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Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

Hey, I'm Andre!

Ottawa ON | Member since November 2019

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Fullstack: Web & App Development
Always looking for interesting problems to solve.

Fullstack: Web & App Development

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Andre is requesting
A better logo for my research
Grad student looking for a fun logo that represents my research --- Background After the research is done, it's important for researchers have to publicize their work. Traditionally this was do...

Always looking for interesting problems to solve.


Morrighan provided unit of Graphic Design/Illustration for Andre
Dec 16, 2020
Andre has been an absolute delight to work with, and I'm elated to be given an opportunity to collaborate with him.
Sep 03, 2020
Was a big help and has been a pleasure to work with~~
Jun 25, 2020
Andrew displayed his wealth of knowledge through multiple helpful sessions where he and I walked through web development to perform functionally and a...lso look aesthetically pleasing. He could charge so much more for his skills and work, but he truly cared about giving back and helping me more
May 15, 2020
Andre is a pleasure to work with. We're actually creating a new deal to extend our mutually exclusive exchange in order to help each other to the high...est extent. I will do a thorough review upon completion of our exchange. I look forward to continuing to work with him. show more
Kim received Help with "Music I Like" Swap from Andre
May 04, 2020
Thanks for sending me a music swap! Always interested to see what people are listening to these days,
Sean provided session of Ask me about open source for Andre
May 04, 2020
Asked some good questions related to open-source and attribution clauses. Looking forward to having more software related discussions
Ilana received hour of Coding Tutor (Python / HTML5) from Andre
Apr 23, 2020
Super helpful, figured out the source of my coding problem
Diarra provided unit of Cartoon portrait for Andre
Feb 12, 2020
it was nice to work with Andre.
Ilana received hour of Coding Tutor (Python / HTML5) from Andre
Jan 24, 2020
He figured out something that was taking me forever! Lovely working with him
Joshua provided session of Sell this Pen! for Andre
Dec 06, 2019
Andre is motivated, respectful, and sharp. He asks effective questions, has an intuitive grasp of many concepts, and loves to solve problems. He's v...ery passionate about his field and I look forward to working with him on some projects in the future! show more