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Bookkeeper Needed

- - Posted Feb 16, 2017

I am a professional celebrity healer. I've helped people create the lives they want, need and desire. I would like to find someone to work with who can do book keeping for my business. Maybe over a couple of months period to get me to the current moment and then start paying for the service. Looking to work with someone long term if possible. I would like to work with someone in person because I want to know what I need to do visually to help you. Paper work etc...

Here is more about the results people get with me. Result vary from person to person.
Video Testimonials:

Written Testimonials
Wow, this is really amazing & intense!! About half way through I suddenly felt something very heavy & deep literally be pulled out of my body! Once it was pulled all the way out I instantly felt like I was floating. Incredible experience! - Samantha

"I remember also you said you wanted to create some millionaires from this course, you did it." -L.
The testimonial I just received from the Make Money Now No Excuses Course...a few months after the course she has a net worth of over 1 million dollars!

"I honestly have gained so much self confidence just by listening to the chakra healing." V. D. LA

"Hello Adrien, I wanted to let you know that I have been doing sure Chakra healing and ego healing from YouTube videos since yesterday morning and I had a bad shoulder muscle and it is completely healed now. Thank you so much!"

We just received a testimonial that someone manifested $20,000 and then $14,000 from listen some of the healings.

Someone wrote she received a $2 raise a day after my webinar.

"In my first listen, had I been wearing socks they would have been blown off lol!"

"Wow, yes this is one of the most powerful energy I have experienced."

"I have a great fear of being alone & I struggle greatly with beginning codependent. I never go do anything alone because I fear people starting at me. This fear has held me back from so much. Today, I wanted to go to a Greek place for lunch & the first thing I did was call my mom, but she couldn't come. Usually I change my plans. I decided I'll go to the Greek place & take it to go! Isn't that amazing!? Ha-ha just kidding, that was my first thought. Then I said to myself 'I'm not even scared at all, I just think I am & I'm telling myself I am because that's how I usually am, but I actually have absolutely no feeling within my body that would suggest I'm fearful or have anxiety over this.' So I ate all alone at the cafe & never felt any fear or anxiety! I know that is because of the healing during class III, this past Saturday." - S

SO HAPPY! Since I've been working with Adrien Blackwell I've seen amazing changes in my life.Today feels like a bad day. I feel things are working out and I am slipping into a negative pattern, but in reality things are going my way for the first time in a long time. It's a long story, but I got a gift of money, things are being taken care of and more is on it's way. This doesn't seem like it would be possible without her healings. Bad day or not I truly know things will work! It can be the same for you. I highly recommend all of her healings. Another thing my boss is giving me extra days at work for some extra money as well. Also a person who has owed me money for two years has agreed to start paying monthly. Actually I just got finished talking to her and already feel much better. This doesn't happen with anyone else I am so amazed I literally just posted about nothing work and she does was write me and I'm fine. - Erica

Adrien I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and all you do. You're healing abilities are incredible and have helped me beyond my wildest imagination. Since I've begun working with you I have had so many breakthroughs and energy shifts and I am feeling AMAZING!! I was so stuck a year ago, feeling like a helpless victim. No matter how hard I tried to get up and move forward I just kept getting kicked back down. I was at a point where I felt I had nothing left in me to give & I was desperate for help. Then I met you and through your coaching and incredible healing I have not only got back up and moved forward I am starting to fly. Opportunities are opening up for me, abundance is flowing in so many ways from gifts to compliments to still having money left in my bank each week. I now see people, situations and things in my life as blessings that I once viewed as curses and I just feel amazing. Although I take steps to keep moving forward and grow on my own, there are times when I just need a little help getting through some blocks and I love having your videos available to use any time I feel that. I no longer feel helpless or like a victim. I now feel powerful, healed, educated and supported & that is an incredible feeling. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your healing abilities with myself, this group and the world, and thank you for making us all feel supported and cared about.
Have a blessed day.......

This is how much my energy has shifted. As I sit here and type this, my boss who just gifted me with fresh honey still in the cone from a bee hive yesterday, just walked up and said she's going to buy me lunch today. I was also complimented this morning on my smile and positive energy, and this week I had more hours at work resulting in a larger paycheck!!

"Wow wow wow! I felt my heart Chakra bust open, my head was thrown back and my moth was moved wide open and my throat Chakra opened, my shoulders hunched upward and my third eye then opened and my sinus cleared and I physically felt things moving out of my sinuses. My eyes saw brilliant light ..."

A client shares: “Before our healing I did not believe that I could make a lot of money and I was afraid to leave my job. I left the security of my job to go to work for a small mom and pops company and now I’m making $250,000 a year and it’s easy money. The only thing I did different that year was a Theta Session with you. ” ~Anonymous Client, San Jose, CA.


