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Past Life Reading


100 per session - Virtual OK

I talk with you to see what you are working through, having trouble with/wanting to have more clarity with, and then I tap in with your guides and Akashic and into whatever past life/lives that come up related to this issue. I see how it affects your current life and patterns and what you can do to begin healing them. I suggest tools and homework so you can begin the process of healing it in this lifetime and be free from it as well as for future lifetimes and generations. I also do card readings in the session related to this.

I conduct my sessions via video chat.


Dawn is truly incredible. She genuinely cares about helping people, free of judgement.

I had previously been lead through a past life regression and I found it very traumatizing. However, Dawn made me feel so safe and comfortable that I didn't hesitate to let my guard down. She was able to go back through multiple past lives to find the connecting pattern/lessons. All of my hesitations and fears made sense; I finally understood myself.

Dawn unlocked a door which allowed me to heal, and now I can finally live. Thank you Dawn!

I had an amazing past life regression with Dawn. Dawn and I had previously met a few other times but even if I hadn't met her I'd still be extremely comfortable around her because that's the type of energy she has. From the few times I've met her I feel a very strong friendship connection with her and she has lovely trusting energy. Her presence is filled with love and light. she tapped into two of my past lives that I was unaware of, one of them was hundreds of years ago and the other one was very recent and it actually made a lot of sense as to why I do certain things in this life. In this life I keep certain people very distant from me, their love ones, and a past life she tapped into a constant nightmare I had that I would lose these love ones so and that life I started keeping them distant because I couldn't open up to them about the nightmares that I couldn't control. Dawn had no previous knowledge that I do this because I never realized it.
After she did the past lives reading we talked for a while and she gave me a lot of amazing resources to help me heal in fact just being able to talk to her about it really started helping me heal. The next Day I felt tired but I started feeling really good. I was definitely vibrating on a higher frequency and I felt like I was more open to the universe and to healing and receiving the right type of healing I need to get past my traumas or things that hold me back.
Dawn has a lot of amazing gifts and I'm so happy that she uses them to help others. Those that are considering having Dawn help them: I know it's hard to find someone you trust but Dawn is the type of person that if she was a fraud to others she'd feel like a fraud to herself, meaning she's sure a purely light and loving soul that is here to heal others with her gifts.

I originally contacted Dawn for a past life regression session. Within minutes of our meeting, it became clear that my guides were showing her that I needed to see and work on some other things first to help me in my present situation. Dawn was very helpful in guiding me towards the light during a time when I was very much trapped in the dark. Incredibly, she was able to communicate with my 8 month old baby’s “higher self”, which was totally unexpected and truly a magical gift for me. It's pretty obvious that she has very profound natural “gifts”. It was really fun to witness her “interface” with the divine energy via Skype :) After our session, people close to me all noticed a distinct and marked change in my aura and energy - which was even more proof to me of how powerful our exchange was. I would highly recommend Dawn for her services.


I was absolutely awakened by Dawn's reading. She tapped into a past that has heavily influenced my present and helped me begin a healing journey. This reading brought so much understanding to my current life. Dawn is light and loving and an incredible guide on this path of exploration.

Training & Qualifications

Natural Intuition and gifts.
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Availability & Preferences

Weekday evenings, some weekends

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Dawn

Caroline received session of Past Life Reading from Dawn
Jun 08, 2018
Dawn was very sensitive and intuitive. Very healing session.
Sunny received session of Past Life Reading from Dawn
May 28, 2017
Dawn did another amazing job reading for me! Thank you so much!
Louisa received session of Past Life Reading from Dawn
May 11, 2017
Dawn was absolutely incredible... I felt that she was gently tapping into deep truths about me and giving me the wisdom to move forward with my life i...n positive ways. I am expecting that her words will be life-changing. Thank you, Dawn!!!show more
Sunny received session of Past Life Reading from Dawn
Apr 21, 2017
Thank you for working with me Dawn. You provided wonderful insight to an issue I've been having. I've been moving in the right direction and you were to give me more clarity to the problem. It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend your service to anyone! Many many thanks again!show more
John provided unit of Palm Reading for Dawn
May 16, 2017
Dawn is awesome! Her past life reading was really revealing, and very enlightening!
John provided unit of Palm Reading for Dawn
Apr 16, 2017
Dawn was great. I just had my past life reading and I was pretty shocked how perfectly it fit. The card reading was immaculate. It really opened my and helped me let go of grievances. I feel so clear more


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About Dawn Anderson

Intuitive, actress, writer, artist. I love learning new skills and intricacies of life. I am interested in authenticity in every aspect of life, and feel that people have so many gifts, skills, ...and interests that we might as well share them with each other! show more

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