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I'll Teach You How to Compost


20 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Jan 09, 2017

Feel bad about tossing those carrot tops you just chopped off? Is your conscience walking on eggshells after you threw out your own from this morning's omelet? Fret not my foodie friend! I'll show you how nature takes out the trash— by recycling! Composting is as old as death and decay itself, returning what came from the earth, back to it. We humans can help out mother nature and help out our landfill problem by doing some composting of our own. Have you ever tried yourself but ended up with a soggy, stinky, fruit fly infested stew? I'll teach you how to turn your kitchen scraps into the so-called black gold that is compost. It's a great soil additive for your garden, rich in all sorts of important minerals and elements, it's a natural fertilizer if you will.

Training & Qualifications

I've been composting for 12 years, and I've learned a lot in those 12 years. I too once had a soggy pile of leaves that smelled like I was hiding dead babies under them, but no more as of today! Let me teach you how to compost, the traditional way, with worms, and what compost tea is (hint: it's for the plants, not you to drink!). I know where I am it's winter, but you can compost in the winter, believe it or not! Let's prevent a little less methane from joining our atmosphere, one carrot top at a time.

Availability & Preferences

Preferably MWF after 5, TTH before 5, and weekends after 3!

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Celina

Inactive User
Inactive User received session of I'll Teach You How to Compost from Celina
Feb 17, 2017
Walked me through the process in a very easy-to-understand way!
William left review for Celina
Feb 20, 2017
Pretty disappointed, we had good communication up until the last week. Celina stopped responding and I even gave her an extra week and still no Would not do business with her again. show more
Donovan received Help with Logo Design from Celina
Feb 02, 2017
Amazing work
Jan 18, 2017
A fantastic participant in this exciting experiment. I highly recommend her services. Be well.
Kyle received Help with Translation into Mandarin from Celina
Jan 14, 2017
Celina went above and beyond what I asked. Would definitely work with her again!


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About Celina Deng

Hi everybody, I'm Celina! I'm a college student studying architecture just trying to make the world a little bit better as much as I can in as many ways as I can. I'd like to apologize in advanced if ...this entry is ridiculously long, I ramble SO much. I can't say I have any certifications, except for the fact that maybe you can call me a professional dish washer and onion chopper, I have a part time job at a local restaurant near my school. But I do know lots of other things! I have a summer job as a yoga instructor, so if your back is killing you and acetaminophen seems too liver-damaging but acupuncture seems too scary, try a few asanas with me! Another part of my summer job is being a camp counselor! I guess I have a certification after all, I'm a mandated reporter, since I work with children ranging from ages 6-14. The kids love me, I like to think so at least! I've been doing art for as long as I can remember, and by art I mean illustration, painting, and sculpture. My current favorite mediums are watercolor and pencil, and I've been getting into using Affinity Photo to clean up my work for my portfolio. I love cooking! I cook for my roommate because the only thing he knows how to make is pancakes from box batter that only requires adding water. I used to be vegetarian, and then I became vegan, but it's back to eating a little meat for me! During my time without animal products, my mom wasn't a big fan so I had to figure out how to not starve or get anemia, and I have a whole bunch of recipes I've found and made up. I can garden like no other. My family lives on two acres and we have a community garden, and my mother has grown up growing food, and she's passed on so much of that wealth of knowledge to me. Believe me there's nothing like a fresh tomato off its vine. Composting is also my life basically, from the Berkley method to vermiculture, I've tried them all, and I try to reduce my food waste as much as possible. I also used to work for an LGBTQA+ educational, support, and ally organization, and if you're having trouble with your identity or are in need of resources, I will do my 110% best to try to find you the right resources. If any of these things sound interesting or like they could be helpful to you, don't even hesitate to send me a message, I'm down to teach if you're down to learn! I can't wait to hear from you! -Celinashow more

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