of Custom Tangle Art Piece for Iris Betts
Apr 27, 2021
Iris is a pleasure to work with and she allowed me to be creative.
Charisma received package of Anonymous Honesty Letters from Iris Betts
Apr 24, 2021


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About Iris Betts Barratt

I created Anonymous Expressions because I know the importance of honoring others anonymously. It warms hearts, uplifts spirits, ignites fits of laughter and builds self-esteem too. I feel that next to... honoring others, our service best teaches that anonymous giving is its own reward as we learn to give freely and without an agenda, just giving for the sake of giving alone (unconditionally). The element of surprise and the sense of wonder as to who has sent it and honored you has a profound and lasting effect. The ability to express the truth honestly and freely is empowering and genuinely freeing. Honoring others taught me how to honor myself, which is priceless. Writing and sending awards is my passion and my greatest joy, also performing heart-warming comedy. This offernow include sassy awards. 1. Select your honoring award at 2. send me the name for the award and mailing address 3. Join the fun! Also consider my Classy & Sassy Awards Comedy for events! "Sending your anonymous awards of honor makes me feel like a secret agent for the highest good!"show more

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