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Blackjack Movie List - 2016


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Sat down and wrote this up for myself back in February, was curious what I would end up putting where and why if I forced myself to put the thought into it. Started out limiting it to 10, then to 20, then I decided to limit myself to just 1 more and to call it a Blackjack list. Simply put, it's my choices for the top 21 movies of 2016, in order. What if life threw you a curveball in 2016 and you were lost at sea? Or what if you were in a relationship with someone who didn't love watching movies as much as you did? Or what if you had a child and you just couldn't get out that much? Or what if some other set of circumstances that I have not correctly hypothesized has led you to the unenviable position of not having seen these 21 fantastic movies? Or what if you simply just enjoy good movies and would like a like a list of good ones to work your way through? If any of this fits you, it's good stuff, I promise. And no genres excluded. Drama, horror, sci-fi, animation, action, thriller, romance, anything and everything, like I said, it's good stuff.

Training & Qualifications

A decent writer who grew up loving movies. As I grew older, in addition to just watching them, I started reading about them. Working on 4 different screenplays, and when it comes to creating I have experience writing, directing, acting, producing, scoring, and editing (my personal favorite) but all only with shorts so far. During college I was told by someone that I would trust that I should be writing about movies professionally. I have a Bachelor's in Broadcasting but more to this point I have a Minor in Film Studies and am looking into going back for a Master's in the same.

Availability & Preferences

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Reviews of Matthew

Mark received package of 7 personal recommendations from Matthew
Aug 13, 2017
Thought i already did this. thanks for the recommendations!
Felecia received package of 7 personal recommendations from Matthew
Aug 04, 2017
Matthew was great to work with, responded quickly and gave excellent recommendations.
Dion received package of 7 personal recommendations from Matthew
Aug 02, 2017
Man, what can I say!? Awesome film recommendations with great descriptions! I am excited to get started with this list and will probably be back. quick response time and very cordial. 👍👍show more


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7 personal recommendations

7 personal recommendations

About Matthew Cheatham

Movies, movies, movies. While I certainly enjoy reading, writing, video games, and playing music, movies are definitely my favorite thing. All of life's riddles are answered in the movies. Every ...year on my birthday, that's what I do throughout the day. I pick out 3 movies months in advance, I decide on the order, and then on my day, I execute. Sometimes I build to a crescendo over the day and sometimes I start out big, cool off with the second, and then finish huge, but the order is always important. And they aren't even necessarily "The 3 best movies of the year", they're just 3 that are anticipated by, and are special for, me. And then afterwards, for the rest of my life, I'll always think of them as, "Oh, that one was a birthday movie." 2015 was Krampus, and then Brooklyn, and then The Force Awakens. 2016 was Nocturnal Animals, and then Fantastic Beasts, and then Rogue One. This year it'll be Justice League, and then Murder on the Orient Express, and then The Last Jedi (and oh how I wish I could have Ready Player One on this list but, unfortunately, and admittedly understandably, delayed till March).show more

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