"I'm dying laughing...these healings really work!" Nicole L.A.

Thank you Adrien! I can't say enough good things about your clearing audios! They are amazing!!!

Her other healing has been remarkable. Everyone should take advantage. Many thanks.

"I have a lot of sadness toward the things that I haven't gotten around to doing such as going out more, finding a better job, and finally I want to in a relationship. I don't quite know how to get started with this, but the few healing that I've listened to have made me feel better and at peace. I actually need to do more of them!"

"Thank you Adrien for the healing last Friday I did receive an unexpected check today as well." (Money Webinar)

"I was looking for a house with my husband for more then a year and a half, I was really frustrated and after the first healing on the may the 10 we got the house. It was like a miracle for us, really great neighborhood and it is a detached with separate entrance in the basement. After the second healing last Friday, Saturday I was working and a friend of mine called me they want to rent our basement. ....not even 24 hours and an increase to our income occurs. Really amazing...the energy it's moving really fast...thank you very much for opening my eyes and my ears." M

"Just wanted to say thank you for your incredible webinar! It truly allowed me to see why I was holding back and having negative beliefs on money. Tremendous shifts..."

Reviews of Adrien

May 17, 2017
Wonderful to work with, Very knowledgable an experienced when it comes to healing. It Pleasure to be of service. She has helped me let go of old belie...fs systems bringing in me into new greater experiences :)show more
Kim provided unit of 10 card tarot reading for Adrien
Apr 18, 2017
Awesome and patient
Ayako received session of 30-Min Love Healing from Adrien
Apr 10, 2017
Adrien really got to a lot of core beliefs and was able to help me release them. I'm so excited for what new can grow from this healing & felt lots of... warming heart energies during the session. Thank you for sharing such a gift!show more
Jeffen received session of 30 Minute Money Healing Or Mp3 from Adrien
Apr 07, 2017
Adrien was wonderful! Another person here on Simbi recommended I give her a try, and I'm glad I did. She is spiritually intuitive but still grounded w...ith reality, and i really appreciate that. I feel genuinely excited about the results I will create. If you connect with her service, I say go for it! I too recommend her. Thank you!show more
Inactive User
Inactive User left review for Adrien
Apr 04, 2017
Adrien's money healing was extremely powerful and life altering. Her thoughtful, kind, and fun energy was contagious and it was a delight to speak wit...h her! show more
Mar 25, 2017
Wow! I don't even know how to put my experience with Adrien into words, other than to say: It is life changing. Adrien guided me through identifying... so many deep seeded limiting beliefs that have been blocking me when I try to put myself on the path I know is my life's work. Many of these blocks and beliefs were cleared during our session, and she was very generous with follow up steps for me to use to continue the work. I can't thank Adrien enough nor recommend her more highly! show more
Andrea received session of 30 Minute Money Healing Or Mp3 from Adrien
Mar 24, 2017
Adrien's work is incredible! Anyone would be extremely lucky to work with her - I highly highly recommend a session with her. She will clear out some ...of your old stuff you had no idea you were carrying with efficiency, humor, and a beautiful, resonant voice - thank you so much Adrien! show more
Thomas received session of 30 Minute Money Healing Or Mp3 from Adrien
Mar 04, 2017
Adrien has got her act together! Highly recommended
Xandra received session of 30 Minute Money Healing Or Mp3 from Adrien
Feb 23, 2017
Adrien walked me through some very old subconscious beliefs regarding personal finance. During our session, she took me step by step through what I ne...eded to do. I found her work to be thorough and her temperment - kind and patient. She also provided me with some resources so that I can do some work on my own. While it will take me some time to come to fully understand how I need to proceed, Adrian certainly helped to start clearing a path so that I can begin to move forward. I whole heartedly recommend Adrien! She is a rare talent. :-) show more


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30 Minute Money Healing Or Mp3
I think eventually we will get to a barter community World wide one day and money will be obsolete so I am excited to start helping with the shift now.

30 Minute Money Healing Or Mp3

Relief from Depression Healing
I think eventually we will get to a barter community World wide one day and money will be obsolete so I am excited to start helping with the shift now.

Relief from Depression Healing

30-Min Love Healing
I think eventually we will get to a barter community World wide one day and money will be obsolete so I am excited to start helping with the shift now.

30-Min Love Healing

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Hey everyone I am a former celebrity psychic and now a full time healer. I'm interested in using my gifts to help as many people as possible during this shift in consciousness that we are all going th...rough. show more

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