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Know who you should, but don't


35 per unit Virtual OK

New to the silicon valley or live here and wanna get right into the thick of it?

I love connecting people with who they should know, but don't.

Curating quality community seems one of our bottlenecks up Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Let me change that for you.

Tell me what you're into, chances are high that I'll know someone who can help - if not immediately, then down the line at some point.

PLEASE - be coherent in your ask!

There are a zillion people here who are 'looking for a cofounder' which basically means 'I'm looking for technical talent who will do all the hard work on my half baked idea that I can't appreciate and who I will offer an insultingly low amount of equity'

So be specific. Tell me exactly how you you see whatever connection I may be able to make as positive expected value for both of you. I can't afford to connect people if I don't do some amount of due diligence - I anticipate the social proof layer through me to remain high fidelity. I will remove this listing if I feel like I cannot easily identify the noise from the signal.

Training & Qualifications

Attended school in Palo Alto during the suicide era, fostering deep empathy and interest in robust communities
Started a community in highschool that was all about teaching skills that you were good at for skills that others were good at (started with magic, contact juggling, butterfly knife flipping, XCM)
grew to hundreds of students across several schools

Have been spending the past years curating quality communities in the:
Local public high school community (4 years)
Quantified Self community (2 years)
Seasteading community (1 year, lightly)
LessWrong/Rationality community (5 years)
Effective Altruism community (2 years)
Intentional relationship community (various)
Venture capital/startups/hackathons community (8 years)

Availability & Preferences

late afternoons or night on weekdays

message me anytime: - chances are we have some mutuals in common anyways

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Alton

Aaron provided hour of Somatic Experiencing Intro Session for Alton
Aug 05, 2019
Thank you, Alton!
Mike received Help with Need Date Advice in Berkeley Area from Alton
Jun 18, 2016
Alton is a very fun person to talk to. He is very intelligent and always has intriguing things to say. I'm going to take his advice and have a great d...ay with my wife. show more


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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The greatest form of happiness is often seen through others.

Talk through relationship challenge

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The greatest form of happiness is often seen through others.

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About Alton Sun

Curating and cross-pollinating quality community seems to be one of the highest leverage ways to increase human happiness. I'm starting here. Join me. I love from people who have initiative. alternatively, just passively read over some of what I've written at show more

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