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Hey, I'm John!

Concord CA | Member since January 2016

About John Furlong

John Furlong's Services

Medical marijuana  consultant
Love this idea.

Medical marijuana consultant

Activism opsec and safety
Love this idea.

Activism opsec and safety

Revenge and prank coach
Love this idea.

Revenge and prank coach

John Furlong's Requests

John is requesting
Phone screen repair
I have 2 Samsung Galaxy S4's that have broken screens :/

Love this idea.
John is requesting
I got a speeding ticket
I need help with advice on getting a speeding ticket fine reduced. I missed the court date because it was out of town and now its doubled.

Love this idea.


Colleen received Session of Revenge and prank coach from John
Sep 22, 2016
Quick and fun trade with John! 15/15 stars for sure. Thanks for the humor :)
Tessa provided Unit of Pen Pal for John
Aug 17, 2016
I'm so sorry I'm late - I started a new job! But I've sent the letters now and they should have them soon. :)
Giana provided Unit of How You'll Die for John
Jul 31, 2016
What an interesting guy!
KJ received Help with 30 min user interview for Simbi from John
Jul 20, 2016
Really enjoyed my conversation with John. He is super easy to talk to and get along with, and has a breadth of knowledge and experience. He is a true-...blooded community organizer out to make the world more just, fair, and kind. Cant wait to meet him in person! show more
Tyn received Help with An interesting fact from John
Jul 20, 2016
Another good fact. Thanks John.
Tyn received Help with An interesting fact from John
Jul 19, 2016
I did not know this had happened. But it makes sense. Johns facts are not only informative, but timely! Good job sir.
KJ received Help with Ideas to improve Simbi from John
Jul 19, 2016
Great idea from John!
Shayla received Help with Social Media Help from John
Jul 19, 2016
Very thorough and helpful! Also very clear advice.
Julius received Session of Revenge and prank coach from John
Jun 25, 2016
Gave great ideas, truly a master at the art of pranking.

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