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I Need Someone To Draw This Scene


50 for fulfilling my request Virtual OK - Posted Dec 19

I made this scene while thinking of Sly Cooper and I would really want someone draw or paint this.

It was a brisk night in Paris. Then again, it was the winter. This shouldn't have come as a surprise to the humanoid like animal. The anthropomorphic fox hid on the roof top of a building sporting the words "La Police" in neon. She shivered in her orange fur. Even though she knew that it was winter, she decided to wear a blue leather crop top that definitely showed off her cleavage. She wasn't stupid however. She made sure to wear her warm brown jacket, her boots of the same color, and a nice pair of blue jeans. She wasn't trying to be cold; she just wanted to impress the thief who would be showing up that night. She tied her long black hair back and got out her large red stun gun from her belt. She worried that the shine from the police badge on her collar would give her hiding spot away, but then she heard somethin. She focused in on the Eifle Tower in the background and finally noticed the thief's shadow. "Sly Cooper" she whispered. As if he heard her, an anthropomorphic raccoon stepped out of the shadows. He had worn a blue three-courter long sleeves shirt with a yellow scarf. To match, he wore blue boots, a blue and yellow pair of gloves, a blue cap, and a yellow belt with his family symbol, that symbol being a blue and whit raccoon face. He didn't even bother with pants, seeing as he was an animal. He pulled out a yellow question mark shaped cane from seemingly nowhere and stepped forward. "I know you're there, Carmilita." She froze before walking out to him. "Cram it, Ringtail. I know why you're here." They stood facing each other, ready to battle. If she won, he would be thrown in jail forever. If he won, he'd temporarily escape the law, until she found him again.

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Rose received session of Play Station 1 Game Recommendations from Charr
Apr 17, 2017
Great suggestions!
Matt received Help with Tell me a good joke from Charr
Mar 16, 2017
Mike received session of Play Station 1 Game Recommendations from Charr
Mar 15, 2017
Charr is super cool. Reminiscing about ps1 days was fun. Csnt wait to dust it off and play again!
Austin Westover
Austin received Help with Follow Me on Facebook from Charr
Mar 11, 2017
Quick service
Jessie received session of Fanfiction Recommendations from Charr
Mar 10, 2017
Very helpful! Excited to read something new! Thanks!
Candice received session of Fanfiction Recommendations from Charr
Feb 03, 2017
Charr provided some wonderful fanfiction.
Colleen received session of Movie Recommendations from Charr
Jan 09, 2017
Charr had a proven formula to figure out great movies for me! Thanks again for the trade :)
Justin received session of TV Show Recommendations from Charr
Dec 05, 2016
Absolute bomb dot com. Fun, stylish and a well rounded intelligent human being to boot. Would certainly work with again!
Michael received Help with Tell me your secrets from Charr
Sep 22, 2016
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Kevin provided Help with Comic Book Artist for Charr
Jun 25, 2016
Charr had good information regarding her character's feel and look. I look forward to working with her further on this project and feel honored being... a part of her vision. show more


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