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Teaching ESL, or Literacy.


25 per unit

I can help teach adults how to read and write. I am certified through Pro-Literacy America and used to work with the Racine Literacy Council in conjunction with the Racine Sheriff's Department to help teach adult parolees how to read in order to pass their GEDs.

I also have been an ESL teacher in Summit, NJ, at The Connection for Women and Families. I specialized in beginning and/or intermediate level English lessons for Spanish speakers. For more advanced English speakers, I will gladly have weekly phone conversations to keep your fluency skills up to date.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Su

Alan provided Help with Stress relief management tips for Su
Dec 06, 2016
Su is excellent to work with. She is quick to respond, listens well, and tries her best to meet expectations. I look forward to working with her more


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Help writing wedding speeches
I love the idea of trade for services, and think more of the world should run on a barter system; perhaps this is the Korean in me.

Help writing wedding speeches

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Su is requesting
Spanish Instruction
I took 11 years of Spanish classes from 1st grade through senior year of high school (almost 20 years ago). I taught English as a Second Language to native Spanish speakers, but only at a beginning...

I love the idea of trade for services, and think more of the world should run on a barter system; perhaps this is the Korean in me.
Su is requesting
Korean instruction
I am half Korean but don't speak more than basic 3 year old Korean. I don't write or read it at all.

I love the idea of trade for services, and think more of the world should run on a barter system; perhaps this is the Korean in me.

About Su Sue

I enjoy all the interests I tagged below, plus singing, teaching, animals of every shape and type, hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, reading, firing & cleaning guns (though I do not hunt), knitting,... creating silly crafts, swimming, volunteering, drawing, painting, writing, meeting new people, hanging with my large extended multiracial family, walking, talking, being in new situations, and moving to new places. I'm vibrant, and very open about myself, as well as always being on the move, and overall, I am incredible at dealing with constant change. I am an ENFJ on the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I overtalk, can be overbearing, obnoxious, bossy, and I need to learn how to be calm. Also, how to be a better listener. I am not good at staying in one place for long, and also need to learn how to de-stress better. I break any technology that comes my way, though this computer is a few years old and is still working (when the the wifi doesn't go out, which is daily when I am the only one using it). I'm also a bit of a luddite (fear of new tech). I just got my first smartphone rather recently, because I had to. I joke that I used up all my luck points or blessings in this life when I met my husband and asked him out. I don't know what I did to deserve the love, independence, respect, and humor that he shows me, but I feel oh so lucky to have it. I have problems with depression, which makes no sense when I think of him, and just frustrates me more. Well over a decade ago, I was a psychology major at UC San Diego's Revelle College. I transferred in my 2nd year to Fordham University, in NYC, then went back to UCSD for financial reasons. I still ended up dropping out of college a semester from graduating in order to not take on debt. Many years later, I attended Carthage College in Wisconsin, this time as a social work major, but we had to move for my husband's job, so I was only there a semester. For the last 3 years I live in both San Rafael, CA, and Jerome, ID, driving back and forth between the two states every 2-3 weeks. I help my grandfather, a retired National Guard General, in Idaho, by keeping him company, making sure he goes to the doctor, preparing our dinners when I'm here, doing light housework, and helping with grocery shopping. I also work as a volunteer for the Jerome County Sheriff's Dept as a member for their Juvenile Restorative Process Board. It gives me great joy to meet younger people. Until last year, I also worked as a bartender here in Jerome, ID. In CA, I currently have no job, and spend my time mostly at home cleaning since my husband works too much, and the house gets messy while I am away. I love getting to spend time with my spouse and try to do so every moment we can. My husband works full time as a traveling layout foreman and surveyor for the union ironworkers. He has worked for the same company for 12 years and we have moved 24 times or so for them in the past 11 years. In the past, in San Francisco, CA, I have been a bookkeeper, an office manager, a document manager for a criminal defence attorney, a bankruptcy paralegal, a certified massage therapist (CMT), and an ground control operations agent for Skywest at SF International Airport. I have also had several volunteer jobs around the country and am a certified literacy tutor through Pro-Literacy America. I taught 2 parolees literacy in Racine, Wisconsin, so they could pass their high school equivalency exams (GEDs). I have also taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in Summit, New Jersey at The Connection for Women and Families, and done private tutoring on a volunteer basis with one other student in San Francisco. I am writing this on my first day on Simbi so I don't know what is useful that I can exchange. I am a decent artist. I can teach ESL for Spanish speakers, or for advanced level ESL students of any language. I can teach literacy skills. I am an excellent babysitter, and have a ton of experience with it. I am a decent organizer when moving, as I have moved at least 44 times in my life. I have traveled quite a bit as well, though I don't know specifically how that would be useful. I am so out of practice as a CMT that I don't know if I should even offer a massage, but would probably be willing to trade a hand, scalp, or foot massage. I am a decent cook, and can bake some items as well. I can do basic home maintenance/fixes such as sanding and staining our cabinets, painting walls, changing out handles on cabinets, and little things like that. I have over 40 container plants of fruits and vegetables in our tiny place in California. Last year, I got certified as a CNA (Certified Nurse's Assistant) in Twin Falls, ID, but I never took a job doing it. Just wanted the certification to be better with my grandfather, and, at the time, in case I wanted to pursue it as a paid job. Still, if you needed basic care for a family member, I could do that in exchange as well. I am an excellent wedding speech writer, and once considered making a business of it., but never had the time. I ran my own business as a CMT and don't really like being in charge of every single aspect, as day to day operations make me feel tied down. show more

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