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Honoring Evolving Genius Awards


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Uplifting Awards to Honor your people! Thank you Gift, Appreciation Award, Retirement Gift, Best Friend Gift, Family

* Honoring, Colorful Awards, sent with Bright Blue Envelop
* 5x7 Size, Sturdy, Perfect for Framing
*Sent First Class Mail, Awards may be sent anonymously as a thrilling surprise or with a gift message to anyone in the USA. Sent from our PO Box in Oregon.

* Handwritten address adds to the mystery of this surprise gift!
* Bonus Gift: Educational, Empowering Poetry called: Honoring Builds A Circle of Nobility. This poetry clearly honors givers and encourages award receivers to also become givers. It is sent free with all uplifting honoring awards.

These colorful awards will positively inspire and uplift your health care providers, friends, family and associates. Perfect gift award for Appreciation Events, Friends & Neighbors, Birthdays or Just Because you appreciate someone who is awesome!

These fun, uplifting, colorful awards are ceremonially presented at many special events and become memorable keepsake gifts. You will discover how much your honored people will love to frame and display and boast about their fabulous AWARD OF HONOR!

These awards are powerfully positive gifts to both give or receive. They help lonely, sad, bullied or depressed people to find their happy place again. It gives them something positive to focus upon about themselves, builds up self-esteem and is often a cherished surprise to be read over many times, as it is a tangible and positive form of support.

*Voted Best Gift Under $5. My honoring awards strike true cords of truth and love and often bring tears of gratitude and soulful recognition to those who receive them, especially a deeply valued people who deserves it.

*Uplift someone spirits *Warm someone’s heart *Inspire fits of laughter *Build up children’s self-esteem through giving *Spread unconditional love and joy * Many Re-gift their award later to someone special.

Pass it on, Pay it forward. Discovered the joy of honoring others personally or anonymously as a thrilling surprise that can circulate among your people for years to come.

Everyone who receives these awards honestly feels appreciated and adored. Even serious executives are seen sporting unexpected smiles. Grateful people of all ages all jump for joy because everyone loves being strongly appreciated, surprised and able to give something to treasure too!

I strongly promote anonymous giving (or giving in secret) for the highest good, because I have witnessed the power of these unexpected, joyful surprise awards. Giving anonymously honors the giver as they experience actually demonstrating and sharing love unconditionally.

Children learn to soften their need for personal recognition and instead, hold their good actions happily within their hearts and minds. The truth is; Honoring other people always makes givers more Honorable and builds Noble behaviors.

Also, the mystery of who may have sent it, makes the message linger with the wonder of it all!

Kids of all ages love giving these to Parents too!! It is such a labor of love right!?

These gifts encourage foundational values and ideals and demonstrate good social skills as we all look for, find and appreciate important inner values and demonstrate joyful, creative expression by sharing something very meaningful.

“Our kids are learning to look for kindness, gratitude, compassion, free spirits and lovable laughter within others, thanks to your encouraging awards.”

Enjoy giving to co-workers, friends, family or volunteers. Send them as secret surprises in the mail, stick in backpacks or put in someone’s car. Demonstrating unconditional love like this is so important, in these days of intense materialism, bullying and unforeseen hardships. We all know a of ton of deserving people of service!

A return to noble values is my passion and purpose as a wise and caring grandmother~

I also deeply feel it is important that our loved ones are honored not only for what we all do or accomplish within society. Ideally, we must be honored for the glorious inner values and ideals we hold dearly within. These awards inspire us all to find self-love blossoming within ourselves, both as givers and receivers. PRICELESS!

My passion for honoring has truly blossomed with the joy of watching children and family members experience joyfully sharing unconditional love. We do this best by sending these awards anonymously as a thrilling surprise that children of all ages love to receive in the mail.

* Become a secret agent for the highest good by honoring people anonymously!

“Instigate all that is good, loving and true and know it is a lovely reflection of you!”

Warm someone's heart today with a thrilling surprise in their mail!

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Reviews of Iris Betts

Aliya received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Aug 20, 2023
Iris was a joy to work with, i really enjoyed my reading !
Alli received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Aug 13, 2023
Hopefully, I did that right. I'm confirming without the product 😬
Kelly received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Jul 25, 2023
I was very surprised and impressed with this reading. I really felt into the energies as they were very uplifting and encouraging..
Kelly provided session of Emotion Code/Body Code for Iris Betts
Jul 24, 2023
I really enjoyed the information Iris provided. I could relate to it and see how it played out in my life in the past and I’m looking forward to how it will play out in my life in the future. It was uplifting, encouraging, and very more
Danielle received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Jul 21, 2023
This reading was absolutely beautiful and mind blowing. Iris provided such a lovely experience with heartfelt words.
katharina received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Jun 25, 2023
Very interesting insights and new perspective on my souls journey. Thank you Iris!
Ryan received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Jun 25, 2023
Awesome! Very in depth and spot on!
Daria received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Jun 15, 2023
The Reading I received from Iris was beautiful and a huge source of contemplating my inner strengths....I am very grateful for the experience and recommend it!show more
Cierra received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
May 27, 2023
Iris Betts gave me a very detailed reading that I resonate with! I highly recommend her Mayan Astology Reading
Ruby received package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology from Iris Betts
Apr 29, 2023
Such a sweet and wonderful soul. Iris is always a pleasure to work with. :)


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About Iris Betts Barratt

I created Anonymous Expressions because I know the importance of honoring others anonymously. It warms hearts, uplifts spirits, ignites fits of laughter and builds self-esteem too. I feel that next to... honoring others, our service best teaches that anonymous giving is its own reward as we learn to give freely and without an agenda, just giving for the sake of giving alone (unconditionally). The element of surprise and the sense of wonder as to who has sent it and honored you has a profound and lasting effect. The ability to express the truth honestly and freely is empowering and genuinely freeing. Honoring others taught me how to honor myself, which is priceless. Writing and sending awards is my passion and my greatest joy, also performing heart-warming comedy. This offernow include sassy awards. 1. Select your honoring award at 2. send me the name for the award and mailing address 3. Join the fun! Also consider my Classy & Sassy Awards Comedy for events! "Sending your anonymous awards of honor makes me feel like a secret agent for the highest good!"show more

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